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HITTING THE STANDARDS FROM 2012 For any teacher, communication skills are paramount to running a clear, encouraging and stimulating environment in which young minds flourish. Effective communication relies on a teacher having a multitude of skills available at any one moment. Within any classroom a teacher needs to be somebody worth listening to. As a core strength, teachers need to have a voice which can stand the test of hours of talking. Creating a stimulating environment, leading through the chosen curriculum, using differentiated approaches appropriate to each lesson amanaging behaviour are only possible if the teacher in question feels confident about their ability to voice their wishes, whether literally or through their own blanguage. nd ody "I'm going to remember to breathe before I speak, especially when a situation might be stressful".

Intuitive understanding of others is really the art of picking up the myriad of clues we all give off in non verbal communication about how we are feeling at any given moment. Our brain makes millions of calculations every second to give us this information, seemingly without our involvement!At the heart of a great teacher, lies a person interested in others and how they tick!We believe that what we do impacts upon each one of the 2012 Standards and upon the personal and professional conduct of a teacher."The ice-breakers will be great for using with my tutor group and with new classes".