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VoluntaryCentre and UmbrellaCentreCC= Cash 29WhitstableA1234567891011BCDEFGHIJKLMN© Canterbury City CouncilCopying this map without permission is strictly forbidden

How to bookPlease have the following details to handbefore you start to make your booking:Your dates of arrival and departure The number of people in yourparty including the age of anychildren The number and type of rooms you need Any meal arrangements required Any special features that you, or amember of your party, may need.You can book easily you book your holiday you areentering into a legally bindingcontract. We strongly advise you totake out adequate insurance protectionagainst the risk of cancellation againstyour holiday plus theft, sickness oraccident whilst away. DetailsCancelled BookingsWe advise you to seek independentlegal advice if there is a disputeregarding a cancelled booking.However, the following terms applywhether you inform the hotel of yourcancellation, or simply fail to arrive onthe expected day.Your accommodation booking amounts toa contract between you and theproprietor. This contract can only bealtered by mutual agreement whether thebooking was made in writing or not.The establishment is entitled tocompensation for its losses if there is nomutual agreement to the cancellation. The proprietor must take all reasonablesteps to re-let the accommodation butcan claim for loss of revenue andexpensessuch as advertising andtelephone calls incurred in trying to re-let.ComplaintsPlease talk to the owner or manager ifyou are unhappy with youraccommodation to give them anopportunity to fix the problem duringyour stay.If the problem is not resolved,please write to:Caroline Cooper, Visitor Economy ManagerCanterbury City CouncilMilitary RoadCanterbury, Kent CT1 will need to give us permissionto pursue the complaint on yourbehalf when you write to us. In mostcases your complaint will be forwardedto the relevant inspection schemeoperator (Visit Britain or AA) forinvestigation. We will write to you toconfirm that this has been done. Thelocal authorities in the Canterburyarea cannot intervene or arbitrate incontractual disputes betweenaccommodation providers and