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BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTy22BrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuSThinkingWiSp - fast local broadbandThinkingWISP is a next generation WirelessInternet Service Provider (WISP) which offersa fast way to connect to the internet withoutthe speed, cost or service restrictions oftraditional solutions. As it's a wireless systemit can provide benefit even in areas wherecurrent internet speeds are very slow. It alsodoesn't require a BT line. ThinkingWISP has been created by apartnership of Norfolk based organisations:Norfolk Rural Community Council, AFAffinity and InTouch Systems. It is initiallyavailable in the areas around Aylsham,Cawston and Reepham offering servicesfrom 3-10mb/s. However, the plan is todevelop this further as time goes on.Those of you involved in rural communitieswill recognise broadband is a critical issue andthat superfast broadband is often less of aconsideration than getting any broadband atall. We all know the value of the internet asservices move online, fuel costs rise,opportunities for home working increase andany business finds broadband access essential. For the technically interested among you it isa wireless point to multipoint system. Thereis a 1gigabit (10x 100mb) microwave linkfrom a fibre optic line in Norwich to a mastnear Marsham. On the mast there are sectorantennas that then distribute the service tousers' premises which they connect to with asmall receiver (300mmx75mm) affixed to thehighest point on their property. We have alicense from OFCOM to use the 5.8ghzfrequency band, as this requires a license, itsless frequently used and therefore less proneto interference. Although the system requiresline of site the relative flatness of the areaassists with this and we are able to put inrepeater units to reach any dead-spots.For the non-technically interested it works!At an event recently held in Spixworth amobile unit was operating, the speedchecker was running at over 8mb/sconnected to the 8mb/s service and iplayerwas streaming video without a noticeableload time.More information can be found by going to thewebsite, calling thehelp line 01603 558001 (sales and technicalqueries) or for more project related queriesplease contact Jon Clemo at the Norfolk RuralCommunity Council on 01362 698216.

BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTyBetter Broadband for NorfolkinformationBrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS23Last May Norfolk County Council (NCC) wassuccessful in its bid to secure Governmentfunding to help provide improved broadbandspeeds and access across Norfolk.They have now launched their 'Say Yes toBetter Broadband' campaign which meansresidents and Businesses in Norfolk canregister their interest in receiving thebroadband services provided by the BetterBroadband for Norfolk project.NCC know that large areas of the countylack access to even a basic broadband servicebut in order to attract competitive bids froma number of telecoms partners they need toshow them what the actual demand inNorfolk is - not just where broadbandservices are currently lacking.The more people who register their interestnow, the more attractive Norfolk will be topotential private sector partners and thismeans NCC will be in a stronger position toprovide superfast broadband in as manyareas as possible.When you register there is no obligation tobuy a broadband service - you will simply behelping to demonstrate to potential privatesector partners that demand for betterbroadband really does exist.Please go on line to the site toregister your interest. There are 2 forms, onefor individuals and one for businesses. Bothcan be completed if relevant to you!The website also includes links to furtherinformation. You need to register yourinterest no later than 31st March 2012.Please encourage others to register too. Tellyour friends, family and neighbours.Campaign posters are available on thewebsite - print one off and put it on acommunity notice board!Jenny Chamberlin Member of NorfolkCounty Council for Diss and Roydon Divisionemail: orvisit the debate, go to my blog:http://jennychamberlin.wordpress.comDiss community website: