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Has it sunk in yet that you won your dream wedding with VILLAGE?LP: NO!!! I don't think it will sink in until the wedding day itself. When I initially entered I could never have imagined the extent of the prize. VILLAGE are looking after us really well. It's like being a celebrity for 6 months!DF: I'm not sure that it will sink in until the day and maybe not even till weeks or months afterwards. Did you think you would win the competition? The support you had from friends, family and the community of Blackpool was really strong.LP: The support we had particularly from my friend Sue was amazing!!! In fact all the couples who entered had fantastic support, and we realise how fortunate we were to win. I still can't believe the number of posts that were generated on the 'My Village Life' facebook page for the competition. So, what is the general theme of the wedding?DF: Both of us are very proud of Blackpool, so we wanted a theme that could be closely associated with the area. I know that Lyndsey wants to keep certain parts of the wedding a surprise, so I won't say any more than that for now... Do you have any tips for other brides to be?LP: I would recommend that any brides to be don't involve your husband! What has been the most exciting thing about the process so far?DF: The most exciting thing about the process as far as we were both concerned was meeting the My Village Life team for the first time. We knew we had won, but it didn't seem real. All of a sudden we were discussing our wedding plans with a team that could not be more helpful and accommodating, and it became clear that our wedding was going to happen. I can remember walking out of that first meeting and we were like kids in a sweet shop! 26more 8 winter 2011/2012VILLAGE We won The Big One!Back in May of this year, VILLAGE ran a competition to win the wedding of your dreams on Facebook - and after weeks of campaigning, Lyndsey Preston and David Fish were announced as the winners. The support they received from friends, family, colleagues and the community of Blackpool was overwhelming and we can't wait to make sure they have their dream wedding up at De Vere VILLAGE Herons' Reach, Blackpool. MORE Magazine recently managed to catch up with them both to find out how their wedding plans were getting along.Couple win wedding in Blackpool with VILLAGE hotels