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GrandBahamaBeautifulGrandBahamaisastateofmind,aswellasawarmandrestfulspotforavacation.Thereismorethansun,sandandseatoenjoy,althoughthereisplentyofthattoo.Equallyappealingisthefriendlylaid-backlifestyleofGrandBahamians,goodfood,greatentertainment,shoppingandalonglistofinterestingthingstoseeanddo.BARBARACHRISTOFILIS/©DUPUCHThe Canterbury TalesEver wondered what it would be like tostep back in time and experience thesights, sounds and smells of a bygoneera? At The Canterbury Tales, you cando just that. Return to medievalCanterbury and accompany GeoffreyChaucer and his colourful band of merrypilgrims on their magical journey fromLondon to the shrine of St ThomasBecket. Along the way their stories oflove, romance, jealousy and trickery arevividly recreated in this portrayal of lifeduring the 14th century.Tel: 01227 479 227Web: WestgateTowers and City Gaol CaféA visit to the Canterbury Westgate Towersand Victorian City Gaol is a 'must' forvisitors to Canterbury. With the best viewsof the Cathedral and city from thebattlements, the history of England's finestremaining medieval gatehouse is trulyfascinating. Linked by a high level bridgestands the former Victorian gaol, with morethan five centuries of history, the twobuildings have intriguing stories to tell. Thecontemporary City Gaol Café uses locallysourced produce with all meals freshlyprepared by the chef. Tel: 01227 789 576Web: www.canterburywestgatetowers.comEmail:info@canterburywestgatetowers.comCanterbury CastleThe ruins of a Norman Castle keep andwalls. It was one of the three originalroyal castles in Kent. The stone keepwas constructed in the reign of Henry Iand would have been over 80 feet high.From the late 12th century the keepwas used as a prison.Tel: 01227 862 191Web: HospitalEastbridge Hospital was foundedfollowing the murder of St ThomasBecket to provide accommodation forpoor pilgrims visiting his tomb. Thishospital with undercroft, two chapels and refectory also includes the early 13th century painting of Christ in Glory.Tel: 01227 471 688Web: MuseumDiscover Canterbury's history, from millionsof years ago to the present, exploredthrough interactive displays in an amazingmedieval building. Includes Anglo-Saxontreasures, Oliver Postgate's Thomas Becketstory, Tudors, Joseph Conrad's study,Stephenson's Invicta railway engine andthe real Bagpuss, Clangers and Pogles.Rupert Bear's creator Mary Tourtel wasborn in Canterbury. See how Rupertchanges over the years and follow hisadventures. Tel: 01227 475 202Web: MuseumJoin us for a journey back in time to RomanCanterbury. Canterbury's undergroundmuseum is built around remains of aRoman town house with mosaic floors,preserved where excavated. Amazing findsfrom everyday Roman life are displayed inreconstructions of a house and market.Exhibits include intricate glass, silver spoonhoard and rare cavalry horse harness.Explore Roman artefacts in the hands onarea and learn more about Roman Britainfrom our interactive guides. Tel: 01227 785 575 Web: Ghost TourAn entertaining blend of history,humour and haunting amongst the oldcity. As the shadows gather meet theghost hunter for a 75-minute tour ofthe spooky side of Canterbury. Discoverits lingering charm by night, safe in theknowledge that no harm will come toyou if you walk with him.Tel: 0845 5190 267Web: www.canterburyghosttour.comEmail:info@canterburyghosttour.comTel:07816 760 Historic River ToursThis multi-award winning tour providesa truly entertaining experience and isperfect for visitors of all ages. Startingfrom the Kings Bridge, by the OldWeavers House, you will discoverCanterbury from the unique perspectiveof the River Stour. Sit back and relax with the enjoyablehistoric commentary whilst you discoversome of Canterbury's finest and mostimportant architecture set againstoutstanding views of natural scenery.Tel: 07790 534 CompanyEscape the busy pavements and layback on the cushions as you meanderdown the river and see the city as younever could on foot. Listen to historicCanterbury's rich and fascinating storyas you sip champagne and viewmedieval buildings, enjoying the peaceand tranquillity of one of Canterbury'smost popular visitor attractions. Whynot also try one of our haunted rivertours, or romantic river tours for two.Tel: 07786 332 666Web: ToursEnjoy the only tour to combine afascinating 90-minute walk through thehistoric streets and around the Precincts ofthe world-famous Cathedral, all for £6.50or less. Tours are conducted byenthusiastic, knowledgeable andentertaining Green Badge Guides who canrespond personally to your questions andspecific interests. Regular tours departdaily from the Visitor Centre where ticketsare sold; pre-booking unnecessary. Pre-booked group tours at discounted rates areavailable all year in nine languages.Tel: 01227 459 779Web: Audio ToursTake Canterbury's number 1 rated Tour (asper Trip Advisor October 2011). Explore Canterbury's sites with a selfguided audio tour of this historic city whichyou can take at your own pace and in yourown time with a 24 hour ticket. The Tourtakes you past 20 landmarks and points ofinterest. Visit the hidden gems oftenmissed as well as all the favouriteattractions. The audio tour ticket includesdiscounts to five of the City's attractionsand is available in eight languages. Theperfect tour of the city for all weathers.Tel: 01227 767 543Web: Navigation CompanyEnjoy a relaxing river punt trip withcheerful qualified boatmen. Punts seatup to six people and depart fromWestgate Bridge. Meander throughtranquil gardens and countryside withan abundance of wildlife. Historic CityTrips are also available allowing you todiscover Canterbury's history andchanging skyline.