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Canterbury CathedralCanterbury Cathedral has a tradition ofvisitor welcome that reaches back to thedays of medieval pilgrimages. Foundedin 597AD, it is the Mother Church of theworldwide Anglican Communion and siteof Archbishop Thomas Becket'smartyrdom. The cathedral houses aRomanesque Crypt, 12th century Quireand 14th century Nave. Stunningmedieval stained glass windows depictmiracles and royal connections. Facilitiesrange from guided tours to first classaccommodation and group hospitality.Tel: 01227 762 862Web: www.canterbury-cathedral.orgEmail: visits@canterbury-cathedral.orgSt Augustine's AbbeyThis great abbey was founded shortlyafter 597AD by St Augustine andmarked the rebirth of Christianity insouthern England. Originally created asa burial place for the Anglo-Saxon kingsof Kent, it is part of the CanterburyWorld Heritage Site. At this impressiveabbey you can also enjoy the museumand free audio tour.Tel:01227 767 Martin's ChurchEngland's oldest Parish Church is stillregularly used for Christian worship as ithas been for over 1,400 years. It washere that St Augustine worshipped in597AD with his 40 companions untilKing Ethelbert granted him the land forthe abbey and the cathedral which, withSt Martin's, now form the CanterburyWorld Heritage Site.Tel: 01227 768 072Web: 471 688Web: ChapelGreyfriars is a 13th century buildingspanning the River Stour. It is theoldest Franciscan building in Britain andis the sole remains of the GreyfriarsFriary, the chapel and house of the firstFranciscan settlement in Britain.Canterbury

GrandBahamaBeautifulGrandBahamaisastateofmind,aswellasawarmandrestfulspotforavacation.Thereismorethansun,sandandseatoenjoy,althoughthereisplentyofthattoo.Equallyappealingisthefriendlylaid-backlifestyleofGrandBahamians,goodfood,greatentertainment,shoppingandalonglistofinterestingthingstoseeanddo.BARBARACHRISTOFILIS/©DUPUCHThe Canterbury TalesEver wondered what it would be like tostep back in time and experience thesights, sounds and smells of a bygoneera? At The Canterbury Tales, you cando just that. Return to medievalCanterbury and accompany GeoffreyChaucer and his colourful band of merrypilgrims on their magical journey fromLondon to the shrine of St ThomasBecket. Along the way their stories oflove, romance, jealousy and trickery arevividly recreated in this portrayal of lifeduring the 14th century.Tel: 01227 479 227Web: WestgateTowers and City Gaol CaféA visit to the Canterbury Westgate Towersand Victorian City Gaol is a 'must' forvisitors to Canterbury. With the best viewsof the Cathedral and city from thebattlements, the history of England's finestremaining medieval gatehouse is trulyfascinating. Linked by a high level bridgestands the former Victorian gaol, with morethan five centuries of history, the twobuildings have intriguing stories to tell. Thecontemporary City Gaol Café uses locallysourced produce with all meals freshlyprepared by the chef. Tel: 01227 789 576Web: www.canterburywestgatetowers.comEmail:info@canterburywestgatetowers.comCanterbury CastleThe ruins of a Norman Castle keep andwalls. It was one of the three originalroyal castles in Kent. The stone keepwas constructed in the reign of Henry Iand would have been over 80 feet high.From the late 12th century the keepwas used as a prison.Tel: 01227 862 191Web: HospitalEastbridge Hospital was foundedfollowing the murder of St ThomasBecket to provide accommodation forpoor pilgrims visiting his tomb. Thishospital with undercroft, two chapels and refectory also includes the early 13th century painting of Christ in Glory.Tel: 01227 471 688Web: MuseumDiscover Canterbury's history, from millionsof years ago to the present, exploredthrough interactive displays in an amazingmedieval building. Includes Anglo-Saxontreasures, Oliver Postgate's Thomas Becketstory, Tudors, Joseph Conrad's study,Stephenson's Invicta railway engine andthe real Bagpuss, Clangers and Pogles.Rupert Bear's creator Mary Tourtel wasborn in Canterbury. See how Rupertchanges over the years and follow hisadventures. Tel: 01227 475 202Web: MuseumJoin us for a journey back in time to RomanCanterbury. Canterbury's undergroundmuseum is built around remains of aRoman town house with mosaic floors,preserved where excavated. Amazing findsfrom everyday Roman life are displayed inreconstructions of a house and market.Exhibits include intricate glass, silver spoonhoard and rare cavalry horse harness.Explore Roman artefacts in the hands onarea and learn more about Roman Britainfrom our interactive guides. Tel: 01227 785 575 Web: