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Directions From London Heathrow Airport To Vacuum Services When leaving Heathrow Airport follow the signs for M25 South (Gatwick airport) Continue along the M25 until Junction 4 marked Sevenoaks Hastings A21 Continue along the A21 until you approach Hastings Turn right on to the A2100 At the T junction turn right on to the ridge, Ivyhouse Lane Industrial Estate is then 3 miles from there. Standard journey time 2hours Please call 0044 1424 447726 if your require Assistance. M20M2M25M25M23M4M3M26TilburyMaidstoneHastingsEast grinsteadSevenoaksSwanleyCroydonLondonSloughStainesGuilfordDorkingReigateCrawleyHorshamLewesA21A23A27A23A20A3A2A406A316A117A282Directions From London Heathrow AirportToVacuum ServicesWhen leaving Heathrow Airport follow signs for M25 South (Gatwick airport)Continue along the M25 Until Junction 4 marked Sevenoaks Hastings A21Continue along the A21 until you approach HastingsTurn right on to the A2100At the Tjunction turn right on to The Ridge, Ivyhouse Lane Industrial Estate isthen 3 miles from there.Standard journey time 2 hoursPlease call 0044 1424 447 726 if you require assistance

TheKF range of flanges and fittings are manufactured fromhigh quality????stainless steel.????KF flanges????utilize analuminium clamp with a single wingnut fastener allowing frequent dissassembly without????tools.The vacuum seal is effected by uniformapplications ofpressure bythe clamponthe 15° surface oftheflange.Thematingflange surfaces compress on 'O'-ring (held in place by a metal ring) to produce a seal that can usedin vacuumapplications downto 10 EXP -7mbar and baked to 200°C (sustained to 150°C)Advanced sealingmaterial such asaluminium or copper may be used, whenthe joints have to be operated or baked atelevated temperatures or if high corrosion resistance and/or electrical insulation are required.Our vacuum components are bead-blastedinside andoutside,unlessotherwise stated. The sealingfaces arepolished mechanically.All componentsundergo a leak testing prior sales.If you can not find your specific KFitem which you require,please contact us we are pleasedto manufactureyour item accordingto your special requirements.VacuumServices 1KFKF COMPONENTS