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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201223OUR PEOPLE" Our people play a vital role in the successful delivery of our strategy."

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201224OUR PEOPLEOur PeopleFostering our teamThe success of our business depends on our workforce. We believe that employees who are empowered and accountable for their actions work to the best of their ability, and have fostered a culture whereby innovation and creativity in the workplace is encouraged and rewarded. Through our health, safety and development programmes, we seek to create a healthy and motivated workforce within a safe, productive and efficient environment.We encourage diversity in our workforce and treat our employees with respect and dignity.We invest substantially in training programmes for our employees, in the knowledge that their personal development will contribute to the successful development of our operations. Petra has established a comprehensive set of Group-wide HR policies which, in turn, are augmented at an operational level to ensure they are applicable within the local context of each mine. Our revised Group Code of Ethical Conduct, together with other Group-level initiatives currently under development, will unify our principles and policies and reinforce Petra's existing commitment to the fair treatment and sustainable development of our workforce. We respect our employees' right to freedom of association and there are no operations within the Petra Group where the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining are at risk; as such, the majority of our members are represented by a union.Organisational review Petra's rapid, acquisition-led growth has resulted in an influx of new staff to the Company. Consequently, our workforce has grown rapidly from a few hundred employees in 2006 to 5,575 today, including 807 contractors.In order to ensure all employees are familiar with Petra's HR policies and procedures we began an Organisational Culture Scan, a review of the organisational culture across our operations in FY 2012. The review will be conducted via focus groups, questionnaires and interviews involving staff in supervisory or decision-making roles.Once the review is complete, we will align practices at each of Petra's mines and embed an employee culture that supports the realisation of Petra's business objectives through appropriate behaviour, skills and processes. The project will be launched across the Group in FY 2013.Our workforceWe are committed to providing stable employment for our workforce. As at 30 June 2012, we employed a total of 5,575 people, including 807 contractors.OperationPermanentContractorsTotalFinsch 76254816Cullinan 1,081391,120Koffiefontein 46061521Kimberley Underground 581 0581Fissures 1,209101,219Williamson5636381,201Botswana8311Marketing707Head office 97299Total 4,7688075,575Our peopleWe recognise that our team is our greatest asset and essential to the delivery of our long-term strategy. We aim to foster a company culture that is dynamic and motivational, giving our employees the opportunity to fulfil their true potential.SUMMARY$ We believe that employees who are empowered and accountable for their actions work to the best of their ability$ We are committed to the training and development of employees in order to ensure the current and future skills needs of the organisation are met$ Our Leadership Development Programme works to develop the future 'leaders' within our Company$ We are focused on attracting and retaining skilled women in mining and aim to fill as many positions as possible with suitably qualified female candidates