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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201228OUR PEOPLEOur PeopleCase study: The Leadership Development ProgrammeThe Leadership Development ProgrammePetra's leadership development programme is an important strategic tool to assist the organisation in the identification and development of employees who display the potential to fulfil leadership positions in the future.Two of the key employee priorities identified by Petra are developing skilled employees and achieving gender diversity in the workforce. The Leadership Development Programme was designed to address these two objectives and, with its focus on the advancement of HDSAs and women, it is now creating skilled women leaders, such as Precious Mazwi.Precious started her career at Cullinan in 2005 as a diamond sorter. In 2007, she joined the sort house operational crew as a Technical Process Supervisor. As her career progressed, she was promoted to Technical Process Foreman at the Caustic plant in 2008. Subsequently she was transferred to the washing plant section in 2009 and to the recovery section in 2012, where she is currently working. Her commitment to developing her career, dedication to her work and persistence in achieving her goals are characteristics that contributed to her success in progressing through a technical field.Precious was elected to participate in Petra's Leadership Development Programme in 2010. She recognised the value of the LDP in developing future leaders for the Company and has put in all her strength and effort into progressing on the programme. Her hard work and dedication paid off as she was the top performer in both Year 1 and Year 2 of the course, a great example of what women in mining can achieve.Precious regards the LDP as instrumental in her personal and professional development over the past two years and is determined to make the best of the opportunity for growth that the programme represents. She, and many others, will continue to be a proud representative both for females entering technical fields and for the commitment of Petra in developing women to excel in technical fields.Precious Mazwi commented, "I was elected to participate in Petra's Leadership Development Programme in 2010. The programme develops future leaders of Petra, so I decided to put all my strength and hard work into it. My efforts have paid off as I was the best performer for the past two years in the programme and I'm very proud to say the LDP has played a big role in my development. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by Petra because my development and growth is very important to me."Precious Mazwi in action with her colleagues

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201229ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE" Every prospecting, mining and related activity is committed to undertaking all activities in accordance with the highest environmental standards."