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BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTyBetter Broadband for NorfolkinformationBrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS23Last May Norfolk County Council (NCC) wassuccessful in its bid to secure Governmentfunding to help provide improved broadbandspeeds and access across Norfolk.They have now launched their 'Say Yes toBetter Broadband' campaign which meansresidents and Businesses in Norfolk canregister their interest in receiving thebroadband services provided by the BetterBroadband for Norfolk project.NCC know that large areas of the countylack access to even a basic broadband servicebut in order to attract competitive bids froma number of telecoms partners they need toshow them what the actual demand inNorfolk is - not just where broadbandservices are currently lacking.The more people who register their interestnow, the more attractive Norfolk will be topotential private sector partners and thismeans NCC will be in a stronger position toprovide superfast broadband in as manyareas as possible.When you register there is no obligation tobuy a broadband service - you will simply behelping to demonstrate to potential privatesector partners that demand for betterbroadband really does exist.Please go on line to the site toregister your interest. There are 2 forms, onefor individuals and one for businesses. Bothcan be completed if relevant to you!The website also includes links to furtherinformation. You need to register yourinterest no later than 31st March 2012.Please encourage others to register too. Tellyour friends, family and neighbours.Campaign posters are available on thewebsite - print one off and put it on acommunity notice board!Jenny Chamberlin Member of NorfolkCounty Council for Diss and Roydon Divisionemail: orvisit the debate, go to my blog:http://jennychamberlin.wordpress.comDiss community website:

BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTy24BrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuSAll About Business returns to Carrow Roadagain on Thursday 26 April.Sponsored by Broadland District Council,this dynamic business event featurestwo 'Keynote' talks from Steve Clarke,on 'How to Massively boost your sales.'Entrepreneur, Author, Columnist,Motivational Speaker, Steve is 'the UK's topSales Mentor...!'Steve is one of the UK's leading experts ongrassroots sales and marketing strategies. Not a theorist or a guru, but a doer.He helped grow his last UK business fromscratch to £30 million in revenues in just 8years, becoming one of the Times Top 100fastest growing and profitable SME's in thecountry in theprocess. In 2005the company wassold and he wasable to retire atthe age of 45.All About BusinessPartner SaraGreenfield said"If you are lookingfor low cost or even no cost strategies, thatonce implemented can deliver incredibleresults and quickly too, then make sure youvisit and hear Steve."To register your interest to attend or to booka stand at this event please visit: about Business returns to Carrowroad again on Thursday 26 april 2012There is still funding available within theNorfolk Coast and Broads area forapplications looking to set up a new orenhance an existing micro enterprise,support tourism or farm diversificationprojects, or upgrade an existing agriculturalirrigation system. Up to now, the programme has committed£1.85m to projects in the Local Action Grouparea, with average funding of around 38%per project, leaving a further £680,000 leftto commit and spend before the end of theprogramme. To qualify projects need to be within theNorfolk Coast and Broads boundary (seeabove and website for map), must be a newor enhanced activity, and deliver benefits tothe area such as creating or protecting jobsand generating additional income for thelocal economy. The first stage for prospectiveapplicants is to visit the website below tofind out more details about the programme.If they find out they are eligible for funding,they should download a Project Ideas Form,fill it in and return it as soon as possible more information and to discuss yourideas please contact Carol Allen, RDPFacilitator for the Norfolk Coast and BroadsLocal Action Group on 01328 850541 or still available.Don't Miss Out!