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8Leisure Breaks winter 2011/2012Fantastic facilities are par for the course!The facilities available at Herons' Reach really are second to none, and here we delve a little deeper into the Academy's incredible technology and explain how each element can help you achieve great things on the course every single time you play. VertexThe Vertex coaching studio houses the very latest in computerised coaching aids and software, combining Basler high-speed cameras delivering 200 frames per second, a force plate illustrating the four dimensional weight shift and launch monitor information in one integrated screen display. Using multiple views and the pre-loaded swings of golf legends, you can even compare your technique with the all-time greats! FlightscopeThe Flightscope radar ball-tracking device measures over 100 different parameters of ball flight statistics. These include shot distance and dispersion, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, drag, lift, clubhead speed and many more, with the information then being used by our club fitting consultants to advise on equipment and technique. E-coachingE-coaching is the Academy's internet-based coaching communication tool. Clients receive a username and password and are able to view their lesson notes, video sessions and practice schedules online - plus, instructors can also designate some of our 100 tips and videos to your individual e-locker.SAM PuttLabSAM PuttLab is a ground-breaking ultrasound putting analysis system. Initially only available on the European Tour, the system measures the putting stroke in microscopic detail, directly assessing face angle, swing path, loft, impact point, face rotation, clubhead speed and acceleration. This data can then be used by our team for putting coaching and putter fitting.If you're looking for a total golf experience, head straight to the PGA Golf Academy at De Vere VILLAGE Herons' Reach, Blackpool. The Academy is dedicated to helping you play your best ever golf, combining the leading technologies with an expert, highly trained team of golf coaches.Total golf, now within REACH!K-VestBio-mechanics are now playing a more significant part in golf - and K-Vest is the industry leading 3D swing analysis system offering an insight into how to make your swing more efficient. The V1 branded academy then gives you the opportunity to not only see your swing on camera but have your lessons sent directly to you wherever you are in the world.Driving Range14 undercover bays offer protection from the elements all year round. At Herons' Reach, we believe that golfers deserve the best range mats to play from and the best balls to hit, reproducing their shots in a way that's as close to being out on the golf course as possible. With an array of yardage markers and targets, there is always something to be practicing towards...

9Golf BreaksPlay a round with Sophie!Visit our website for competition details! Winter golf tipsChipping Green and Practice BunkerA large chipping green surrounded by undulating terrain is available, allowing many different types of short game shots to be practiced. Plus, our practice bunker also provides a challenging greenside shot that enables you to perfect height and distance control.Putting GreenA huge putting green is available for golfers to practice their stroke before a game of golf or as part of their regular practice.For more information about the PGA Golf Academy at De Vere, Herons' Reach, or to find out more about any of the De Vere clubs and courses all over the country, call 0844 980 8005 or visit THE TEE Remember that you get less run in the winter. Try a fairway wood to improve consistency and you won't lose too much distance. IRON PLAY Take more club than usual and swing easy to reduce spin and help keep it on line. Be careful to grade your lie. SHORT GAMEUse a rescue club or fairway wood on temporary greens and putt how you would normally. Remember, a chip and run shot reduces the chances of miss-hits and unpredictable bounces, and a lob wedge can be very useful in wet sand.