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page 112 June 2011 29pressure than ever to justify their attendance, a reminder of these benefits won't hurt."It doesn't need to cost more money," Blaskey said. "People employed at an exhibition can do more listening."According to Blaskey, determining ROI is something so complex that it has to lie outside the remit of the organiser. However, keep in mind that an exhibition organiser is nothing if not a facilitator. It is because of this that Farnborough Air Show organiser FIVE recently hired Blaskey to do a workshop with its salespeople on showing exhibitors how to better determine their ROI. "It is the job of the organiser to have a methodology by which their exhibitors can select a way of deciding how they want to measure ROI," Blaskey continued. "If you are an organiser or an association and you don't give your exhibitors these tools, you are failing them. You need to know exactly how to tell the story to your exhibitors about how to measure ROI."Another exhibitor trainer Richard John believes there is a formula for ROI and claims the basic calculation for a company's objectives is simple. The goal for number of leads equals: (number of staff on-stand) x (working hours per day) x (show days) x (leads expected per hour). For example, three people on a stand seven hours a day for a three-day show, pulling in three leads an hour, should result in almost 200 leads of varying quality. Add to this the average cost of one staff member per 4sqm of space and the number of leads a potential exhibitor wants becomes a powerful selling tool.According to John, it is the exhibitor's job to optimise and determine its own ROI, but the organiser has to make that as easy as possible. In other words, the organiser supplies the water and the exhibitor does the drinking. main feature exhibition news here's a refresher for your salespeople to pass on to potential exhibitors: A Existing customers may decide to buy something new or be looking for a quote on a new product of yours.B Bring customers to your stand instead of travelling out to see them, thus saving on the travel budget.C Save money on market research: Most of the players in the market will be under one roof. D Brand recognition and PR exposure: How many people know your brand before a show versus afterward?E Learn from your competitors: See what they're doing. Anything you're doing that they're not could be an important part of your marketing message.Reporting the figuresWhen the task of determining ROI falls at the feet of the exhibitors, who need more and more evidence to justify time out of the office, there is one solution that, bafflingly, has lost its grip on UK exhibitions: Auditing.How often can it be said? Audit. Audit. Audit. For some reason, the UK is one of the only countries in Europe where the majority of organisers simply refuse to audit their shows. Why? Fear of being exposed as frauds? Being taken to task by exhibitors? Exhibitor trainer and group business development director for the Association of Event Organisers (AEO) Jane Murphy claimed audited show data is crucial for justifying time out of office for potential exhibitors."How can you really decide which exhibitions to attend if they aren't audited?" she asked. Not only will this help promote a successful show (plain "You need to know exactly how to tell your exhibitors to measure Roi."EN 343 PROTECTION AGAINST FOUL WEATHER This standard encompasses materials and stitching and is divided into two sections: water penetration and resistance to water vapour.For water penetration there are 3 classes, where Class 2 requires Wp (water pressure) ? 8000 Pa and Class 3 requires Wp ? 13000 Pa. Class 1 requires the same as Class 2, but without pre-treatment.For resistance against water vapour, that is to say RET, (the lower the rating the greater the penetration) there are 3 classes:Class 1: RET ? 40 Class 2: 20 < RET ? 40 Class 3: RET ? 20Water penetration is noted at the top in the symbol and resistance to water vapour is at the bottom in the symbol.FoulweatherWhat type of rainwear is perfect for the job? It depends on the type of job and how long you work in the rain without taking a break.For reliable waterproof protection during shorter shifts in the rain, choose our A.P.S.T garments.For 100?% dry working comfort during long working shifts in the rain, choose our GORE-TEX® garments.For quick and reliable protection during intense rain or stationary jobs, choose our PU garments.Wind and rain put extra tough demands on your workwear. When hard at work you want to stay warm and dry - without sweating. For long rainy days, the cutting-edge performance of our new advanced GORE-TEX® garments is the obvious choice. It's 100% waterproof, windproof and offers outstanding breath­ability for hours on end. For shorter shifts in rainy weather, our advanced all-­weather garments in 2-layer A.P.S.T fabric will keep you covered. For relatively still-standing jobs, ventilation is not as crucial. Here our PU garments, giving you superior waterproof technology, are ideal.BEAT THE RAINWind/RainOuter materialGORE-TEX® membraneLiningWater vapour (sweat)Fabric with dirt repellent finishWindSnowand rainA.P.S.T membraneInside liningBody heatSkinBody moisture

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