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BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTySector-based workacademies*:These are designed to meet your immediateand future recruitment needs as well as tohelp you recruit a workforce with the rightskills to sustain and grow your business.Sector-based work academies work flexiblyand are made up of three components:Pre-employment training:to preparepeople for working in your business. Youcan work with colleges and providers todesign the training.Work experience placements:a chance forsomeone to try out their skills and gain workexperience in your business.Guaranteed job interview:we ask you toguarantee to interview participants for anyvacancies you have.We can work with you to fill your vacancieswhilst helping unemployed people, who aremotivated and ready to work, gain someexperience in a particular industry*Skills and further education is a devolvedpolicy area and Skills Funding Agencyfunding is available in England only. Work Clubs:A place where unemployed people can meet,exchange skills, share experiences, findopportunities and make contacts.You could set up your own or work with anexisting Work Club by contributing just acouple of hours of your time. You could alsooffer the use of your premises.By becoming involved, you have theopportunity to pass on experience of yoursector, and of recruiting people, to a groupof motivated Enterprise Allowance:You, or someone in your business, could workwith local partners delivering the NewEnterprise Allowance mentoring service to helpan unemployed person start their own business.You could support someone who has a viablebusiness idea to develop a business plan andto see it grow.You could be instrumental in helping themdevelop their ideas and learn how to run abusiness.Enterprise Clubs:Offer unemployed people who are thinkingabout setting up their own business, theopportunity to meet, share ideas and receiveadvice and support from local businesses.You could provide expert advice or shareyour experience in some of the areas theyneed to consider when setting up a business. You may be able to set up an Enterprise Clubor contribute with training sessions orsupport in specific areas, for example book-keeping or Together:Voluntary work can help unemployed peoplelearn new skills, strengthen their CV andboost their confidence. Many organisations have already joinedWork Together with differing levels ofinvolvement. You could consider offeringvolunteering opportunities, help us promotethe benefits or suggest ways to matchpeople with BuSiNESS FOCuS17

BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTy18BrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuSThe next meeting of the BroadlandBusiness Breakfast Forum will betaking place on Friday 27th April 2012.Over 60 business leaders from acrossBroadland meet at the quarterly Forums tonetwork, share business, ideas, best practiceand liaise with members of Broadland DistrictCouncil on current and new initiatives, whichaffect the business community. The Forumsare open to any business based in Broadlandor that does business in the area and are runalongside the Broadland Online BusinessDirectory. Places are limited and offered on afirst-come, first-served basis and include anunrivalled online and offline marketingpackage, which includes the opportunity todistribute your news to over 3,000 localbusinesses. Your business can benefit fromthis incredible package, for much less thanan advert, in other places, by joining theseforums.Every business in Broadland has a free listingon the Directory. To check that your listing isup to date, please are currently seeking a suitable venue forthe Forum. If you are interested in hostingthe event, please contact The Lively Crew on08456 345185.Could your business benefit from abigger local profile?