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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201234ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCEEnvironmental PerformanceProtecting our environment continuedClimate change continued Carbon emissions continuedCarbon emissions in FY 2012OperationDirect (tonnes) Indirect (tonnes) Other (tonnes)Finsch 4,928137,36164Cullinan4,520160,89814Koffiefontein2,42149,1205Kimberley Underground1,07444,16780Helam20811,5815Sedibeng37715,5270Star1036,55750Williamson35,8991,5930Group total49,529426,804218The Petra Group emitted a total of 476,551 tonnes CO2 equivalent of carbon in FY 2012. Going forward, we will be able to provide comparable figures to demonstrate year-on-year performance in this area and ensure that we are managing our emissions responsibly.Land management and biodiversityWe recognise that our activities have an effect on biodiversity in the regions where we operate and we aim to monitor these impacts and protect and conserve habitats and vegetation wherever possible. We are currently developing rehabilitation and closure plans to assist in returning land to its previous state on completion of our activities. Each operation's EMS sets out its commitment to biodiversity management and protection, including the requirements of South Africa's National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act and additional initiatives applicable to our operations. Additionally, our South African operations require and are in the process of implementing more detailed Biodiversity Management Plans ("BMPs") to manage the ongoing issues of protection and rehabilitation. Finsch, Cullinan and Kimberley Underground have BMPs in place and Koffiefontein will develop a BMP within the next 18 months. None of our South African or Tanzanian operations are located in or adjacent to protected areas or areas of high biodiversity value. Approximately 12,726km² of land under exploration licence by Petra in central Botswana is in a biodiversity-rich area and we have a BMP in place there to ensure the land is managed responsibly. A Group-wide Biodiversity Action Plan setting out our principles and policies at a Group level is envisaged for the future, but is complicated by the vastly diverse biomes in which the respective operations are located.As part of our environmental management strategy, studies are undertaken to identify indigenous fauna and flora before the development of greenfield areas and measures taken to protect endangered species. These measures include the relocation of the species to 'no-go' alternatives, as in the case of the 'Cullinan Ant', the new species of ant identified in 2001 near the Cullinan mine site. The mine now ensures that no tailings are deposited in the habitat of the Cullinan Ant. Other examples include the relocation of Shepherd's trees (Bosciaalbitrunca) which would be affected by the expansion of the Brits Fine Residue Deposit and Koffiefontein financially supporting a BirdLife research project on the endangered Secretarybird which nests in the trees on the mine's game farm (see case study on page 37 for further information).We have also established protected habitats for local vegetation and wildlife. Operations at Finsch, Cullinan, Koffiefontein and Helam have established game farms totalling over 5,400 hectares. These game reserves are fenced to ensure a demarcation from the general mining area and are managed by independent committees, normally chaired by a Company-appointed representative. Williamson maintains a large forest reserve of some 9,060,000m² which protects different species of trees (mainly indigenous), animals and birds. In FY 2012 the mine won the Presidential Award on Water Management and Forestry Conservation (see case study on page 38 for further information).

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201235ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCEEnvironmental PerformanceProtecting our environment continuedLand management and biodiversity continuedProtected habitats OperationHabitat descriptionSize in HaCullinanGame farms1,800 plus 800Finsch Game farms 1,410 plus 498KoffiefonteinGame farm 2,000Kimberley UndergroundNonen/aHelamGame farm n/aSedibengNonen/aStarNonen/aWilliamsonWilliamson Forest Reserve and Old Golf Course906BotswanaNone n/aEnvironmental Impact Assessments and permitsPrior to commencing operations, all mines are required to undertake Environmental Impact Assessments ("EIAs") and receive the appropriate permits for water usage. During FY 2012, assessments and permits were required for the following locations:$ Cullinan received a licence for the closure of the Village of Cullinan Landfill Site; application was made during FY 2012; $ Koffiefontein identified the need to complete a Basic Assessment for the Ebenhaezer Pit Expansion project, which is scheduled for FY 2013; and$ Petra Diamonds Botswana undertook an EIA for its exploration activities and a permit was awarded. No water use licences were approved/issued during FY 2012. Rehabilitation and closure plans At present 176 hectares of the approximately 5,800 hectares of land disturbed by Petra's operations are undergoing rehabilitation and a further 340 hectares have already been rehabilitated. Concerted measures are in place to improve these efforts by developing rehabilitation strategies for all our operations.All of our mine sites are developing closure plans to protect the long-term viability of the land after mining operations cease. Our South African operations successfully revised and updated their Environmental Closure Liabilities in line with the requirements of the MPRDA during FY 2012. A closure plan for Williamson is also in place.Amount of land disturbed or rehabilitatedOperationTotal area disturbed (hectares)Total area considered as rehabilitated duringFY 2012(hectares)Cumulative area rehabilitated(hectares)Cumulativeareaundergoingrehabilitation(hectares)Total areastillrequiringrehabilitation(hectares) Finsch 1,818.217.6114.2163.0786.8Cullinan1,642.,636.0Koffiefontein1,642.,636.0Kimberley Underground378.¹0.20.03.0Williamson325.6215.4215.41.2110.2Note:1. 500m of 4x4 tracks rehabilitated. Environmental auditsAll our operations are subject to regular internal and external environmental audits. There are four types of audits performed at Petra:$ Legal Compliance Audits undertaken by external specialists every two years;$ EMP Performance Assessments, at our South African operations, are carried out by external specialists. The frequency of these assessments is determined by the commitments and agreements of each operation with the Department of Mineral Resources ("DMR"). Petra's policy for each operation is to have an audit at least once every two years. Most of the operations combine the Performance Assessments and Legal Compliance Audits; $ Internal Environmental Management Audits performed internally on an annual basis; and $ External ISO 14001 Audits performed by the certification body on certified operations at least once per year.