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2012Perfect Fit storiesJanet Dolan has been a leisure member at VILLAGE hotel Leeds North since the hotel opened its doors 16 years ago. Unfortunately, five and a half years ago Janet was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour, with surgeons at the Leeds General Infirmary unable to operate due to the tumour's position on her central nervous system. The tumour caused Janet to have a stroke which weakened the right side of her body, affected the message pathway to her right foot and leg, and impeded her ability to take part in the studio classes she enjoyed attending for so many years, such as step, yoga and pilates. Such a life-changing event would usually get a person down, but Janet has shown astounding courage and continues to impress Leisure Club members with her feats on the Club's new facilities 2-3 times per week. Even when she was unable to drive for a year, Janet would get on a bus or call a taxi to bring her to the hotel, and tells us that her visits were a great source of motivation for her. She now walks with a stick and has an adapted car, utilising the disabled parking bays at the front of the hotel which she says make her visits much more manageable. She currently uses the rowing machine and treadmills in the gym, which she combines with her favourite activity of all, swimming. Once a month Janet sees Giovanni Fenu, the Leisure Club's sports masseur, who has worked on Janet's leg and foot for several years. The work Giovanni does on Janet's muscles helps to reactivate nerve endings, stretch the soft tissue and loosen Janet's hip area which is affected by the way she now walks with a stick, with Janet adding "Giovanni has been a great mentor and is a very positive person to be around." In fact, Janet firmly believes that without her continued visits to the club to mentally focus on, she would be in a wheelchair by now.Earlier this year Janet and 32 other women whose lives have been affected by brain tumours bravely shed their clothes and donned their hats to produce a 2012 calendar, the proceeds of which go to the charities Ellie's Fund and Brain Tumour Research and Support Across Yorkshire.The inspirational story ofJanet Dolan.Hundreds of people recently descended on VILLAGE hotel, Bury to take part in an incredible health and fitness event with double Olympic Gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes - all hoping to be inspired to get more out of life with the 'Perfect Fit' fitness challenge.After an informative afternoon sampling everything that VILLAGE health and fitness has to offer, visitors were treated to a stirring talk by Dame Kelly who chatted about her early career in the army, her athletics achievements and how she is helping Britain prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games.Kelly then took the time to talk to people individually (including Niamh Nugent, pictured), pose for photographs during a book signing and conduct a junior athletics workshop which seemed to go down well with all the kids - as did the tasty chocolate medals!Photograph by Martin Stembridge you wish to support this campaign and would like to make a donation, you can pay online at or complete a cheque payable to "BTRS" and send to BTRS, Howard House, Wagon Lane, Bingley BD16 1WA. (Please mention "Calendar" with your donation).WITH DAME KELLY!A GOLDEN DAY

£8.95Mexican Platter & BeerMONDAYS - MEXICAN NIGHTJUSTSANGRIA& PIMM'S£7.95BEERfrom£8.95WEDNESDAYSPITCHER NIGHT8 DAYS A WEEK ATTHE VICTORY PUB'Mexican Night' is every Monday from 5pm, and you simply have to come and try our famous Mexican chilli, nacho and chicken fajita platter - a red hot way to start the week at just £8.95 including a bottle of beer (sombreros optional)!Starting at 5pm, Wednesday is our mid-week Pitcher and Cocktail night where there's something to suit every type of slurper! If it's a night out with the boys, our 4 pint pitchers of Stella 4% & Boddingtons for just £8.95 will be right up your street - but if it's a catch up with the girls, grab one of our fruity jugs of Pimm's & Sangria for just £7.95!From 9pm every Tuesday it's our incredible Quiz Night with tasty meal and drink prizes up for grabs every week. There's no charge to enter either - just put your team together and get swotting for your chance to win the £1,000 grand final!Add some spice to your week with a trip to our ever popular Indian night from 5pm every Thursday. There you can tantalise your taste buds with our Chef's curry of the day special with rice, poppadoms, naan breads, onion bhajis, mango chutney and spicy onion salad for just £8.95 including a bottle of beer!Whatever day you decide to visit the victory pub & kitchen at VILLAGE hotels, you can always be sure to find a fantastic food and drink deal to help make your money go further. We've managed to cram 8 days of deals into a single week - meaning you get one unique deal each and every day, plus an 8th offer that you can use whenever you like!WIN £1,000 TUESDAYSNIGHTTHURSDAYS -Indian nightCurry & beer £8.95