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Workshops and CoursesDownland CyclesDownland Cycles has a worldwidereputation for the high quality bikemaintenance courses they provide forboth road and mountain bikes. Fromthe novice to the serious competitiverider and from volunteers to people inthe trade, we have a range of City andGuilds mechanic courses and park toolmaintenance courses to suit all.Beginners and all abilities are cateredfor in our fully equipped teachingworkshop.Tel: 01227 479 643Web: MarshesKent Enterprise Trust Workshops Offering a variety of environmentalworkshops for all abilities. Learn how tobuild a stile, keep bees, manage grasslandusing the ancient method of scything ormake your own bamboo fishing rod andlearn how to fish. If you think you couldbe the next Ray Mears then our Bush craftand fire lighting workshops could be justthe thing for you. All activities are led byprofessionals trained to work withchildren and adults with or withoutdisabilities.Tel: 01227 844 500Web: Golf ClubShort Game Clinics are available everyThursday morning and Beginner Golflessons every Saturday morning.Junior 'roll-up' sessions are availableevery Sunday.Tel: 01227 462 865Web: 19

The GulbenkianKing's HallLocated on the Canterbury campus ofthe University of Kent, the Gulbenkianis open to everyone. The theatrepresents comedy, drama, dance andmusic events. The cinema screensblockbusters, independent and foreignlanguage movies. The lively café barserves up the best food and coffee oncampus. Tel: 01227 769 075Web: TheatreThe Playhouse Theatre is situated in theheart of Whitstable and is owned andoperated by the Lindley Players. As wellas being the venue for all of the LindleyPlayers productions the theatre is usedby many local groups, musicians andacts, both amateur and professional. Box office open 10-12 am Monday to Saturday.Tel: 01227 272 042Web: King's Hall hosts an extensiverange of events and shows throughoutthe year; there's something foreveryone. There is also a communityarts gallery which hosts a wide range ofdisplays throughout the year and a caféproviding refreshments and lightsnacks. The King's Hall is ofarchitectural interest with its originalEdwardian features and idyllic seafrontviews.Tel: 01227 374 188Web: www.kingshalltheatre.comThe Marlowe Marlowe Theatre is an astonishingnew theatre, bringing you the best ofeverything. From touring West Endmusicals, to world-class opera and fromcritically acclaimed drama to the beststand up comics in the country - TheMarlowe Theatre has something foreveryone. As well as a 1200 seat mainauditorium, the new 150 seat MarloweStudio offers experiences that willentertain and inspire, with a range ofcomedy nights, music gigs andappearances from the world's mostinnovative theatre companies.Tel: 01227 787 787Web: www.marlowetheatre.comArts and Culture