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Talking Voice was set up by Janet Shell in 2007 following several years of advising friends within the teaching profession who had encountered vocal difficulties from over use. A former teacher turned opera singer, Janet now travels around the country offering unique, dynamic and engaging sessions with trainee teachers, NQTs, graduate teachers and for school CPD programmes on learning how to work the voice safely and effectively for the longevity of a career. Built around her experience with voice and on stage, Talking Voice offers programmes that encourage teachers to develop better vocal practice as well as a more creative, dynamic and communicative classroom presence.

DID YOU KNOW?...Teachers regularly talk at 70dB which is the equivalent to talking over a vacuum cleaner. 24% of teachers have to take time off for voice related illness. 60% of teachers surveyed have had voice problems (ATL, Association of Teachers and Lecturers). As we age, changes occur in the larynx too, giving previously untroubled voices cause for concern. Vocal warm-ups prior to strenuous use have been shown to aid vocal health. An impaired voice places additional demands upon the listener so concentration is spent upon deciphering the actual words, thus reducing the amount of information taken in (survey by Chorley and South Ribble senior language therapist 2007).