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TEMPORARY TUNNEL VENTILATION When designing a safe system of work within railway tunnels, there are special conditions to be considered in respect of the renewal and maintenance activities. Frequently locomotives, generators, diggers and bulldozers can all be operating within the same confined space. In addition activities such as ballast changing often creates excessive levels of dust which needs to be cleared from the work site.Factair has been providing temporary tunnel ventilation systems to the rail industry since 1992. This complete service is purpose designed for each project, including deployment on site and regular environmental condition reporting in the tunnel.Factair's systems have been designed so they can be rapidly deployed with minimal disruption to Contractors. Wherever possible, fans are deployed outside the tunnel adjacent to the portal, thus causing no obstruction to traffic or adding additional pollution from generators. Factair also provides battery powered air fed respirators and gas detectors.12-13TEMPORARY TUNNEL VENTILATION