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50040004000400040004000400toolcarriers9700 FlexiTVelcro FastenerBringing it all together. Velcro Fastener FlexiTPocket makes life easy. Can be attached to the waiststrap belt.. Flexible - choose between many different accessories and combine them according to your particular needsMaterial: PolyesterSize: One size.9710 FlexiTPower Tool Holster, rightThe ultimate holster (right side). Perfect for most drills on the market and adjustable to ensure secure and convenient positioning.. Fits Snickers FlexiTPocket toolbelt 9702 and Snickers tool fasteners. Adjustable with Velcro band for an optimal fit. Suitable for most drills on the market. Extra band for keeping bits and chuck key in placeMaterial: 100% Polyamide 290 g/m², 100% Polyethylene.Size: One size.9715 FlexiTNail Pouch PocketNo nonsense nail pouch. Rugged and convenient.. Fits in holster pockets on Snickers Workwear trousers. Extremely durable, 100% Polyamide for a long service life. Makes the holster pockets last much longer. Adjustable wire opening enables pocket to be held open or shutMaterial: 100% Polyamide 290 g/m².Size: One size.9740 FlexiTMobile Phone Pocket, smallSmall and flexible. Advanced design for secure protection of small phones. Can be worn vertically or horizontally - the choice is yours.. Suitable for small mobile phones. Secured on the inside with Velcro. The bottom part is sprung to keep the phone in place when the flap is openMaterial: Flap with Velcro fastener protects the phone against rain and dirt 100% Polyamide 290 g/m², 100% Polyethylene.Size: One size.9706 FlexiTTool PouchDurable tool pouch featuring two tool compartments, knife button and two eyelets for straightforward functionality.. Fits Snickers FlexiTPocket toolbelt 9702 and Snickers tool fasteners. Narrow pouch with two compartments for tools. Knife button and two eyelets for added convenience. Extremely durable, 100% Polyamide for a long service lifeMaterial: 100% Polyamide 290 g/m², 100% Polyethylene.Size: One size.9709 FlexiTTool & Nail PouchDesigned for medium-sized tools and nails/screws. Padded pouch that keeps the essentials where they belong - in easy reach.. Designed for Snickers FlexiTPocket toolbelt 9702. Padded for working comfort. Three compartments for nails and screws (two large, one small). Two compartments for long tools or folding rulers. Two knife buttons with elastic knife holdersMaterial: 100% Polyamide 290 g/m², 100% Polyethylene.Size: One size.toolcarriers

510400040004000400040004009716 Hammer HolderAdvanced, hard-wearing hammer holder with ergonomic design. Angled for easy access and comfortable positioning of the hammer against the leg.. Ergonomically angled design prevents the hammer-handle from hitting your leg when walking and getting in the way when bending down on your knees. Easy to attach to Snickers tool fasteners, trousers, belts, Toolvest and FlexiTPocket system.. Angled slightly away from your body for easy access to the hammer. Accommodates most hammers in the market. Made in a hard-wearing yet flexible polyamide material that will not scrape delicate surfacesMaterial: Polyamide (Plastic)Launch autumn 2011.9761 Yo-yo for ID badge holderThere and back again. Just pull, show your ID card and let the automatically rewinding cord do the rest. . Easy to attach to ID badge 9760. Ensures your ID card is accessible and always in place. 60 cm long and durable string attached to a rotating discMaterial: Nylon string, Plastic housing.Launch autumn 2011.9760 ID badge holderConvenient ID badge holder that keeps your ID firmly in place. Easy to attach with a clip, whereever you want. Wear it with pride.. Easy to attach with a clip wherever you want . Top lid that protects from water and dirt . Withstands -18 °C . UV treated Material: 100% PVC, conforms to EN 15777Size: One size.9082 FlexiTHammer HolderA popular standard. A metal hammer holder that features a smart, secure design. Ready for on-the-job action.. Fits tool fasteners on Snickers trousers and waistcoats and Snickers FlexiTPocket systemMaterial: MetalSize: One size.9723 FlexiTBraces/HarnessRelieve the weight of the toolbelt 9702.. Two large D-rings at the front in which to fasten items. Four snap locks for belt. Padded over the shoulders. Securing strap across the chest that can be opened, keeps the shoulder straps togetherMaterial: Polyester.Size: One size.9702 FlexiTToolbeltThe working pride platform. Rugged, anatomically designed toolbelt with lightweight padding and flexible functionality. Gets the job done.. Anatomically designed and padded for maximum working comfort and convenience. Lightweight polyethylene foam filling in the padding. Polyester knitted fabric on the inside provides ventilation and comfort. 14 protected Velcro fasteners for various tool and material pouchesMaterial: 100% Polyamide 290 g/m², 100% Polyester, 100% Poly­ethylene.Size: One size.toolcarrierstoolcarriersNEWNEW