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hElp aNd adviCEBrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS9

hElp aNd adviCE10BrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS Business Continuity - Expect the un-Expected!The riots of August 2011 in London andaround the UK took everyone by surprise.People watched their TV screens hardlyable to believe what they were seeing onthe streets of modern Britain.Whilst communities and individuals wereleft traumatised it was businesses thatbore the brunt of the physical damageand were left with the headache andfinancial costs of getting back to normal.The UK Government, Local Authoritiesand Insurance Companies all actedquickly to help with the recovery processbut despite this businesses are still feelingthe effects with many still not receivinginsurance payouts or compensation.Sadly, overwhelmed by the scale of thedamage, many businesses never recoveredat all and simply ceased trading.All of which highlights the importance ofputting together a Business ContinuityPlan for your business. Hopefully we will never see the scenesof August 2011 in Broadland but ithighlights the fact that you never knowwhat's round the corner and with aBusiness Continuity Plan in place youstand a much better chance ofweathering the storm than without.For more information on BusinessContinuity please contact BroadlandEmergency Planning on 01603 430434or visit our website