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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201227OUR PEOPLEOur PeopleFostering our team continuedEquality continuedZero incidents of discrimination (on grounds of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, or social origin) were reported in FY 2012.The Company has initiated a diversity management programme in order to inform management and employees about issues affecting women in mining and we regularly consult with unions representing women in mining. Our aim is to fill as many available positions as possible with suitably qualified female candidates and our key challenge is to attract and retain skilled women. Our approach to gender diversity complies with the South African Mining Charter.No gender distinction is made with regard to salary scales. We offer the same remuneration per employee category, regardless of gender.The total number of women employed by Petra is 669, 14% of the Group's workforce.The total number of women employed by Petra in management positions is 39, 0.8% of the Group's management. We have identified Williamson as a target for improving the proportion of women in the workforce as social stereotypes in Tanzania, together with a very small personnel turnover ratio at the mine, have limited employment opportunities for women. As and when employment opportunities become available at Williamson, affirmative action and measures are being taken by Petra to promote the employment of women, thus gradually improving the female to male ratio.Labour relationsPetra has aligned its principles with the International Labour Organisation Declaration on fundamental Principles and Rights at Work through compliance with the Labour Relations Act (Act 66 of 1995), which regulates collective bargaining and outlaws any form of child forced labour, and the Employment Equity Act (Act 55 of 1998), which prohibits any kind of unfair discrimination. We respect our workforce's right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining across all of our operations. Any union that has achieved sufficient representation in the workplace may request recognition. Union membership across our operations represents 77% of the total workforce. Our employees in South Africa belong to three unions: the NUM, which represents the majority of our workforce in South Africa, the United Association of South Africa ("UASA") and Solidarity. 23% of our South African workforce is not affiliated with a union. In Tanzania, 84% of our employees are affiliated with the Tanzania Mines, Energy, Construction and Allied Workers Union ("TAMICO"), while 16% are unaffiliated.At an operational level, there are grievance procedures in place for employees, with final recourse to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration ("CCMA") in South Africa or with the Commission for Mediation and Arbitration ("CMA") in Tanzania.Petra has historically had a strong track record of stable labour relations, but further to the labour unrest which was experienced in South Africa in calendar 2012, the Company remains vigilant with regards to this area and continues to monitor the situation across its South African mines. We at Petra believe that dialogue is the key and we are therefore focused on continuing to communicate openly with our employees, trade unions and local community representatives. There were zero strikes and lockouts exceeding one week's duration at any of our operations in FY 2012.Benefits received by employees are negotiated in either collective bargaining agreements or in individual agreements with employees who are not covered in collective agreements. These include issues related to their conditions of employment, and other site specific benefits such as medical travel assistance, school buses, school subsidies, etc. which can be included in either individual or collective agreements, or in the corporate social responsibility programmes of the operation concerned. In South Africa, the period of notification relating to operational changes varies depending on the nature of the change in question and parties involved in the consultation process. However, the minimum notification provided by legislation ranges from one week to one month and is governed by the Labour Relations Act. Certain changes, for example the implementation of Continuous Operations, are covered in collective bargaining agreements (three months' notice in this specific case). In Tanzania, changes can be implemented with 24 hours' notice. In Botswana, the minimum notification period can be between one week to one month and is not specified in agreements. Accommodation and living conditionsIn accordance with the South African Mining Charter, Petra has developed an accommodation strategy which is organised at an operational level. Each mine has its own policy regarding the accommodation it provides. Some of our employees are accommodated in hostels. In FY 2012 the hostels at Cullinan and Finsch were upgraded to private single accommodation. In FY 2013 we will complete the upgrading of the facilities at Helam and Star. The total number of employees currently residing in hostels/single quarters is 466, 10% of the total number of permanent employees across the Group.MinesHostel(room sharing)Single quartersPercentage of the workforceFinsch-16022% Cullinan -10510% Helam 145-25% Sedibeng -163% Star 40-20%Plans are in place to convert all hostels into family units or at least single quarter accommodation by 2014, in accordance with the Mining Charter. In Tanzania, Williamson provides accommodation for all permanent employees and some contractors, and in Botswana, tented field camps accommodate employees on field operations.

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201228OUR PEOPLEOur PeopleCase study: The Leadership Development ProgrammeThe Leadership Development ProgrammePetra's leadership development programme is an important strategic tool to assist the organisation in the identification and development of employees who display the potential to fulfil leadership positions in the future.Two of the key employee priorities identified by Petra are developing skilled employees and achieving gender diversity in the workforce. The Leadership Development Programme was designed to address these two objectives and, with its focus on the advancement of HDSAs and women, it is now creating skilled women leaders, such as Precious Mazwi.Precious started her career at Cullinan in 2005 as a diamond sorter. In 2007, she joined the sort house operational crew as a Technical Process Supervisor. As her career progressed, she was promoted to Technical Process Foreman at the Caustic plant in 2008. Subsequently she was transferred to the washing plant section in 2009 and to the recovery section in 2012, where she is currently working. Her commitment to developing her career, dedication to her work and persistence in achieving her goals are characteristics that contributed to her success in progressing through a technical field.Precious was elected to participate in Petra's Leadership Development Programme in 2010. She recognised the value of the LDP in developing future leaders for the Company and has put in all her strength and effort into progressing on the programme. Her hard work and dedication paid off as she was the top performer in both Year 1 and Year 2 of the course, a great example of what women in mining can achieve.Precious regards the LDP as instrumental in her personal and professional development over the past two years and is determined to make the best of the opportunity for growth that the programme represents. She, and many others, will continue to be a proud representative both for females entering technical fields and for the commitment of Petra in developing women to excel in technical fields.Precious Mazwi commented, "I was elected to participate in Petra's Leadership Development Programme in 2010. The programme develops future leaders of Petra, so I decided to put all my strength and hard work into it. My efforts have paid off as I was the best performer for the past two years in the programme and I'm very proud to say the LDP has played a big role in my development. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me by Petra because my development and growth is very important to me."Precious Mazwi in action with her colleagues