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3031What is the best way to get started in golf?Head to your local driving range. The main thing is to have fun and not take it too seriously at the start. Some people have a natural eye for the ball and others will take a little longer. Progress onto a par 3 to help improve feel, then it's practice and more practice. Enjoy it!!Who is in your fantasy 4 ball?Tiger has to be in there, he has something very special and I could learn a lot, plus what better feeling than taking a hole or two off Woods! Ricky Gervais to add some humour and Justin Timberlake for the looks! If you could teach anyone to play golf who would it be and why?Freddie Flintoff and Harry Redknapp! Why? Because it would help De Vere! How did you first get into golf?I actually grew up on a golf course. My parents started out with one driving range mat in a field and built it up from there. In between cutting greens, fairways and raking Model, golfer and presenter Sophie Horn is a busy girl at the best of times. But now she's signed up to be ambassador for De Vere golf and promote their great new membership scheme alongside Freddie Flintoff and Harry Redknapp, it's even more difficult to get hold of her! However, More Magazine did manage to meet up with Sophie for a quick chat about her fast-paced life on and off the course, and here's what she had to say. Sophie fell in love with Buca di Beppo at VILLAGE hotels. Jump to page 8 to see how you can too!Sexy Sophie reveals all!bunkers I used to always hit balls! I come from a sporty family so always had the bug!What is it you like about the game?Golf is such a great social game, it brings people together, plus no two rounds are ever the same. There is something special in that, one day, you can be watching the world's top players on St Andrews and the next day you can be playing it - unlike when you watch Chelsea play, there's not much chance of kicking a football around Stamford Bridge! It's addictive, there's always that one little magic shot in a round which makes you keep going back!In such a male-dominated sport, what kind of reaction do you get from the men in your golf club?It's definitely got better over the years but certainly when I was younger, serving in the golf shop I never received the respect that the men in the shop would, even though I often knew more about the equipment and game. I still believe golf clubs have to change a little, there are still a few clubhouses that fall silent when a woman enters the building. I have always been quite a tomboy and actually prefer heading to the course with my male mates, a bit of banter makes it so much more fun! This is why I love the new De Vere Club membership, it's a more relaxed take on being part of a club.You're a model as well - what's a typical week in the life of Sophie Horn?I always like to make sure I'm busy. When I'm not travelling and have some time back home I make use of living next to a driving range and make sure I get to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. I've been very lucky to play lots of different courses this year, as well as watch a fair few tournaments. Photo-shoots are always fun, especially as they pretty much always have a golf element, I feel at home in front of the camera. I'm living the dream and I'm prepared to work for it 24/7!Which famous courses have you played around the world?Valderrama - simply awesome. The Carrick at Loch Lomond - by far the most beautiful course I've played, stunning views! 2012Interview with Sophie Horn

3233Wentworth - a great experience. Sawgrass USA - the 17th is just as spine tingling in real life as it is on TV even though it was pouring down with rain when I played it! St Andrews - special, don't need to say anything else!What is your handicap?Officially, 3.8.A little bird told us you've played a round with Hugh Hefner. Is he any good and what's he like?Not quite, but I did get an invite to LA to play in the Playboy Celebrity Finals which was probably one of the craziest golf events I have experienced. I caught a glimpse of Hef at the Mansion on the final night but didn't actually get to meet him. I leave the rest to your imagination!Who's the most famous golfer you've played with?The most famous is Gary Davis (CEO De Vere group) but others include Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and from the celebrity world, Anton Du Beke, Ben Shepherd (TV presenter), Jason Leonard (England Rugby legend).Golf was traditionally a bit of a stuffy sport. How has that changed in recent years?There is a new generation of players, McIlroy, Fowler, Poulter etc, so golf has definitely made a move into the 21st century. It's attracting younger people and becoming 'cooler' all the time. Players, equipment, clothing have all followed suit. Even the fact that fitness has become an increasingly important feature on tour has turned golfers more into athletes and in turn, role models.What exciting things have you got planned for the upcoming year?I have lots of exciting things going on with the De Vere Club, visiting the different courses and taking part in lots of events. The Horn belt is due to be released sometime in November. I've teamed up with Druh belts and have some really great designs. Continuation of my golf column in GQ magazine. My golf fitness tips are being aired on the Golfing World programme on Sky over here and I'll be looking to create a fitness programme to run across all of the VILLAGE gyms.When you're not on the course, how do you like to let your hair down?I love going to the gym, it always makes me feel great. I play lots of different sports and I'm pretty addicted to table tennis at the moment. A glass of vino with friends is always a nice way to chill out. A massage never goes amiss either!Golf is such a great social game, it brings people together, plus no two rounds are ever the same.""more 8 winter 2011/2012Interview Sophie loves playing golf at Herons' Reach, Blackpool. Read more in Leisure Breaks page 8.