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96041818040400951818005807040795070400040014000900*040018000418Test-No.XXXHohensteinACCESSORIESaccessories9093 WINDSTOPPER® BeanieBe bright - stay warm and visible. This WINDSTOPPER® beanie features an integrated reflecting stripe and soft fleece lining to keep your head warm and enlightened, at all times.. Made in advanced 2-layer breathable WINDSTOPPER® fabric for outstanding wind protection. Reflecting stripe neatly knitted in fabric. Knitted wool blend for extra warmth on cold daysMaterial: Advanced breathable 100% windproof 2-layer GORE WIND­STOPPER® fabric, 30% Wool and 70% Acrylic.Size: One size.9083 Logo CapGet innovation on top. Smartly designed, premium quality cap with confident Snickers Workwear logo and a unique feature that holds your glasses in place when not in use for extra convenience. . Specially designed to hold your glasses in place when not in use, providing quick and convenient access. Pre-curved visor for the right look. Metallic net ventilation eyelets in the back for greater comfort. Easy adjustment in the back for optimal fit. 3D Snickers Workwear embroideryMaterial: 100% cotton.Size: One size9090 Pile Fleece BeanieProtect your head and fight the elements in true comfort. Warm where it matters, this insulated beanie keeps your ears covered when your work gets cold.. Shaped to cover the ears for extra protection. Allows a good hearing level thanks to perforated fabric at the ears . Keeps your head warm on cold days with extra insulation where needed. Truly soft working comfort thanks to a perfect combination of fleece and pile fabricsMaterial: 100% Polyester Fleece and 100% Polyester PileSize: S, M, L.9081 Rip-stop CapStay cool and make a company statement. Top quality cap with large space for company profiling and extra-light fabric for working comfort in the heat.. Large front space for easy and bold company profiling. Extra light yet durable rip-stop fabric for cooling comfort on warm working days. Pre-curved visor for the right look. Metallic net eyelets in the back for greater comfort. Easy adjustment in the back for optimal fitMaterial: 100% Cotton, Rip stop.Size: One size* Launch spring 2011.9099 Winter CapDrop the earflaps. Stay warm in this comfy Power Polyamide winter cap with reflecting features and soft pile padding to keep the harsh cold out and the snow off your head.. Soft warm pile padding to keep the cold out. Earflaps with adjustable strap that can be fastened at the top, at the back or under the chin. 3M reflecting features at the visor, sides and backMaterial: Outside 100% Power Polyamide, inside 100% Polyester pile.Size: S, M, L.9080 Fleece beanieWarmth on top. Cover your head in this soft and comfortable fleece beanie and you'll soon forget the chilly working conditions.. Warm working comfort on cold days thanks to the soft, stretchable micro fleece fabric . Can be worn under a protective helmet. Plenty of space for easy company profiling that stands outMaterial: 100% Micro Polyester Fleece, 240g/m²Size: S/M, L/XL.9084 Logo BeanieWarm where it matters. 80% of your body heat escapes through your head. So get protected in this soft and comfortable beanie.. Cosy fleece lining for warm working comfort on chilly days. Soft and stretchable fabric for optimum fit and comfort. Contemporary design with Snickers Workwear logoMaterial: 100% Acrylic with 100% Polyester Fleece lining.Size: One size.Launch autumn 2011.NEW

9704040418040018002000*95000800660004000400ACCESSORIESaccessories9044 BracesBasic, flexible braces. Streamlined design and long-term dependability.. Designed with four fastening points - or fewer if you use the durable D-rings that are included. Can be attached in the side of the trousers, in the Velcro tool fasteners. Keeps the trousers up without restricting your movementsMaterial: Polyester 66%/Rubber 34%.Size: One size.9050 Elastic BracesElastic all the way, these reliable braces feature wide bands to evenly distribute your load and ensure all-day working comfort.. Extra wide elastic straps for comfort, support and optimal fit. Wide and firm clips for secure fastening. Easy length adjustmentMaterial: 90% Polyester 10% Lycra. Size: One size. 9025 Ergonomic BeltExperience this high top quality elastic belt with a distinctive antique silver finish buckle. Designed for on-the-job comfort with a contemporary flair.. 40 mm wide, elastic belt that shapes itself to your body. Quick and easy lock system. Top quality antique silver finish on buckle with Snickers Workwear logo. Discreet, yet contemporary "Snickers Workwear" embossed on beltMaterial: Elastic, comfortable fabric in 95% Polyester 5% Elastane.Size: One size adjustable 120 cm, 47". * Launch spring 20119033 Logo BeltA must for the Snickers Workwear craftsman. Hardwearing fixed belt with non-scratch buckle. Available in several colours to match your image at work.. Non-scratch plastic buckle with Snickers Workwear symbol. Quick and easy lock system. 40 mm wide belt with pronounced Snickers Workwear logos. Firm and rough webbing for extra durability . Available in three colours, including Hi-Vis nuanceMaterial: 100% Polyester webbing.Size: 90, 110, 130 cm / 35", 43", 51".9026 Fixed BeltThe innovative buckle closure says it all. This is the ultimate hardwearing fixed belt to rely on in every situation. . Quick and easy lock system. Firm and rough webbing for extra durability. Top quality antique silver finish on buckle with Snickers Workwear symbol Material: 100% Polyester webbing. Size: 90, 110, 130 cm / 35", 43", 51".