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Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201222HEALTH AND SAFETYHealth and SafetyCase study: Installation of the collision warning system at FinschInstallation of a collision warning system at FinschThe Booyco Collision Warning system has been successfully deployed at Finsch to help prevent vehicle collisions, a key risk facing underground mining methods.An important safety consideration for underground mines is the prevention of potential vehicle collisions underground. Petra's Finsch mine suffered its last fatality in 2007 as the result of such an accident, which involved an earthmoving vehicle and a contractor employee who was working on another vehicle that had broken down. This fatality highlighted the urgency and importance of introducing a warning system that would notify both the operators of trackless earthmoving machinery and pedestrians of the proximity of the other, and thus prevent a similar situation from recurring. In 2010, Finsch Mine decided to install the Booyco Collision Warning system on 24 machines operating on 63 production level (630 metres underground) as a test phase, with the intention to roll out the installation to the rest of the underground fleet during subsequent phases should the first phase prove to be successful. The test phase consisted of providing a warning system to pedestrians via an audible alarm and a flashing light fitted on the cap lamp if a vehicle was in close proximity to the pedestrian. The driver of the vehicle is also warned of the presence of pedestrians in the immediate vicinity by a warning alarm and flashing light fitted in the driver cabin. Although some teething problems have been encountered - mostly related to the environment in which the vehicles are used - and are being addressed, the system performs as expected and warns pedestrians and vehicle operators when in close proximity of each other. The warning system was found to be suitable for underground operation where there is an interaction of machines and people and is now required to be fully operational before any relevant vehicle or equipment can be operated. Given the success of the first phase, the intention is to roll out the system to all vehicles and also to implement a vehicle to vehicle detection system, which should further contribute to both vehicle and pedestrian safety for those working underground.One of the earthmoving vehicles at Finsch Diamond Mine fitted with the Booyco PDS system

Petra Diamonds Limited Sustainability Report 201223OUR PEOPLE" Our people play a vital role in the successful delivery of our strategy."