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Beaver Architectural Ironmongery Ltd9:3Technical NotesAC (Alternating Current)Term which refers to the voltage from a transformer or mains supply.AmpMeasurement for the flow rate of electrical current for an electrical device. Smaller amounts below 1 amp are quoted in milliamps (mA).ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute. Ensures mortice electric release dimensions for faceplate and side lip are the same for every version.Anti Tamper ScrewScrew which has a non-standard head (for example Hex or Torx drive head).Back EMFElectrical surge which is produced from the coil of an electric release or electromagnetic lock. Can cause an access control system to crash.Battery BackupRechargeable battery which fits into a DC power supply (PSU) to provide power for a limited period during a power failure.CurrentElectricity flows in two ways; either in alternating current or AC or in direct current or DC. Typically AC would be used at home to power your oven or toaster, whereas DC normally incorporates a power supply to step down the voltage and convert mains AC to DC.Current DrawAmount of electrical current which is required to operate an electronic locking device or system. Usually measured in amps or milliamps.DC (Direct Current)Term which refers to the voltage from a power supply unit (PSU).Dual VoltageCan be set to work on two different voltages, for example 12 V or 24 V.Fail Locked / Fail SecureMeans an electric locking device will remain locked in a power failure.Fail Unlocked / Fail SafeMeans an electric locking device wil be unlocked in a power failure. By default electronic magnets fail unlocked.Hall Effect MonitoringRelay circuit which indicates correct alignment of the armature plate on an electromagnetic lock.Holding ForceAmount of pressure which can be applied to an electric locking device before it will release/unlock. Usually shown in kilograms (kg).MaintainedTerm used for switches - means the switch will remain in either the On or Off position when operated. Also known asalternate switches.MomentaryTerm used for switches - means the switch will change from On to Off only while the switch is pressed/turned.MonitoredShows the status of an electric locking device by signalling to an access control system or indication panel that the device is locked or unlocked.SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw)Term used for switches - means the switch can be on in both positions switching on a separate device in each case. Also known as changeover switches.VoltageMeasurement of the energy available to drive the flow of electrical current.Terminology

GREECEMirtoanSeaAegeanSeaATHENSPIRAEUSHigh-speedExpress FerryHigh-speedExpress FerryMYKONOSSANTORINIHigh-speedExpress Ferry3312 Overnight staysSingle room supplement 1 Jul'12 - 30 Aug'12 Other departures C$840 C$710Triple room reduction1 Jun'12 - 29 Sep'12 Other departuresC$130 C$602nd trip discountSAVE up to C$102 p.p.Young traveler discountC$190Please note: Guaranteed room share is not available on this trip.Please note: On occasion there may be the possibility of a slight alteration in the itinerary due to the sailing conditions on the Aegean Sea, ferry schedules, religious holidays or any other unforeseen circumstances.Free airport transfers: Transfers will be provided for guests who have advised Trafalgar of their flight details.D *Air Trafalgar guarantees to quote you the lowest possible airfare available on the day that you book. Please note that airfares are not included in the prices above. See page 13 for full details.For Trafalgar's other great savings, air details and extra night accommodation please see pages 12-13 and 80.53PACE: LEISURELY . COUNTRIES VISITED: 1with dazzling pink and purple blossoms. Dinner is included tonight. Afterwards you might like to experience the island's vibrant nightlife. (BB D) Hotel: Kamari/Venoulas Garden (ST) DAY 5 TO DAY 6 MYKONOS - FREE TIME You have two days to experience the delights of Mykonos. Around 9,000 people inhabit this rugged mass of granite. One of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece, Mykonos is known for its beaches and diverse nightlife but manages to retain a strong indigenous identity despite its popularity. If you want to see the quieter side of the island, explore narrow winding alleys full of tempting boutiques in the labyrinthine old town. Wander round Little Venice on the east side of the harbour or consider a sightseeing excursion to the nearby sacred island of Delos, a charming island and the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Visit the Archaeological Museum or Aegean Maritime Museum displaying ancient and nautical artifacts relating to the island's seafaring heritage. Enjoy cocktails at a waterfront restaurant and don't miss the opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the sparkling sea. (BB/BB) DAY 7 MYKONOS - SANTORINI (3 NIGHTS) Your vacation continues with a short ferry ride south across the Aegean to the beautiful island of Santorini, your home for the next three nights. You are met at the port and transferred to your hotel where you will be given an orientation tour and useful information. After check-in, explore Santorini, also known as Thera, which is comprised of a small circular archipelago of volcanic islands and is all that remains after one of the world's largest volcanic eruptions. This created a caldera whose multicolored walls are spectacular and it's the islands physical beauty that, along with a dynamic nightlife, makes it one of Europe's most desirable destinations. This evening join your fellow travelers for an included dinner. (BB D) Hotel: Philippion/Astir Thira (ST) DAY 8 TO DAY 9 SANTORINI - FREE TIME There are plenty of things to do in Santorini and you have two full days to enjoy this picturesque island. Relax in clifftop restaurants and laze on sunsoaked beaches. Consider a cruise to explore the volcano and swim in the hot springs. Discover one of the Aegean's most important prehistoric settlements at Akrotiri dating back to the late-Neolithic era. Visit the island's museums or take a tour of a traditional winery and sample the grape variety unique to Santorini. And don't miss the sunsets for which the island is justifiably famous. They are spectacular from anywhere on the caldera but particularly from Oia on the northern tip of the island, which offers an uninterrupted view of the sun as it sinks below the horizon. Santorini has an abundance of dining establishments to suit all tastes where you can dine on a full range of international cuisine including Greek specialties. (BB/BB) DAY 10 SANTORINI - ATHENS Today take the high-speed ferry back to Athens for the final night of your trip. On arrival at the port of Piraeus, you are transferred to your Athens hotel. There is time this afternoon for you to do some last minute sightseeing, shop for souvenirs or simply relax and reflect on your amazing journey. This evening you might like to join your traveling companions for a celebration dinner - there are plenty of restaurants, tavernas and open air cafés in the colorful Plaka area with street musicians playing traditional Greek music. (BB) Hotel: Zafolia (MF) DAY 11 ATHENS - CANADA DThis morning after breakfast, say farewell to Greece and your newfound friends at the end of a magical vacation. Airport transfers available. Conditions apply. (BB)Please note: Due to weather conditions, calls at the ports of Mykonos and Santorini may need to be altered. Visit for all definite departures and up-to-date information on itineraries and optional excursions.FIRST CLASS OPTIONFor a similar vacation featuring excellent First Class hotels ask for Trafalgar's Europe & Britain 2012 brochure, pages 190-191.Starts CanadaEnds CanadaLand OnlyThu26 AprSun6 May1699 Sun29 AprWed9 May1699 Wed2 MaySat12 May1699 Sat5 MayTue15 May1699 Tue8 MayFri18 May1699 Fri11 MayMon21 May1699 Mon14 MayThu24 May1699 Thu17 MaySun27 May1699 Sun20 MayWed30 May1699 Wed23 MaySat2 Jun1699 Sat26 MayTue5 Jun1699 Tue29 MayFri8 Jun1699 Fri1 JunMon11 Jun1885 Mon4 JunThu14 Jun1885 Thu7 JunSun17 Jun1885 Sun10 JunWed20 Jun1885 Wed13 JunSat23 Jun1885 Sat16 JunTue26 Jun1885 Tue19 JunFri29 Jun1885 Fri22 JunMon2 Jul1885 Mon25 JunThu5 Jul1885 Thu28 JunSun8 Jul1885 Sun1 JulWed11 Jul2035 Wed4 JulSat14 Jul2035 Sat7 JulTue17 Jul2035 Tue10 JulFri20 Jul2035 Fri13 JulMon23 9:4Beaver Architectural Ironmongery LtdSaltoSalto comfort furniture is Mon16 JulThu26 Jul2035 Thu19 JulSun29 handle styles, and is designed to fit on practically any type of European and Scandinavian lockcase, bringing all of the benefits of a networked system through the Fri3 AugMon13 Network (SVN). The data carrier operates the clutched external lever with Aug2035 Sat18 AugTue28 Aug2035 Tue21 to allow free AugMon3 Sep2035 Mon27 AugThu6 Sep2035 Thu30 AugSun9 Sep2035 Sun2 SepWed12 Sep1925 Wed5 SepSat15 Sep1925 Sat8 SepTue18 Sep1925 Tue11 SepFri21 Sep1925 Fri14 SepMon24 Sep1925 act as contactless data carriers.Finishes: polished brass Oct1925 Wed26 SepSat6 Oct1925 Sat29 SepTue9 (SB), satin Oct1925 Tue2 OctFri12 Oct1699 polished OctMon15 Oct1699 11 days PSS). Black,Reference:white, other RAL colours on request.Item No.Description9.EA450Smile self-programmable9.E2450iButton9.E5450Smart contact card9.E7450Inside Pico Pass proximity9.E8450Legic proximity9.E9450Mifare proximity9.EH450HID proximityOutside/InsideleversItem No.Description9.EA451Smile self-programmable9.E2451iButton9.E5451Smart contact card9.E7451Inside Pico Pass proximity9.E8451Legic proximity9.E9451Mifare proximity9.EH451HID proximityOutside/Insidelevers with internal thumbturnFor use with microswitched lockcase SL85 for electronic privacy function.Item No.Description9.EA452Smile self-programmable9.E2452iButton9.E5452Smart contact card9.E7452Inside Pico Pass proximity9.E8452Legic proximity9.E9452Mifare proximity9.EH452HID proximityOutside/Insidelevers for Euro profile cylinder Cylinder cut-out both sides. (Combinations of cut outs also available.)Item No.Description9.EA460Smile self-programmable9.E2460iButton9.E5460Smart contact card9.E7460Inside Pico Pass proximity9.E8460Legic proximity9.E9460Mifare proximity9.EH460HID proximityOutside/Insidelevers with built-in mechanical key override with auditInside thumbturn combinations available.