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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201237ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCEEnvironmental PerformanceCase study: Koffiefontein champions the SecretarybirdKoffiefontein champions the SecretarybirdPetra is proud to be a BirdLife Species Champion in order to actively contribute to the future protection of the Secretarybird and to raise awareness about the importance of bird conservation.Koffiefontein has long provided a home to the beautiful 'Secretarybird', a large, mostly terrestrial bird of prey endemic to Africa, which nests in the trees on the mine's game farm. In FY 2012, Koffiefontein elected to become a BirdLife Species Champion in order to actively contribute to the species' future protection and to raise awareness about the importance of bird conservation. BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity.The species' status was recently downgraded from 'Near-threatened' to 'Vulnerable' by BirdLife International, with early indications of a considerable decline in the species' range and numbers in South Africa. Evidence collated to date suggests that its population is under threat, due to factors such as habitat degradation, disturbance, hunting and capture for trade, and potential man-made dangers such as power lines, cars and electric fences. However more research is needed to properly assess the species and the reasons for its decline.By becoming a BirdLife Species Champion, Koffiefontein will financially support a new BirdLife research project. The key objectives of this project are to accurately determine the territory size, habitat and foraging range of the species, record juvenile dispersal and obtain information about the species' distribution and reasons for mortality.The main research method will be to fit GPS trackers to a number of Secretarybirds in order to monitor their daily movements. The project will then also launch an awareness campaign to inform the public about the conservation plight of the Secretarybird and about the threats that are responsible for the decline. Ester van der Westhuizen-Coetzer, the environmental practitioner at Koffiefontein, commented, "Birds are the forgotten ones when it comes to conservation and funding thereof, but they actually play a very important role in the ecosystem, not only as bio indicators but also in the whole cycle of ecology. Therefore we here at Koffiefontein thought it would set a great example for Petra to support the BirdLife project, so that we can start spreading the word about the importance of bird conservation."By providing this support, Petra is making a considerable contribution to ensuring the future of this vulnerable species.Images courtesy of Albert Froneman (photographer)Ester van der Westhuizen-Coetzer and one of the Secretarybirds at KoffiefonteinThe Secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius) is a large and charismatic terrestrial bird of prey that is familiar and easily recognised. It uses a variety of habitats across its range in sub-Saharan Africa. It lives predominantly on small terrestrial mammals, smaller birds and their eggs, insects, reptiles and amphibians, and snakes and forms an important link in the food chain.

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201238ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCEEnvironmental PerformanceCase study: Williamson wins the presidential award for water management and forestry conservation Williamson wins the Presidential Award on Water Management and Forestry ConservationThe Williamson mine's long-standing environmental efforts were officially recognised in FY 2012, when the mine received the Presidential Award on Water Management and Forestry Conservation, at both district, regional and national level. This prestigious award by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, was made during the World Environmental Day celebrations held in Moshi, Tanzania on 5 June 2012. The environmental competition was initiated by the President in 2010 to promote awareness about environmental management in the country and is carried out from household level to national level, involving different investment institutions, Government institutions, schools, private companies and NGOs. It is held every two years and this is the second time that Williamson has been honoured, as the mine was named winner at district and regional level in 2010.Water managementWilliamson has three dams (Nhumbu, Songwa and New Alamasi) that receive water from different catchment areas during the rainy seasons. There is a closed circuit water system and no water is discharged into the environment. The water is used for mining operations, domestic uses and in the neighbouring villages. Water is treated in Williamson's water treatment plant and supplied to the township for general use. Various controlled water points have been put in place to supply the neighbouring villages with potable water. Williamson samples and monitors the potable water every day for pH levels, turbidity, conductivity and free and combined chlorine. Quarterly samples are also taken for bacteriological, chemical and physical analysis according to the maximum acceptable concentrations set out by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards. A water consumer confidence report is compiled each year.Forestry conservationWilliamson carries out exceptional work in the area of environmental conservation and maintains a large forest reserve of some 9,060,000m². The mine's protection of this area is crucial, as it is under immense pressure as a source of food, fuel and construction. The Williamson Forest comprises of different species of trees (mainly indigenous), animals and birds. The forest provides firewood for neighbouring villages through controlled, sustainable tree harvesting.Williamson's HSE Manager, Donatus Mukungu, commented, "It is an honour for Williamson's focus on environmental management and conservation to be recognised by this award at a national level. Water is a highly precious commodity in Tanzania and one of our most important contributions is the provision of potable water to the Mwadui township. Our forest conservation also plays a vital role in preserving this key resource for future generations."Donatus Mukungu, Williamson's HSE Officer, and Charl Barnard, Country and Williamson Mine Manager, proudly holding the award