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COURSES ON OFFER Full day: A great way to practise the techniques and explore some of the factors which relate to being in the classroom. The day has a mixture of both practical and thought provoking dialogue. The experimental nature of using the voice benefits from this level of input. Half day: Some people like to link us into an existing day or to divide Secondary and Primary trainees by devoting half a day to each. The half day workshops are interactive and participation is expected. Twilight session: In busy schools, this provides an excellent CPD opportunity. Working with Talking Voice at the end of a day shows how vocal tension can be released and the stimulation of new ideas and fun activities means that everybody goes home with a smile on their face! Individual sessions: These represent a chance to reflect on all aspects of voice use and to mentor individual concerns. The interesting thing about this is how quickly changes can be made and how motivated the person becomes when engaging with their own voices. Confidence is greatly increased and this level of understanding helps clients move forward. In rare cases it can highlight a more serious condition requiring further intervention.

AN EXAMPLE OF A WHOLE DAY PROGRAMME Session one: Bronze Level - The Basics Introduction to the many facets involved in Olympic speaking; the role of posture and breath; word and sound games for finding an expressive range; the physical gymnastics of vocal excellence; connecting the voice and body; vocal circuit training; awareness of why and how teachers suffer vocally.Session two: Silver Level - The Race Often done in smaller groups - discovering a balanced voice as a default mode; the vocal folds in action; the Talking Voice vocal anatomy quiz; tips for staying healthy; warning sings of trouble ahead, Taking evasive action; voice saving exercises from speech therapy. Session three:Gold Level - The Winners' Podium Performance skills for keeping attention; emotionally intelligent classroom management; the power of your chosen words; how your body and voice communicate together; two models for understanding student learning modes; opportunities for individuals to practise putting it all together!