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10 things to keep your voice beautiful! 1. Limit intake of dehydrating fluids - coffee, tea, alcohol; up water intake.2. Avoid whispering if you "lose" your voice. Speak quietly with support instead. 3. If you must shout, use support muscles! 4. Match your breath length to phonation. 5. Excessive throat clearing is too harsh for the vocal folds. Try to avoid this. 6. Improve your posture, so muscles can work effectively. 7. See if you can have voice naps during the day. 8. Try to develop a personal warm-up routine. 9. Articulate well at front of mouth. 10. When you have a cold, avoid decongestants; steam instead. Become aware of voice use. What demands are you making of your voice "off-duty" in addition to "on-duty"? If you have overdone it, try and take it easy.

Why do Teachers have to be so careful?Of all professional voice users, teachers are the occupational body to present with voice problems most frequently at speech clinics over the course of a career. No fewer than one in five teachers miss days at school each year because of voice related problems. Teachers depend upon their voices for much of their work. Their purpose is to communicate their knowledge, yet their very environment can make that work difficult and can indeed damage the voice upon which they depend. It is all too easy to take one's voice for granted, especially when under pressure to prepare and give lessons. JANET SHELL As a classically trained solo singer, Janet sings around the world. Whether at the Royal Opera House or the Royal Albert Hall, she is equally at home in opera or concert. She has given live broadcasts for Classic FM and the BBC and continues to combine a busy performing schedule with her vocal coaching. She teaches singing and is a member of the British Voice Association, through which she has developed many close contacts with other voice professionals including speech therapists and ENT surgeons. A qualified classroom teacher, Janet was head of department in a secondary school for several years before gaining a scholarship to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and pursuing her career in music.