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CancellationsIf you need to cancel a course, please makesure you inform us at least seven days beforecommencement, so as not to incur fullpayment of the appropriate fee. If we needto cancel a course, we will endeavour toinform you approximately seven days prior toyour course date.paymentCourses can be paid for by cheque (madepayable to Broadland District Council) orby any major credit or debit card, online orover the phone.If you would like this informationin a different format, such aslarge print, audio, Braille or in adifferent language please call(01603) 431133 and we will doour best to help.To book online you willneed a login id andpassword. please phone0800 389 1113to register.To access the online booking systemplease and click on the link 'checkavailability and book online'.Build Your Own Business Web Presence in aDay (9:30am - 4:00pm)Monday 26th MarchMonday 28th MayGetting the Most Out of EBay(9:30am - 4:00pm)Thursday 29th MarchStart using Google AdWords(9:30am - 4:00pm)Wednesday 21st MarchWednesday 30th MayWebsite Design (9:30am - 4:00pm)Friday 23 MarchFriday 4th MayAn Introduction to Twitter, Facebook,YouTube and Blogging for Small Business (9:30am - 4:00pm)Tuesday 20th MarchMonday 21st MayBrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS15Online skillsWROXHAM ROADMUCK LANEGREEN LANE WESTPUBLIC FOOTPATH WENDOVER ROADRAMIREZ RDEARL RDA1151GREEN LANE WESTÌTO NORWICHÏ ÏTO WROXHAMA1151 A1140A1151A140A140A146A47A47A11A47A140A1074A1042NorwichCentre for Eco and Business Training1 ramirez roadrackheath industrial EstaterackheathNorwichOur NEWaddrESS£70£40£80£72£70£40£80£72£70£40£80£72£70£40£80£72£70£40£80£72Salhouse Road

BuSiNESS OppOrTuNiTy16BrOadlaNd BuSiNESS FOCuS. Create workforce developmentopportunities for existing employees, forexample, by developing their mentoring,supervisory and coaching skills. Support the local community to becomemore prosperous. Inject enthusiasm and fresh ideas into yourbusinessHere's how you canbecome involved...Work Experience: lack of work experiencecan be a real barrier for young people. Theymight not be prepared for the routine ofworking. You could help by offering a youngperson the chance to gain valuableexperience in a working environment.You don't need to have a vacancy to be ableto offer a placement of between 2 and 8weeks. It's more about giving young peoplethe chance to experience a workingenvironment. We will continue to pay their benefit andmay be able to help them with childcare andtravel costs. Many young unemployed peopleare eager to develop their skills and workexperience. You could provide a vital opportunity foryoung people in your area to realise theirpotential. To find out more you can help to get Britainworking.Support for your businessfrom Jobcentre PlusJobcentre Plus works in partnership withthousands of businesses to deliver a modernand professional recruitment service.The Government has set out a number ofmajor welfare reform measures which aim tocombat poverty, support the most vulnerableand help people break the lifecycle ofdependency. Jobcentre Plus is at the heart ofmaking this happen.We want to continue working with you todraw on your experience, skills and talent tohelp people get back into work.Businesses like yours can help get Britain workingby partnering with us to create opportunities forpeople who are looking for work.You can make a real difference to your localcommunity by helping develop skills andcreating jobs - improving the quality of lifefor many unemployed people.Here's how your businesscan benefit:. More businesses bring more people intoyour local area. Generate positive publicity by raising yourprofile in the local community . An opportunity to show how like-mindedbusinesses are working together to meettheir social responsibilities. You are in control of your own recruitmentand have immediate access to a wide poolof talent. You get to recruit someone who has thenecessary experience and skills to work inyour business. A tailored package of support to help youget the right person for the job. The chance to influence the pre-employment training this person will receive