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Has it sunk in yet that you won your dream wedding with VILLAGE?LP: NO!!! I don't think it will sink in until the wedding day itself. When I initially entered I could never have imagined the extent of the prize. VILLAGE are looking after us really well. It's like being a celebrity for 6 months!DF: I'm not sure that it will sink in until the day and maybe not even till weeks or months afterwards. Did you think you would win the competition? The support you had from friends, family and the community of Blackpool was really strong.LP: The support we had particularly from my friend Sue was amazing!!! In fact all the couples who entered had fantastic support, and we realise how fortunate we were to win. I still can't believe the number of posts that were generated on the 'My Village Life' facebook page for the competition. So, what is the general theme of the wedding?DF: Both of us are very proud of Blackpool, so we wanted a theme that could be closely associated with the area. I know that Lyndsey wants to keep certain parts of the wedding a surprise, so I won't say any more than that for now... Do you have any tips for other brides to be?LP: I would recommend that any brides to be don't involve your husband! What has been the most exciting thing about the process so far?DF: The most exciting thing about the process as far as we were both concerned was meeting the My Village Life team for the first time. We knew we had won, but it didn't seem real. All of a sudden we were discussing our wedding plans with a team that could not be more helpful and accommodating, and it became clear that our wedding was going to happen. I can remember walking out of that first meeting and we were like kids in a sweet shop! 26more 8 winter 2011/2012VILLAGE We won The Big One!Back in May of this year, VILLAGE ran a competition to win the wedding of your dreams on Facebook - and after weeks of campaigning, Lyndsey Preston and David Fish were announced as the winners. The support they received from friends, family, colleagues and the community of Blackpool was overwhelming and we can't wait to make sure they have their dream wedding up at De Vere VILLAGE Herons' Reach, Blackpool. MORE Magazine recently managed to catch up with them both to find out how their wedding plans were getting along.Couple win wedding in Blackpool with VILLAGE hotels

2012VILLAGE Weddings27weddingsYour wedding's taking place on Friday 13th. We're guessing that you're not superstitious?LP: I am quite superstitious, and I would never ever consider walking under a ladder or crossing on the stairs. I also acknowledge every single magpie I see! This date just seemed perfect though, as I always wanted to get married in the spring and it is school holidays as well. Perfect. What are you doing for your engagement party?DF: My Village Life have kindly allowed us to host an Engagement Party at Buca di Beppo in the Blackpool hotel. The layout and atmosphere of the place really lends itself to a family celebration of this ilk. Lyndsey and I have eaten there on a number of occasions and always had a wonderful time. This is one of the many things we would never have considered being part of a 'win a wedding' prize, and we are really looking forward to celebrating at the venue that in just over 5 months' time will be the scene of our wedding. We are also going to be serving our signature cocktail on the evening and we both can't wait. What are your plans for the Stag and Hen Do? Are you going to a VILLAGE Party Night?DF: With the array of hotels that VILLAGE have throughout the country it is very difficult to choose where to stay. I think we may both plump for Leeds though (not at the same time!). Lyndsey's bash will be about shopping (with the hotel's location being so close to Leeds centre), drinking, and the wonderful spa facilities that the hotel has. My stag do just has to have sport at its core. If it can include rugby, football and horse racing I'm sure that everyone who comes will be delighted. Was there a fight about who would be a bridesmaid?DF: The bridesmaids picked themselves really. We have 2 wonderful daughters Poppy (4) and Holly (1) that we absolutely adore. They will be 5 and 2 at the time of the wedding and will be flower girls with their cousin Mollie who will be 7. I think the 3 of them are just as excited, if not more excited, than us! What do your friends and family think of you winning the wedding?DF: Everybody is delighted that we have won, and that is without understanding the full extent of the day we hope to have. Both mums are looking at outfits and with a number of people coming down from Scotland, they are already making arrangements. I have suffered almost endless abuse in respect of the poem I wrote for the competition, but it is a small price to pay for the position we are in now! Lyndsey, have you found a dress yet?LP: I actually found a dress and purchased it, only to subsequently change my mind and end up with another one (I will be returning the first one)! That's it now though, there won't be any more. David joked that I must have bought two because I'm planning to have two weddings! I'm not though. David is the only person I want to be with. David, has Lyndsey turned into a Bridezilla?DF: I think Lyndsey would acknowledge that Bridezilla has been lurking deep inside her for some time! This has just given her a fantastic opportunity for this to come out. VILLAGE has given us the platform to have the wedding that Lyndsey has always dreamed of so it is inevitable that she will be excited and just wedding, wedding, wedding. I'm fortunate that Lyndsey is a 'gym dodger' so I can always retire to the gym at Herons' Reach and get an hour or two of peace and quiet. Overall do you think VILLAGE has helped to make all your wedding dreams come true?DF: The wedding has obviously not happened yet, but so far I can genuinely say, we could not be in better hands. Caroline, Caroline and Chris at My Village Life and Sabina at Blackpool have been enormously helpful and patient in helping develop our ideas into reality. We have also been provided with an Engagement Party as well as accommodation for Stag and Hen Do's that are far and above what we even considered we may get when we won the competition. If the wedding is as good as the people that are helping us to organise it, we will have a ball.