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MUSSELS BIANCHI Mussels steamed in white wine, garlic and butter. FRITTO MISTO Tender pieces of shrimp, calamari and pepperoncini fried with a zesty breading. Served in a colossal martini glass garnished with two large peppers.BUCA TRIO PLATTER Fried Calamari, Fried Mozzarella and Stuffed Mushrooms served with marinara, pesto cream sauce and al fredo sauce for dipping.PIZZA SUPREMO ITALIANO Our heartiest offering - chunks of ground beef and spicy Italian sausage mixed with strips of pepperoni, bell peppers and onions, all on top of authentic pizza sauce and cheese.SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE Savoury homemade meat sauce with 100% premium ground beef served on a bed of imported Italian spaghetti.PENNE ALLA VODKA Sautéed garlic, diced fresh tomato, crushed red peppers and penne pasta tossed in a cream vodka sauceANTIPASTImainsDESSERTSCHOCOLATE CHIP CANNOLI Crispy shells stuffed to order with a sweet cannoli cream filling mixed with chocolate chips. Served over a drizzle of our chocolate Sambuca sauce.BAKED CHEESECAKE Rich, creamy cheesecake topped with a sweet raspberry hazelnut sauce.APPLE TART Traditional Italian apple tart baked fresh every day by our chefs. Topped with walnuts and served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.Buca to ShareThere are dozens of great dishes at Buca, but Valentine's Day demands something truly special. Here is a selection of some of the most-loved sharing platters from America's favourite Italian restaurant. 2012Valentine's BucaGet a Room!Why not spice things up? Book a room and let the wine flow!89Four Famous Italian Lovers!MORE Magazine singles out 4 Italian romantics for special praise.CASANOVAA flirt so famous that his name became a term for a great lover. He was a rogue, a serial conqueror and a thief, but somehow his relentless pursuit of women ensured his lasting place in our hearts and in history. A legendary lover in every sense.VENUSThe Roman Goddess of love, her name roughly translates as "to desire". Often depicted naked riding in seashells, Venus was a firm favourite of Roman artists and sculptors alike.ROMEO AND JULIETShakespeare's star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet have set the standard for romances everywhere and given young girls across the globe unrealistic expectations of what true love is like. Thanks Shakespeare.

more 8 winter 2011/2012More Ding Dong!Check out our great valueEarly Doors menu!Available before 7pmBring the family to our fantastic all-you-can-eat Sunday Carvery at verve grill.1011BEET THIS!Our new Roasted Beet & Goat's Cheese Salad certainly packs a crunch, served on a bed of peppery rocket, topped with toasted pine nuts and coated with our chef's house dressing.BUTTER YOURSELFUP FOR PUDDING!For those who like to dabble with dessert, why not go for our new Bread and Butter Pudding, a great British favourite served with ice cream or custard.ONE TASTE AND YOU'LL CRUMBLE!Our new Apple Crumble is certainly one for the pudding connoisseur, arriving beautifully baked and drizzled with deliciously creamy custard.CHOP CHOP!Lamb lovers simply have to try our succulent Spice-Grilled Lamb Chops, served with a fresh Greek salad and mint cucumber yoghurt.verve grill has always prided itself on fresh ingredients, innovative flavour combinations and seasonally changing menus, not to mention its amazing Hot Rock Grill allowing diners to cook food to their liking right there at the table. But this winter the chefs really have pulled out all the stops to create a selection of brand new dishes that demand to be devoured.WELCOME TO MOREON THE MENU ATVERVE GRILL!