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Image is everything!When done right, company profiling pays off. It is a stamp of qua-lity that says a lot about you and your company. It helps your company stand out, making it more distinct and recognised for the right reasons. With Snickers Workwear you know that you are turning to the experts - able to offer a complete range of value adding services and product options. The right colours, customi-sed embroidery and personalised packaging, just to name a few. Contact us today for all the inspiring details.Personalised packaging When you order a range of garments for all employees we have the perfect service for you: personalised packaging. That means everyone gets all his or hers garments in a package labelled with their name. This facilitates easier internal distribution at your company and guarantees that everybody gets the right garments and the right sizes. Easy, convenient and personal.Snickers Workwear embroidery is quality with every stitch. Giving you a cost-efficient, image-boosting tool that stands out in all the right ways - for a long time to come.With Snicker Workwear heat-sealing you get high-quality distinctive prints in the sizes and colours of your choice.profiling

specialist productsflags & banners22Flag sizes1 yard11/2yard2yard21/2yard3yard4yard5yard6 yard3' x 1'6"4'6" x 2'3"6' x 3'7'6" x 3'9"9' x 4'6"12' x 6'15' x 7'6"18' x 9'We offer a wide range of flags National and Speciality,along withvarious types of bunting.Special flags can be made to yourrequirements when supplied with artwork.National Flags100% polyesterRoped and toggled ready for flyingOptional anti-fray netting for prolonged lifeBritish Flags100% polyesterWoven or knittedRoped and toggledPrinted or sewnSpecialised House FlagsPrinted or appliqued any design or logoAny size madeWoven or knittedSingle or double sidedBuntingA wide range of bunting (PVC,polyester and nylon)A choice of multicoloured,plain,red white andblue,union jacks and customised with logoNo1 White575gsmNo8 Red610gsmNo15 YellowFluorescentNo24 CreamUV 630gsmNo2 White610gsmNo9 Maroon610gsmNo16 Blue610gsmNo25 BlueUV 630gsmNo3 White470gsmNo4 WhiteDouble SidedNo5 Orange610gsmNo6 OrangeFluorescentNo7 Terracotta610gsmNo10 Green610gsmNo11 Yellow610gsmNo12 GreyMatt 610gsmNo13 GreyPolished610gsmNo14 Black610gsmNo17 Blue610gsmNo18 BlueUV 630gsmNo21 RedUV 630gsmNo23 YellowUV 630gsmNo22 Silver GreyUV 630gsmNo26 GreenUV 630gsmWindsock7'and 4' Orange polyurethane coated nylonwindsock complete with standard fittings - conemouth nylon rope harness and snap clip.Banner ColoursDigital BannersWe manufacture to your specification PVC banners complete with eyelets.Prices are available on request.Stock sizeWhite 2' x 8'White 2' x 10'100High technology at work.At Snickers Workwear, we are driving the application of advanced materials in work wear design, taking advantage of the latest technological developments, when and where it can improve on-the-job comfort, protection and durability. high tech materialsA.I.S. Active Insulation SystemT A lightweight and soft microfleece fabric. It is an ideal mid-layer for any outdoor activity with its insulating and high moisture transportation ability. This will keep you warm, comfortable and dry. This fabric has also the special feaure of being windproof.GORE-TEX® Materials GORE-TEX® Technical Garments are extremely durable, waterproof to keep you dry, windproof to keep you warm, and breathable to keep you comfortable - all day long. The GORE-TEX® membrane has over 1.4 billion pores per square cm. The pores are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 700 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapour. This prevents water from penetrating, while its aids your body's natural cooling process by allowing perspiration vapour to escape. Special GORE-SEAM® tape ensures that all seams are 100% water proof. WINDSTOPPER® Materials WINDSTOPPER® materials combines total windproofness with maximum breath­ability to keep you warm and comfortable: . The Windproofness protects your body's warmth from the chilling effects of wind and weather. . Maximum breathability prevents overheating and perspiration build-up by allowing moisture vapour to escape easily. A durable water repellent finish provides additional weather protection.Wind/RainOuter materialGORE-TEX® membraneLiningWater vapour(sweat)Lightweight face fabric WINDSTOPPER® membraneSkin sensorial inner layer Total Windproofness Maximum Breathability Body heatSkinFabricBody moistureWindWindproof and breathable membranemiscellaneous / high tech materials