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The Talking Voice website is a constantly developing resource where useful sheets can be downloaded and reminders of healthy voice use are ever present Find the website at:

Here is what some of our topclients say. During the time Janet has contributed to the Secondary PGCE programme, I and my colleagues have been impressed by the professionalism with which she approaches her training workshops and the high quality of the training she provides for our students. She engages the students and makes sure they are involved in the practical dimension of the workshop so they actually experience the points she is making in relation to their own voice. London Metropolitan University Janet's training sessions are lively, active and enjoyable. The range of exercises to which she introduces our teachers are carefully chosen to raise awareness of the potential of the voice as a teaching tool. At the same time, there is a focus on how to pre-empt the recognised difficulties that, as professional voice users, teachers can encounter. e-Qualitas Janet has provided a number of training sessions for teachers, all of which have been well received. She is highly organised, completely professional and absolutely reliable. The materials she produces are of excellent quality and her personal attributes are such that her delivery is highly effective. Staffordshire County Council school improvement division