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5VILLAGE offersFROM VILLAGE HOTELSthe RIGHT TIME, at the RIGHT PRICE!Romantic rooms from only £46 Welcome to amour! VILLAGE is the venue for loved up couples this February. With romantic room offers from only £46 per room per night, who says that money can't buy you love! Enjoy some bubbly fun in the Jacuzzi, a steamy conversation in the steam room, and then possibly a Sloe Comfortable Screw (the cocktail that is!) in the Victory Pub and Kitchen before a romantic dinner for two and back to your room for a night of passion (or if that all sounds a bit too much, you can always snuggle up and watch the 32 inch plasma TV!)Rooms from only £23 Thank VILLAGE it's Friday! We know how to get the weekend off to a flying start here at VILLAGE hotels. A choice of 26 locations from only £23 per person per night - every Friday! It can be family fun, giggles with the girls, beers and banter with the boys, or simply candlelight and cuddles for couples! We've got Friday night packages to suit everyone. Thank VILLAGE for that!BOOK A BREAK NOW. A choice of 26 exciting locations at one address. MY VILLAGE VALENTINEGET THAT FRIDAY FEELINGEASY LIKE A SUNDAY EVENINGSunday breaks from only £69 Extend your weekend at VILLAGE. Give the Antiques Roadshow and the usual Sunday dinner a miss and take a one night Sunday break from only £69 per room! Or if you're really looking for a way to relax before your working week, why not enjoy a Healthworks Sunday Sanctuary break from only £72 per person per night including 2 treatments per person. Go on, you deserve to feel marvellous for at least one Monday in your life!

67A welcome relief for winter skin!Defeat dullness!For fabulously fast results in combating dull skin, try using a treatment mask once a week to give it an instant radiance. Regular exfoliation is also a must for keeping skin looking fresh and revitalised over winter, and we recommend exfoliating 2 - 3 times a week if your skin is dry but only once a week if your skin is more oil-prone. Ditch dryness!Serums are a seriously hot topic in skincare right now, and their potent levels of actives help them work deep into the epidermis to provide immediate results. To make the most of these potent power-players and give dry skin the cold shoulder this winter, try applying them beneath your moisturiser to help 'lock in' all the goodness and prevent loss of moisture 24 hours a day.FACE the cold!If you purchase one product to enhance your skincare routine this winter, our advice is to make it a Face Treatment Oil. Suffused with precious essential oils, it will not only deeply hydrate, but also help breathe optimal vitality into winter-weary skin. Richly luxurious yet light, Face Treatment Oils should ideally be used at night when your skin has time to regenerate - leaving you looking radiant next morning and ready to face the winter with confidence! A question of good skincare!Q. Why does skin get flaky and dry in winter months? Central heating literally leeches the moisture from the air, leading to dry skin, chapping and sensitivity. When the relative humidity of our environment drops below 60% our skin will start to lose moisture and become dehydrated - particularly prevalent in winter!  Tip - Combat dry environments with a bowl of water left by each radiator and leaving windows open a fraction to allow moist air into the room.Q. Why do redness and rosy cheeks seem to get worse in cold weather and what can I do about it?The movement from warm indoor environments to cold outdoor winds causes the blood capillaries to dilate and contract, ultimately leading to permanently dilated capillaries, increased redness and sensitivity. Tip - Turn down the heating a few degrees and treat skin with a raspberry-based intensive booster to help strengthen capillary walls and prevent redness.When winter arrives, the cold, wet weather always demands a change of wardrobe, meaning it's out with the skimpy dresses and in with the woolly jumpers! But did you know that the same should also apply to your skincare routine, as what worked through the warm summer days must be adapted to take on the harsh winter nights?Throughout winter, the combination of cold weather and hot central heating can leave skin dull, dry and in need of extra care to keep it looking and feeling its best. With this in mind, we've compiled a few handy hints and tips to make sure your skin keeps on shining this winter, even if the sun doesn't!Leisure Breaks winter 2011/2012