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Metro Hotels are found in city/town centres,offering full hotel services, but no dinner.Will be within easy walking distance of arange of places to eat.Budget Hotelsare part of a chain of brandedhotels offering clean and comfortable ensuite facilities, 24 hour reservations and aconsistent level of facilities. They are notawarded a star rating. Hotels have to provide certain additionalfacilities and services at the higher starlevels. These include: Dinner served five nights a week. Dinner available every night of theweekAll bedrooms en suite (i.e. noprivate bathrooms)Room service availablePermanently staffed reception.24-hour room service50% of all en suites with bath andshower.Some permanent luxury suitesEnhanced services such asconcierge.Of course, many lower star-rated hotels mayoffer some of the above, but just do notmeet all of the expectations for the higherstar ratings. Sometimes a hotel hasexceptional bedrooms and bathrooms andoffers its guests a very special welcome, butcannot achieve a higher star rating because,for example, it does not offer dinner everyevening (two star), room service (three star)or does not have the minimum 50% ofbathrooms with bath andshower (four star).Guest Accommodation categories:Guest Accommodationproperties are likely tobe smaller than hotels with perhaps more ofa family home-feel approach and a lessstructured service.Bed and Breakfasts generally accommodateno more than six people. It's like staying asa special guest in someone's home.Farmhouses offer bed and breakfast andsometimes dinner, always on a farm.Guest Houses tend to have more than threerooms and may offer dinner to their guests.Some may be licensed. Restaurants with Rooms are just that. Therestaurant is the main business and theywill be licensed. They generally offer a smallnumber of bedrooms with all the facilitiesyou would expect and breakfast.Innsare pubs with rooms which serve foodin the evenings, as well as breakfast.Sometimes access to guest accommodationmay be restricted during the day, but youwill be advised on booking. Guest accommodation tends to bepersonally run by the owners.Guest accommodation owners have to providecertain additional facilities and services at thehigher star levels. These include:Bathroom/shower rooms cannot be shared with the owners.If bedroom not en suite, then wash basin in the bedroomAt least 50% of bedrooms en suite or private bathroomAll bedrooms en suite or private bathroomSometimes a bed and breakfast or guesthouse has exceptional bedrooms andbathrooms and offers guests a very specialwelcome, but cannot achieve a higher starrating because, for example, they do nothave any en suite bedrooms, nor can theyeasily put wash basins in the bedrooms(three stars). This is sometimes the casewith period properties. They might not havethe minimum 50% of bathrooms with bathand shower (four star). Of course, you will find accommodation with100% en suite bedrooms at all the starratings, so refer to the descriptions in thisguide to help you make your choice.For self-catering accommodation, the layoutand design of the accommodationand the range and quality of thekitchen equipment is assessed, aswell as the quality and comfort ofthe bedrooms and bathrooms and mostimportantly, the cleanliness.CampusEnjoy England's campus schemecovers the universities and collegesthat are able to accommodatevisitors during the vacation periodson a bed and breakfast basis. Generally therooms are en suite and there will be plentyof single rooms, so large groups will notpresent a problem. Campus accommodationis star-rated one to five, reflecting thequality of the accommodation. HostelsHostels provide safe, budget-pricedaccommodation for young people,families and larger groups and arestar-rated. Higher ratedaccommodation often provides en suiterooms.Holiday, touring and camping parks and holiday villages: Enjoy England awards star ratingsreflecting the overall quality of thepark from one to five stars - fivestars being reserved for parks ofexceptional quality.If you choose to stay in any of EnjoyEngland's quality-assessed accommodation,you can be confident that it has beenchecked out before you check in. For moreinformation on the Enjoy England QualityRose assessment schemes and the starratings, go to*VisitBritain is the national tourism agency, marketingBritain worldwide and England in Britain, France,Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. Quality is a majorelement of VisitBritain's strategy to improve tourismproducts and services and the standard of welcome visitorsreceive. VisitBritain assesses more than 23,000accommodation businesses across nine different EnjoyEngland schemes. These assessments are provided byQuality in Tourism on VisitBritain's behalf. All the accommodation featured in this guidehas been quality assessed by eitherVisitBritain* or the AA, or has recentlyapplied for a rating and is awaitingassessment. Please be aware that ratingsmay change throughout the year.To confirm a rating please visitwww.enjoyEngland.comor telephoneVisitBritain on 0208 563 3309or email:feedback@visitbritain.orgFor AA ratings, visit www.theAA.comortelephone: 01256 844455or email:customer.service@theAA.comAll the national assessing bodies(VisitBritain*, VisitScotland, Visit Wales andthe AA) now assess hotels and guestaccommodation (including B&Bs) to thesame criteria and award one to five stars.The star ratings reflect the overall quality ofthe experience. The Enjoy England professional assessorsvisit every year, carrying out a routine dayvisit or an overnight stay in the case ofserviced accommodation. On theseoccasions, they book in as you would, as anormal guest and test all the facilities andservices. A quality score is awarded for everyaspect of the experience including thecomfort of the bed, the quality of thebreakfast and dinner and, most importantly,the cleanliness. They also score the warmthof welcome. Places that 'go the extra mile' to make yourstay a special one, will be awarded a highstar rating and hotels and guestaccommodation may achieve a Gold or Silveraward.For self-cateringaccommodation, the layoutand design of theaccommodation and the range and quality ofthe kitchen equipment is assessed, as wellas the quality and comfort of the bedroomsand bathrooms and most importantly, thecleanliness. Higher star-rated accommodation tends tohave more spacious bedrooms andbathrooms, and in hotels a higher staff toguest ratio, so service should be veryattentive. At five star, you can really expectto be pampered in luxurious surroundings!For serviced accommodation, there are twoseparate schemes - one for hotels and one forguest accommodation.Hotel Categories:Hotelshave a minimum of five bedrooms, butmore likely to have 20+ rooms.Small hotels have a maximum of 20 bedrooms andwill be personally run by theproprietor.Country House Hotelshaveample grounds or gardens, ina rural or semi-rural location, with emphasison peace and quiet. Town House Hotelsare in a city/town centrelocation and are of high quality with adistinctive style. High ratio of staff to guests.Possibly no dinner served but room serviceavailableNever has quality meant so muchFor Enjoy England ratings:For AA ratings:Quality in Tourism1 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HEfeedback@visitbritain.orgThe AA, 15th Floor Fanum HouseBasing View, Basingstoke, RG21 45AccessibilityInformationCanterbury Visitor Centre offers a freeadvice pamphlet for disabled visitorsand can also assist on suitablerestaurants, shops and hotels. Tel:+44 (0) 1227 378 to Canterbury can use the'shopmobility' scheme based at GravelWalk in Whitefriars. The schemeprovides manual and powered scootersand wheelchairs on an hourly, daily orweekly basis and is available Monday toFriday 10am to 4pm, (including bankholidays), Saturday 9.30am to 4pm. Tel:+44 (0) 1227 459 scheme is also available in HerneBay where the 'shopmobility' centre atChrist Church South Room, WilliamStreet opens Tuesdays, Thursdays andFridays 10am to 4pm (excluding bankholidays). Tel: +44 (0) 1227 372 487Email: hbshopmobility@gmail.comFurther InformationFurther holiday information and advicefor people with disabilities planning atrip to Canterbury, Whitstable or HerneBay is available by contacting AccessibilityDIAL Kent at 9a Gorrell Road,Whitstable, Tel: +44 (0) 1227 771 155Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.Email: by loggingonto Canterbury from the dropdown menu.National Accessible SchemeWe will assist you to selectaccommodation suitable to your needs.Accommodation providers can join andbe assessed through the schemes tohelp them provide a more accessibleenvironment for guests who may beless mobile and to improve the qualityof their stay. Accommodation thatdisplays one or more of the signsshown below are committed toaccessibility. When you see one of thesymbols, you can be sure that theaccommodation has been thoroughlyassessed against demanding criteria.For further information on the schemeplease visit 1- Typically suitable fora person with sufficient mobilityto climb a flight of steps but wouldbenefit from fixtures and fittings to aidbalance.Level 2- Typically suitable for aperson with restricted walkingability and for those who may occasionallyneed to use a wheelchair and cannegotiate a maximum of three steps.Level 3 - Typically suitable for aperson who depends on the useof a wheelchair and transfersunaided to and from a wheelchair in aseated position. This person may be anindependent traveller.Level 4- Typically suitable for aperson who depends on the useof a wheelchair and transfersfrom and to the wheelchair in a seatedposition. This person also requirespersonal or mechanical assistance toaid transfer (for example carer/hoist).VisualLevel 1 - Typically provides keyadditional services and facilitiesto meet the needs of visuallyimpaired guests.Level 2- Typically provides a higherlevel of services and facilities tomeet the needs of visuallyimpaired guests.HearingLevel 1- Typically provides keyadditional services and facilitiesto meet the needs of guests witha hearing impairment.Level 2- Typically provides a higherlevel of additional services andfacilities to meet the needs ofguests with a hearing impairment.If you have additional needs or specialrequirements of any kind, we stronglyrecommend that you make sure yourchosen establishment can meet thesebefore you confirm your booking.