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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 20124OVERVIEWOverviewFY 2012 highlights FY 2012 HIGHLIGHTSGOVERNANCE$ Board-represented HSSE Committee formed during the Year to lead and progress the development of Petra's sustainability policies, to ensure the Board takes account of mining corporate social responsibility best practice and to drive performance improvements$ I mprovement in level of disclosure in terms of sustainability reporting from C level to B level for FY 2012's Report (according to GRI guidelines) HEALTH AND SAFETY$ OHSAS 18001 re-certification achieved for Finsch and Cullinan$ Finsch and Cullinan achieved 1,000,000 Fatality Free Shifts¹$ Helam achieved 7,000 and Sedibeng achieved 8,000 Fatality Free Production Shifts¹; Star achieved 6,000 Fatality Free Production Shifts1$ Williamson achieved three years without a lost time injurySOCIAL (EMPLOYEES AND COMMUNITIES)$ US$3.3 million² spent on corporate social investment (approximately 1% of Group revenues)$ US$3.3 million² spent on training (approximately 4% of operations payroll) $ Skills Audit Project launched to inform the development of training programmes of our employees$ Development commenced of a Group-wide Stakeholder Engagement PolicyENVIRONMENTAL$ Successful development of a Group Environmental Management Strategy to be implemented across the Group during FY 2013$ ISO 14001 re-certification achieved for Finsch and Cullinan$ Roll-out of carbon emissions monitoring across all operations, ahead of reporting deadline for London listed companies$ Williamson awarded the National Presidential Environmental Conservation Award for Forestry Conservation and Water Management in Tanzania1. Fatality Free Shifts ("FFS") and Fatality Free Production Shifts ("FFPS") are two different measures used to calculate an operation's fatality-free safety record. FFS is calculated by multiplying the number of shifts worked with the number of people who worked the shifts, whereas FFPS does not account for the number of people on shift, but only for the actual shifts worked. For this reason, smaller operations prefer to use FFPS, as it would take them many years to reach an equivalent million FFS.2. The following average exchange rate has been used for this Report: US$1:R7.77.STRATEGY AND GOVERNANCEHEALTH AND SAFETYOUR PEOPLEENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCECOMMUNITYP12P18P23P29P39IN DETAIL

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 20125OVERVIEWOverviewOur operations Petra's OPERATIONSTanzaniaBotswana (exploration)South AfricaThe Petra Group encompassed 4,768 permanent employees and 807 contractors as at 30 June 2012.CullinanThe world's most celebrated diamond mineKEY FACTS$ Renowned for large, top quality gem diamonds - has produced over 750 diamonds of +100 carats and a quarter of all diamonds of +400 carats - and only reliable source of highly prized, rare blue diamonds$ Production of 867,780 carats and revenue of US$112.0 million in FY 2012$ 1,120 people: 1,081 employees and 39 contractors$ Petra ownership 74%; BEE partners 26% (14% Thembinkosi Mining Investments (Pty) Ltd, 12% Petra Diamonds Employee Share Trust)FinschA major producer with world-class infrastructureKEY FACTS$ Finsch produces a number of +50 carat stones annually$ Production of 1,104,618 carats and revenue of US$136.9 million in FY 2012$ 816 people: 762 employees, 54 contractors$ Petra ownership 74%; BEE partners 26% (21% Senakha Diamonds Investments (Pty) Ltd, 5% Petra Diamonds Employee Share Trust)KoffiefonteinOne of the world's top kimberlite mines by diamond valueKEY FACTS$ Regularly produces exceptional white diamonds of between five and 30 carats in size$ Production of 40,117 carats and revenue of US$18.9 million in FY 2012$ 521 people: 460 employees, 61 contractors$ Petra ownership 74%; BEE partners 26% (Re Teng Diamonds (Pty) Ltd)