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2012Welcome to MORECONTENTSWelcome to the winter edition of MORE Magazine, and first of all I'd just like to express my excitement about the upcoming launch of our amazing new MORE card. MORE card is a gift card that can be loaded with cash and spent all over VILLAGE in places like Starbucks, the Victory pub & kitchen and our restaurants - and every time you do, you'll receive points that you can exchange for everything from burgers and beer to spa treatments and Personal Training sessions!Anyway, all will be explained inside this issue, but on top of all that, we give you the lowdown on the launch of a brand new Buca di Beppo restaurant in Elstree, complete with fabulous Italian food and famous celebrity appearances. Then there's a great little Q&A with model and golfer Sophie Horn as she gives us an insight into her fast paced lifestyle, as well as some top tips on improving your winter golf and a sneak preview of Total Golf in our incredible academy at Herons' Reach, Blackpool.Plus, for those of you thinking of tying the knot any time soon, we bring you the inside story on a couple who plan to stage a themed wedding at VILLAGE hotels and wow their guests with a big day to remember forever!Finally, I hope you enjoy this issue and if you have any questions, queries or comments about anything in MORE Magazine or VILLAGE hotels in general, drop us an email at Gary DavisChief Executive, VILLAGE hotelsWelcome toMORE3Welcome to MORE 3New VILLAGE Website 4-5 Buca with the Stars 6-7It's Amoré 8-9 Victory 8 Days a Week 14-15Victory 3D 16-17MORE MORE MORE 18-19Winter Fashion 20-21How to Train Like an Olympian 22-23Coated in Style 25We Won a VILLAGE Wedding! 26-27VILLAGE Ticks All the Right Boxes 28-29Sexy Sophie Reveals All 30-33 Winter Fashion Pg 20New VILAGE Website Pg 4We Won a Wedding! Pg 26Ticks All the Right Boxes Pg 28

THE NEW LOOK VILLAGE-HOTELS.CO.UKThe VILLAGE team recently devoted some time to thinking of all the different ways we could improve our website, and after throwing a few ideas around in the office ourselves, we eventually decided to consult the experts - you!After all, it's you guys who'll be using it on a day to day basis, and you guys who know what things you loved about the old site and what things you'd like to see changed.So now, after a fair few tweaks and refinements here and there, we've managed to make the site easier to use than ever, and here are just a few reasons to pay it a visit.WELCOME TO MUCH MORE!45IT MAKES BOOKING A BREEZE!We know how annoying and painstaking booking a room can be. Having to fill in your National Insurance number; your mother's maiden name; your dog's age; your GCSE science results. So on the VILLAGE website we made it as straightforward as possible. Simply tell us where you want to stay and when. Then we'll check availability, tell you what kind of rooms are available, and let you choose your room and pay for it. Done.IT MAKES FINDING THE BEST DEALS A DODDLE!We could come up with the best hotel and leisure offers in the history of mankind. But unless you know about them, you're not going to be able to enjoy them. So we made sure our site was totally deal-friendly. One click is all it takes to view every offer currently available at VILLAGE hotels, including cheap weekend breaks, early doors dining deals, reduced room rates and much, much more. Plus, you can even filter all of the offers by location, date or category too. more 8 winter 2011/2012