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Iguassu Falls, Brazil and ArgentinaBest of South AmericaSightseeing Highlights. Rio de Janeiro Discover the city's main sights; enjoy a cogwheel train ride up Corcovado Mountain to see the famous Christ the Redeemer statue; ride a cable car up to Sugarloaf Mountain for  awe-inspiring views; experience a Samba Show extravaganza. . Iguassu Explore the falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinean side; ride the Ecological Jungle Train. . Buenos Aires Discover the "Paris of South America's" main sights; visit the Evita Museum and the Recoleta Cemetery; enjoy a captivating tango show.  . Santiago Get acquainted with the city on a city tour; visit the San Francisco Church and Monastery; travel to Chile's wine country  to visit a local winery; delight in a Chilean folklore show.  . J Audio Headsets For all guided visits and included sightseeing.Insider Highlights. G Hidden Treasures Enjoy at least one surprise Hidden Treasure experience, unique to your itinerary, courtesy of your expert  Travel Director.. B Be My Guest Join a family in Buenos Aires in their beautiful home and learn the secrets of making delicious empanadas. Then, discover Argentina's acclaimed wines.. 5 Local Expert Discuss the unique traits that define Argentina and the Argentines during a private lecture; experience the wine-making process with an expert winemaker in Chile's wine country.. I Local Specialty Learn how to mix the perfect Caipirinha; find out about Brazilian gemstones and watch them transformed into beautiful jewellery; learn how the finest Argentine leathers are crafted into fine designs at a leather workshop.Dining Highlights. Welcome Reception with your Travel Director in Rio de Janeiro.  . 12 full breakfasts. . 2 three-course or buffet dinners. . 2 Highlight Lunches in Iguassu and Santiago. . 2 Highlight Dinners with wine and shows in Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. . Be My Guest Dinner with wine in Buenos Aires. . Farewell Dinner with wine and show in Santiago.First Class Highlights. Includes all First Class features - please refer to page 63.. D A Trafalgar bonus - all Intra-Air Flights: Rio to Iguassu, Iguassu to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to Santiago, including porter service at all airports.. A Trafalgar bonus - guaranteed late hotel check-out until 6 p.m. in Santiago on Day 13.. Qualified local guides in Iguassu, Buenos Aires and Santiago.. L Souvenir Photo Capture treasured memories of your tripwith a complimentary group photo taken at a landmark location.EXTEND YOUR HOLIDAY4 DAYS BRAZILIAN AMAZON Please visit our website for more information.DAY 1 ARRIVE RIO DE JANEIRO (4 NIGHTS) Bemvindo ao Rio de Janeiro! You will arrive and be met at the airport by a local representative and taken to your luxurious oceanfront hotel where your room is available for immediate occupancy. Enjoy your hotel's superb location overlooking Copacabana Beach, minutes from downtown Rio. Hotel: Rio Othon Palace (MD) DAY 2 RIO DE JANEIRO FREE TIME & SIGHTSEEING EEnjoy a leisurely morning before joining your Travel Director for an exploration of the cidade maravilhosa (marvellous city) and its many contrasts, from the 18th century aqueduct and colonial Candelaria Church to the 20th century opera house, Sambodromo, and city Cathedral. Stretch your legs in lovely Flamengo Park before ascending Sugarloaf Mountain via cable car for astounding views over the city and the bay. This evening, enjoy a festive Welcome Reception at the hotel with your Travel Director and fellow travellers. (FB)O68Copacabana Beach - Rio de Janeiro, BrazilPrivate Door to Door Airport TransfersTrafalgar includes complimentary private UK airport transfers when you book flights with your trip. See page 215 for full details.Beaver Architectural Ironmongery Ltd9:21AccessoriesAccessories for access control systems.9.DL8Surface door loop, 400mm. Stainless steel. Heavy duty. To suit max 8mm diameter cable.9.KSB4Combined white sounder/blue strobe 9-30V DC.9.1076CH-NChangeover contact switch. 19mm, for mortice steel door. White.9.EKA/US32DAlternate keyswitch. Single gang stainless Euro profile SPDT. Flush and surface box 85x85mm.9.DL8/700Surface door loop, 700mm. Stainless steel. Heavy duty. To suit max 11mm diameter cable.9.BG2/RESET/GRNResettable surface mount green break glass unit.9.TM1Adjustable timer module 4-24 sec/min. DPDT timed contacts rated 8A @ 24V DC.9.EKM/IP/US32DMomentary keyswitch. As EKM/US32D plus IP68 rated.9.CFD8810Concealed door loop. Stainless steel. To suit max 8mm diameter cable. Dims (mm): 290 L x 27 W x 18 D.9.BG2/IPResettable IP66 rated surface mount green break glass unit.9.TIMTimed interlock module control board. Req 1/door. 12/24V DC input. DPDT volt free adj. timed relay output.9.EKM/LED/US32DMomentary keyswitch. As EKM/US32D plus bi-colour LED indication. 9.CFD8810LConcealed door loop. Stainless steel. To suit max 10mm diameter cable. Dims (mm): 520 L x 30 W x 21 D.9.EKM/US32DMomentary keyswitch. Single gang stainless Euro profile SPDT. Flush and surface box 85x85mm.9.KSB3Variable tone chime/sounder 9-30V DC.

SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA : AT LEISURE69Samba Show Dancer - Rio de Janeiro, BrazilDAY 3 RIO DE JANEIRO SIGHTSEEING & AT LEISURE I F Board a classic cogwheel train for the journey to the summit of majestic Corcovado, site of the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. After admiring the panoramic views, head back down the mountain and see the song-inspiring Copacabana and Ipanema beaches on your way back to your hotel. Spend the afternoon as you please. This evening, learn how to mix the perfect Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail made with cachaça, and indulge in a traditional barbeque Highlight Dinner at a local churrascaria. Feel the spirit of Rio's world-famous Carnival as you're treated to a lively extravaganza of Samba song-and-dance. (FB HD) DAY 4 RIO DE JANEIRO AT LEISURE Enjoy a full day to explore the wonders of Rio on your own. Or you can choose from an exciting selection of optional outings: perhaps embark on a half-day journey by jeep and foot into the lush Tijuca National Park, the world's largest urban rainforest; explore Petropolis, the Imperial City of Brazil; or cruise the emerald waters of Sepetiba Bay with a stop at an idyllic island for a tropical lunch and swimming. Your Travel Director will be happy to help you plan your day. (FB) DAY 5 RIO DE JANEIRO - IGUASSU FALLS (2 NIGHTS) I D Brazil is world renowned for its vast array of gemstones. This morning, you'll learn and watch the fascinating creative process as precious metals and rough gemstones are transformed into works of art, design and luxury. Then take a flight to magnificent Iguassu Falls, straddling the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iguassu National Park boasts one of the world's largest and most impressive waterfalls and is home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. This evening, enjoy a convivial dinner with your travel companions at the hotel. (FB D) Hotel: Mabu Thermas & Resort (F) DAY 6 IGUASSU FALLS SIGHTSEEING & AT LEISURE F Enter Iguassu National Park and spend the morning exploring the Brazilian side of the cascades with a local guide, including a scenic walk through the rainforest at the base of the falls. After enjoying a Highlight Lunch at a local restaurant with a view of the falls, return to your hotel for an afternoon at leisure. Perhaps enjoy the hotel's thermal pools fed by the planet's biggest thermal water spring; visit the Parque das Aves - a tropical bird preserve that's home to more than 500 species of Brazilian birds; or if you prefer, embark upon an optional excursion into the lush Macuco rainforest where you get acquainted with the flora and fauna of the jungle and then cruise the river to see the falls from below. (FB HL) E Welcome Reception F Highlight Lunch/Dinner/Farewell Dinner (HL/HD/FD) B Be My Guest Dining (BG) H Wine Tasting I Local Speciality 5 Local Expert D Included Intra-Air Flight FB = Full Breakfast CB = Continental Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner 13 Days from £2650 per person twin share Ref: LBSAArrives Rio de Janeiro Departs SantiagoLand & Intra-AirSingle Supp.Arrives Rio de Janeiro Departs SantiagoLand & Intra-AirSingle Supp.2012Fri5 OctWed17 Oct26501115Fri13 JanWed25 Jan26501115Fri19 OctWed31 Oct26501115Fri27 JanWed8 Feb26501115Fri2 NovWed14 Nov26501115*Fri24 FebWed7 Mar26951115Fri9 NovWed21 Nov26501115Fri16 NovWed28 Nov26501115Fri9 MarWed21 Mar26501115Fri23 MarWed4 Apr26501115Fri14 DecWed26 Dec26501115Fri21 DecWed2 Jan26501115Fri6 AprWed18 Apr276511152013Fri20 AprWed2 May26501115Fri11 JanWed23 Jan27951115Fri18 JanWed30 Jan27951115Fri4 MayWed16 May26501115Fri15 FebWed27 Feb27951115Fri1 JunWed13 Jun26501115Fri22 FebWed6 Mar27951115Fri29 JunWed11 Jul26501115Fri1 MarWed13 Mar27951115Fri13 JulWed25 Jul26501115Fri15 MarWed27 Mar27951115Fri29 MarWed10 Apr27951115Fri10 AugWed22 Aug26501115Fri5 AprWed17 Apr27951115Fri21 SepWed3 Oct26501115Fri19 AprWed1 May27951115Above prices are per person, twin share.Triple room reduction £135Early Payment Discount 12 months £230 10 months £170 6 months £1152nd Trip Discount£115 Family & Friends Discount (5-8) £115 Frequent Traveller Discount £115 Young Traveller Discount (5-17) £230* This departure operates during the Rio Carnival Winners Parade on Feb 25, 2012 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., showcasing the 2012 samba school winner and the five runner-ups. Grandstand tickets are available at an additional cost and must be pre-purchased well in advance. Please call your Travel Agent or Trafalgar, or visit For further details on Trafalgar's great savings and discounts, please see pages 18-19. Land & Intra-Air prices include economy air and air-related charges for flights between Rio de Janeiro-Iguassu, Iguassu-Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires-Santiago and require purchase of round-trip air travel on a oneworld® alliance member airline between your United Kingdom gateway city and the trip's start and end gateway cities. If flying with another airline between your United Kingdom gateway city and the trip's start and end gateway cities, the above prices will be higher. Prices are accurate as of June 30, 2011. For up-to-date information, please visit International airfare between your United Kingdom gateway and the trip is additional; please call your Travel Agent or Trafalgar for special airfares originating in the United Kingdom.For information on additional hotel nights before and/or after your holiday and airport transfers, please see page 214. For optional extensions available for purchase in conjunction with this holiday, please visit our website. 2013 dates are subject to price and itinerary changes. Final details will be confirmed July 2012. BRAZILBOLIVIAPARAGUAYURUGUAYARGENTINAPERUCHILEBUENOS AIRESIGUASSU FALLSRIO DE JANEIROSANTIAGOEASTER ISLAND4-Day OptionalExtensionBRAZILIAN AMAZONAMAZONMANAUS4-Day Optional ExtensionIncluded Intra-AirOptional Air ExtensionPacificOceanAtlanticOcean Overnight staysDuration: 13 DaysPace: LeisurelyS9:22Beaver Architectural Ironmongery LtdAccessoriesPower supplies. Regulated, boxed, with battery leads. CE rated.Item No.Description9.PSU12/1Power supply. Input 220-240V AC. Output 13.8V DC @ 1 amp.9.PSU12/2Power supply. Input 220-240V AC. Output 13.8V DC @ 2 amp.9.PSU12/3Power supply. Input 220-240V AC. Output 13.8V DC @ 3 amp.9.PSU12/5Power supply. Input 220-240V AC. Output 13.8V DC @ 5 amp.9.BATTERY/7AHBattery back-up for PSU. 12V DC 7A per hour.9.RELAY/FIREInterface relay to allow connection of PSU to fire alarm system. 12/24V DC SPDT output.