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page 52 & DrinkWhatever your taste, you'll find a mouth watering selection of food and drink in the Canterbury district. Enjoy Michelin star restaurants, rustic pubs, wine bars, tea rooms and a huge variety of cafés.'s restaurants reflect itscosmopolitan nature with a diverserange of offerings from all over theworld. Choose from Moroccan, Italian,Chinese, French and many more. Forthose looking for something a littlemore traditional, why not enjoy fishand chips on the beach in thecharming seaside towns of Herne Bay or Whitstable?Famous for its oysters, the quaint townof Whitstable boasts a wide choice ofrestaurants where you can sample thedelicacy in a variety of imaginativeways. Many Whitstable restaurants uselocally-grown or reared producedelivering the best that Kent has tooffer. Alternatively, sit back, relax andwatch the world go by whilst enjoying atraditional cup of English tea in one ofthe district's many cafés or tea shops.ShoppingFor those with a yearning for retail,Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bayhave it all. Canterbury's Whitefriarsbrings you the best in fashion andlifestyle brands, Whitstable shopperscan delight in the town's independentgift shops and Herne Bay has shops tosuit all tastes and budgets.Planning a visit to one of the district'sfabulous beaches? Herne Bay is also agreat place to buy buckets, spades andtowels. In the famous seaside town ofWhitstable, a large number of shopsare independently owned and shopperscan delight in the town's Bohemiancharm. Don't miss Harbour Street withits art galleries, boutiques, gift shopsand plenty of family-owned businesseswith individual style. As well as offering high street namesand big fashion brands, Canterbury isalso home to a delightful selection ofindependent retailers offering theunique and inspiring. Canterbury'sKings Mile has an atmosphere all of itsown, while the St Dunstan's, West Gateand Northgate areas have a great rangeof specialist and individual outlets.