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57For advice or to place an order Tel: 01483 418 418T: 01483 418 418E: 01483 428 SlipStep SecurityCut to size service available. Contact us for detailsWatco GRP Step CoversTough, slip resistant fibreglass tread and nosing. Excellent slip resistance, even in the wet. Convenient and versatile. Extremely tough, corrosion resistant fi breglass base. The 55mm high visibility nosing is standard to help meet the requirements of the DDA and building regulations. Refer to the datasheet at for more installation instructionsUsage: Interior & exteriorSuitable for: Concrete, timber, brick, stone, metalSize: 10 standard sizes or available cut to sizeFixings: Screw fi x and glue to any reasonably dry surface using Watco Adhesive Mastic (see below)Material: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) Slip resistance: Extremely low slip potential - Wet PTV 67Colours: Black with a white or yellow nosing, grey with a yellow nosing, or stone 600mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm wide wide wide wide wideGRP Step Cover (each): £38.70 £49.40 £70.80 £94.00 £141.60GRP Step Cover (10+): £33.40 £44.10 £62.20 £83.20 £124.00GRP Step Cover (30+): £29.10 £37.00 £53.10 £70.50 £106.30All above sizes are 220mm deep.GRP Step Cover (each): £42.60 £54.30 £77.80 £103.40 £154.70GRP Step Cover (10+): £36.80 £48.50 £68.40 £91.00 £136.80GRP Step Cover (30+): £32.00 £40.70 £58.40 £77.60 £116.00All above sizes are 345mm deep.All sizes have 55mm nosing. Please specify black, stone or grey with yellow or white nosing. Pieces can be cut to size or pre-drilled free of charge if required, please specify when ordering.Adhesive mastic 310ml: £3.80Skeleton Gun for Mastic: £4.20Coarsegrit85oSnug fitprofileStandard sizes600mm1000mm1500, 2000 or 3000mm55mm220mm or 345mmStoneBlack / WhiteBlack / YellowGrey / YellowCovercombinationsGRP Landing CoverGRP StepCovers(see above)GRP SheetWatco GRP Landing CoverSimilar to Watco GRP Step Cover but extends to a depth of 1200mm. Use on the top step to provide slip resistance to the landing or as a covering for loading bays. Has a rounded 55mm white or yellow nosing. On very deep landings, the Landing Cover can be butted up to a Watco GRP Sheet (p68). 1000mm 1200mm 2400mm wide wide wideGRP Landing Cover: £183.80 £198.50 £335.00All above sizes are 1200mm deep.Please specify colour when ordering.Adhesive mastic 310ml: £3.80Skeleton Gun for Mastic: £4.2055mm1000mm to 2400mm1200mmBlack / WhiteBlack / YellowGrey / YellowStone

58Prices shown do Keeping people on their feet!not include VATGRP Grating 25mm 38mm1985mm x 996mm: £260.60 £327.103010mm x 996mm: £355.20 £424.403660mm x 1220mm: £485.50 £564.80Please state colour and dimensions when ordering. Edge Ramp? 996mm x 122mm: £26.90 £36.80? Edge Ramp connects to GRP Grating using 'C' ClipsGRP Grating Fixing 'L'**: £3.30 £3.30GRP Grating Fixing 'M'**: £3.30 £3.30GRP Grating Fixing 'C'**: £3.30 £3.30**Fixings include clip, bolt, washer and nut? Please allow a 3mm tolerance for cut itemsWatco GRP Grating Virtually indestructible, anti slip, load-bearing gratingIncredible strength, chemical resistance and anti slip properties make these resin gratings ideal for heavily used areas. Will fl ex under point loading and recover to its original position.. Corrosion resistant . Use instead of metal or wood to create mezzanine and raised walkway areas . Keeps feet and products dry in constantly wet areas. Contrasting coloured edge ramp available - easily connects to any size grating. Will take an even load of up to 3.6 tonnes (more details available on our datasheet). Made of fi re retardant resin certifi ed to BS476 Part 7 (Class 1)Main uses: Ideal for landings, walkways, ramps, production areas, platformsUsage: Interior & exteriorSuitable for: Concrete, timber, brick, stone, metalSize: Available in a range of sizes or can be trimmed to size on siteFixings: Loose lay or fi x to provide an instant, corrosion resistant, impact resistant fl oorMaterial: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) Slip resistance: Low slip potential - Wet PTV 6525mmor 38mmType M Hold Down Clips:Designed to fix grating on support structure and prevent it from turning in all four directions.Type L Clips:Secures grating to support frames.Type C Clips:Connects two adjacentgrating bars.Optional FixingsWatco GRP Step Riser PlatesA smart, maintenance-free fi nish to steps and staircases. Will not rot, twist or warp. Maintenance free - no painting required. Quick and easy installation. Can be used to close open risersMain uses: Watco GRP Step Covers and Landing Covers allow you to cover step treads with an extremely durable slip resistant surface. Our new GRP Step Riser Plates fi nish the job to give vertical surfaces the same long lasting appearanceUsage: Interior & exteriorSuitable for: Concrete, timber, brick, stone, metalSize: 145mm high, available in a variety of widthsFixings: Bond into place using Watco Adhesive Mastic and secure with the step nosingMaterial: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) Colours: Black only 600mm 750mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm wide wide wide wide wide wide wide wideGRP Step Riser Plates: £13.40 £16.50 £17.70 £21.00 £24.20 £30.20 £40.40 £60.40Adhesive Mastic 310ml: £3.80Fits a standard mastic cartridge gun. As a guide, one 310ml cartridge will fix 4-5 linear metres of GRP Step Riser Plates.Extremely StrongGRP Step Riser PlateFor GRP Step Covers, see oppositeYellowGreyGreenBlackCut to size service available. Contact us for detailsEdge Ramp