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cocosa.comSHOW WEEK12345621THE STYLE FILE Stylist Celestine Cooney reveals the inspiration behind the Ashish show through these exclusive pictures1. This is me and Ashish Gupta. I've been styling his London Fashion Week show for seven years. We work with the same team every time: make-up by Georgina Graham at CLM and hair by James Rowe at D+V. There's always a period in the run-up to the show when Ashish and I are both at home with our mums and we chat about the collection on Skype and email.2. Here's the collection. Each season the Ashish girl takes a diff erent guise but is essentially the same girl. She's just a bit of a chameleon. The Ashish girl this season is kind of tough and not afraid to get her knees dirty, but at the same time she's tender and romantic. Think a debauched country girl at a music festival.3. I wanted to use wild fl owers in the show. Ashish bought these from a fl orist in Queen's Park, near where he lives in London.4. We started out with the idea of styling the looks with a trilby, and then ended up with straw fedoras. The straw seemed so much sweeter and more feminine as well as being more summery. We had fallen in love with the idea of a dark berry-coloured lip; like a girl that had gone out, eaten too many blackberries and stained her lips. It looked quite tough and stopped the whole thing from becoming too cute.5. We split up wild fl owers into separate pretty little bunches and laced them into black vintage army boots. Using fl owers is an idea we came up with in August, when I was at home in Ireland romping through the fi elds with my mum and our dog.6. The beautiful Alison Nix backstage at Ashish a er I'd fi nished lacing fl owers into her boots. We always cast girls who wear the clothes and don't let the clothes wear them. The most important thing when it comes to casting is to fi nd girls with a great personality and a really confi dent, powerful walk.COMPILED BY:  URA WEIR