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17040458040408trouserstrousersTake the floor with Kevlar®.Floorlayer? Then you'll love our floorlayer trousers with advanced Twisted LegT design and coated Kevlar® reinforcements at the knees. Like floating on air, they are designed for maximum knee protection and working comfort. So think of our floorlayer's trousers as the perfect solution if you spend a lot of time on your knees. Because now you can take to the floor with pleasure. Maximum knee protection thanks to kneepads that keep their position and don't slide around.Designed for quick and easy integration with Snickers FlexiTPocket tool pouches.Unique material makes kneepads light and breathable.Coated Kevlar® reinforce-ments at the knees for a long service life.Advanced cut with Twisted LegT design and Snickers GussetT in crotch for outstanding working comfort with every move.3223 Floorlayer Rip-Stop TrousersSave your knees. Count on reliable protection and functionality every working day in these advanced floorlayer trousers. Features an innovative cut for a perfect fit and coated Kevlar® reinforcements on the knees for extra durability.. Outstanding working comfort and fit thanks to advanced cut with twisted leg and Snickers GussetT in crotch . Kneepad pockets reinforced with coated Kevlar® for extra durability. Features adjustable elastic string that keeps your Snickers Floorlayer kneepads in position.. Made in durable rip-stop fabric with double fabric on the thighs for an even longer service life.. Easy-access knife pocket with protective flap on the right thigh.. Convenient leg cargo pocket with separate mobile phone compartment and four pen/tool compartments.Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 250 g/m². Featuring 100% Polyamide Cordura® reinforcements, 54% Polyester/24% Aramide/13% Polyamide/9% Polyurethane knee reinforcements.Size: 42-62, 84-120, 144-160, 184-204, 248-256.Made in durable rip-stop fabric with double fabric on the thighs for an even longer service life.Front phasing knife pocket with protective flap for easy access.Rip-Stopfeaturing Cordura®9118 KneepadsThe floorlayer's certified knee protection. Kneepads that maintain their shape, hold their position - and won't slide around when you're hard at work. EN 14404 (Type 2, Level 1).. Made up of polyethylene beads that make the kneepad light and breathable. Best suited for Snickers floor layers trousers 3223. Kneepads that keep their shape during hard work over a long period of time.. Designed not to slide so that they remain in position when moving about on your knees. Machine washable for added convenience at 40° CelsiusMaterial: 100% Polyethylene.Size: One size.Launch date: MarchNEW

180404010102020303181874049595740403121) One-piece DuratwillTRevolutionary onepiece in DuraTwillT fabric. Features an advanced cut with Twisted LegT design, Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability and Velcro tool fasteners, plus advanced knee protection and a comprehensive range of pockets.. Made in DuraTwillT fabric and Cordura® reinforcements for extra durability. Kneepad pockets designed for the KneeGuardT positioning system for superior knee protection. Extreme stretch fabric in the back and wide, adjustable shoulder straps for outstanding freedom of movement and working comfort. Two large external breast pockets with extra compartments (maximum drop 45 degrees, increasing security and preventing items from falling out). Smart ruler pocket design with loose corners for improved functionality and freedom of movement.Material: DuraTwillT. Durable fabric: soft cotton on the inside, slightly impregnated, for better protection, on the outside. 52% Cotton 48% Polyamide, 240 g/m². Featuring 100% Cordura®-Polyamide reinforcementsSize: 44-64, 84-120, 146-162, 250-260.TROUSERSone-pieceDuraTwillTfeaturing Cordura®1) Patent No. SE 0300603-8