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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 20127OVERVIEWOverviewBusiness modelBusiness modelThrough its strong and responsible leadership, Petra is investing in the expansion and optimisation of its world-class assets in order to deliver significantly increased production in the years to come. Underpinning Petra's strategy is a focus on safety and sustainability, thereby driving value for all stakeholders.LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITYThe Company is committed to the responsible development of its assets, to the benefit of all stakeholders.FOCUS ON SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITYCorporate social responsibility is integral to the way the Group structures and operates its mining, development and exploration projects.INVESTINGPetra has committed significant capital in order to extend the lives of its mines. OPTIMISE RECOVERIESPetra is focused on 'value' as opposed to 'volume' production and plans its mining and processing to capture a mine's optimal rough diamond profile. WORLD-CLASS ASSETSPetra has acquired five of the world's important diamond mines and in so doing has compiled a major diamond resource of over 300 million carats.EXPANSION OF MINES AND EXPLORATION Petra has expansion plans in place at each of its operations and is seeking to discover new, economic kimberlites through its exploration programme in Botswana.PRODUCTION GROWTHPetra has set out a transparent growth path which is expected to see production rising from 2.2 million carats in FY 2012 to 5 million carats by FY 2019.STAKEHOLDER VALUEPetra's exceptional growth profile is expected to deliver substantially higher revenues and earnings over time, which will in turn deliver value to all stakeholders.FOCUS ON SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITYFOCUS ON SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITYFOCUS ON SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITYFOCUS ON SAFETY AND SUSTAINABILITYGROWTHOPTIMISINGSTAKEHOLDER VALUELEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITYEXPANSIONINVESTINGASSETS Uncover OUR STRATEGY

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 20128OVERVIEW2012 Total CapexOverviewBusiness model continuedCommitment to sustainable, long-life operationsPerhaps Petra's biggest contribution to sustainability is the commitment of significant capital to extend the life of its mines, some of which could otherwise have been closed down. The Company's currently disclosed Capex profile runs to FY 2019 (please review the 'Capex Guidance' on Petra's website for further information on this Capex profile at: table below shows the capital invested in FY 2012.CullinanFinschKoffiefonteinKimberleyUndergroundWilliamsonExpansionary Capex (US$m) Capex (US$m) Total Capex (US$m)54.412.011.521.022.2Current LOM (based on current mine plan)18 years (actual LOM could be+50 years)18 years (actualLOM could beconsiderably longer)13 years (actual LOM could be considerably longer)10 years (actual LOM could be longer)18 years (actual LOM could be considerably longer)Note: further to the disposal process underway, the Fissure Mines have not been included in the table above.Cullinan US$54.4mWilliamson US$22.2mFinsch US$12.0mKoffiefontein US$11.5mKimberleyUnderground US$21.0m