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Paris Las Vegas, USA1524Doges Palace, VeniceArno River, FlorenceItalian DiscoveryDAY 1 DEPART CANADA DOvernight flight to Rome. DAY 2 ARRIVE ROME (2 NIGHTS) E Welcome to Rome, the Eternal City! Relax after your journey or perhaps take a stroll through this historic city. Join your Travel Director and fellow travelers later for a Welcome Reception. Then, an evening orientation drive will take you to admire and view the magnificent St. Peter's Basilica - a perfect start to your Italian Discovery! (WR) Hotel: Prime Hotel St. John (F) DAY 3 ROME SIGHTSEEING AND FREE TIME Marvel at Michelangelo's beautiful frescoed ceiling during your guided visit of the Sistine Chapel. Visit St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, one of the most famous Christian sites in the world. Across the Tiber in ancient Rome, admire the Forum. Tour the Colosseum and see the remains of the Circus Maximus, where chariot races were held. Spend free time shopping, seeing museums or relaxing at a pavement café! Tonight you might like to dine at a typical Roman trattoria. (BB) DAY 4 ROME - FLORENCE B Drive north through picturesque scenery to the Renaissance city of Florence in Tuscany. View the city in all its glory from Piazzale Michelangelo. Your expert Local Guide reveals Florence's rich cultural heritage during your walking tour. See Piazza Signoria, with its impressive sculptures and imposing palazzi. See the marble Duomo and the famous Baptistery, renowned for its bronze doors with relief sculptures. View the ancient Ponte Vecchio, one of the most famous landmarks in Florence. Afterwards, SIGHTSEEING HIGHLIGHTS. Rome Sightseeing tour includes views of the Forum and Circus Maximus. Visit St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum.. Florence See the Duomo, Baptistery and Piazza Signoria. View Ponte Vecchio. Panoramic city views from Piazza Michelangelo.. Pisa View the Leaning Tower and Square of Miracles.. Turin Orientation includes Antonelliana building and Piazza San Carlo.. Italian Lakes See beautiful Lake Maggiore.. Milan Sightseeing includes the Galleria, the Gothic Cathedral and La Scala Opera House.. Pavia Visit the Cistercian Abbey.. Verona See Juliet's balcony and the Roman Arena.. Venice Cruise by private launch. See St. Mark's Square, the Byzantine Basilica, the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs.. Ferrara Visit the medieval city. . Bologna See Neptune's Fountain and the Kissing Towers.. Assisi Sightseeing includes St. Francis' Basilica.. J Audio Headsets On all guided visits and included sightseeing.INSIDER HIGHLIGHTS. G Hidden Treasure Enjoy at least one surprise Hidden Treasure experience, unique to your itinerary, courtesy of your expert Travel Director.. B Be My Guest Specialty Tuscan dinner with wine in a restaurant overlooking the Chianti hills.. I Local Specialty Visit a traditional glass-blowing factory in Venice.DINING HIGHLIGHTS. Welcome Reception including light snacks and Welcome Drinks with your Travel Director in Rome. . 9 hot buffet breakfasts.. Be My Guest dinner in the Chianti hills.. 2 three-course dinners with local wine.. Farewell Dinner with wine in Rome.FIRST CLASS HIGHLIGHTS. Includes all First Class features, refer to page 5.. A qualified Local Guide in Rome, Florence, Milan, Bologna and Assisi.. Airport transfers are provided on Day 2 and Day 11 (see departure panel opposite, conditions apply, refer to page 53).. L Souvenir Photo Capture treasured memories of your trip with a complimentary group photo taken at a landmark location.*Beaver Architectural Ironmongery Ltd6:51Sliding Door GearSingle 60 wardrobe sliding door gear. Top hung system for wardrobes and cupboards. Single or multiple runs of track, light handling. Each set includes one length of top track, two hangers, nylon guides, finger pull and screws.Item No.DescriptionMax Wt (kg)Max H (mm)Max W (mm)Max LeavesThick/s (mm)6.4SSliding door gear, 600mm opening.2720001000116-406.5SSliding door gear, 750mm opening.2720001000116-406.6SSliding door gear, 900mm opening.2720001000116-40Double 60 wardrobe sliding door gear. Top hung system for wardrobes and cupboards. Single or multiple runs of track, light handling. Each set includes one length of double top track, two pairs of hangers, nylon guides, two finger pulls, door stop and screws.Item No.DescriptionMax Wt (kg)Max H (mm)Max W (mm)Max LeavesThick/s (mm)6.4DSliding door gear, 1.2m opening.2720001000222-356.5DSliding door gear, 1.5m opening.2720001000222-356.6DSliding door gear, 1.8m opening.2720001000222-356.8DSliding door gear, 2.4m opening.2720001000222-356.1TDComponent pack for extra door.2720001000+122-35

THE ULTIMATE IN COACH TRAVELRelax onboard our modern coaches and you can rest assured you're in good hands with Trafalgar. You'll be chauffeured by your professional driver to the heart of the city and major attractions. And in the countryside, we take every possible opportunity to move off the motorway and give you a close-up view of the rural landscape and small town life. Best of all, we make sure that getting there is just as enriching and enjoyable as the destination itself. Travel at its bestthe only way to goWherever you go with Trafalgar, you'll travel in comfort and style. Whether it's by air, land, river or sea, we carefully select the mode of transport that will give you the best travelling experience and allow you to see each destination to its best advantage. No maps or timetables to read, no need to worry about foreign road rules, parking or directions - Trafalgar provides the ultimate in easy, hassle-free travel. At Leisure holidays give you time to explore on your own AT LEISURE . AT LEISURE .Your Travel Director will provide an entertaining commentary on the history, culture and geography of the region, peppered with interesting insights into the lives of the local people that only a true insider would know. You'll learn useful phrases in the local language as well as other handy travel tips. You'll see the glorious scenery from your coach's high vantage point. Plus, you'll have the chance to chat and make friends with your travel companions.Our fuel-efficient coaches are fully air-conditioned, fitted with reclining seats and have an onboard restroom* for your convenience.16*Excluding South African vehicles.ITALYAlpsItalianLake DistrictLakeMaggiorePo ValleyTuscanyApennine MountainsGulfof GenoaAdriaticSeaGulf ofVeniceTyrrhenianSeaAssisiVENICEBOLOGNAPisaFLORENCEFerraraMILAN TURINROMEPaviaVerona111221Lake Maggiore1 Overnight staysITALY & COMBINATIONS : REGIONALS11 Days from C$2125 Reference: ITDIDuration: 11 DaysPace: Lively25R Starts Canada Ends CanadaLand Only Starts Canada Ends CanadaLand OnlyTriple room reduction C$60 Single room supplement 1 Nov'12 - 11 Apr'13 Other departures C$530 C$620 Early payment discount12 months C$260 10 months C$195 6 months C$1302nd Trip Discount SAVE up toC$135 p.p.Young Traveler DiscountC$260Free airport transfers Transfers on arrival at Rome Fiumicino Airport will operate at 9.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Guests arriving later should make their own way to the first hotel. Return transfers on the last travel day will arrive at Rome Fiumicino Airport at 7am and 9.30am.D *Air Trafalgar guarantees to quote you the lowest possible airfare available on the day that you book. Please note that airfares are not included in the prices above. See page 13 for full details.6 Winter departure ref: WTDI Please note these departures are subject to both price, discount and hotel modification. Prices will be confirmed in July 2012.For Trafalgar's other great savings, air details and extra night accommodation please see pages 12-13 and 53.Thu19 AprSun29 Apr2650 Thu4 OctSun14 Oct2699 Thu26 AprSun6 May2650 Thu11 OctSun21 Oct2650 Thu18 OctSun28 Oct2650 Thu3 MaySun13 May2650 6Thu25 OctSun4 Nov2125 Thu10 MaySun20 May2650 Thu17 MaySun27 May2650 6Thu1 NovSun11 Nov2125 Thu24 MaySun3 Jun2650 6Thu8 NovSun18 Nov2125 Thu31 MaySun10 Jun2650 6Thu15 NovSun25 Nov2125 6Thu22 NovSun2 Dec2125 Thu7 JunSun17 Jun2650 6Thu29 NovSun9 Dec2125 Thu14 JunSun24 Jun2650 Thu21 JunSun1 Jul2650 6Thu6 DecSun16 Dec2125 Thu28 JunSun8 Jul2625 6Thu13 DecSun23 Dec2125 6Thu20 DecSun30 Dec2235 Thu5 JulSun15 Jul2625 6Thu27 DecSun6 Jan2275 Thu12 JulSun22 Jul2625 2013Thu19 JulSun29 Jul2625 6Thu3 JanSun13 Jan2125 Thu26 JulSun5 Aug2625 6Thu17 JanSun27 Jan2125 6Thu31 JanSun10 Feb2125 Thu2 AugSun12 Aug2625 Thu9 AugSun19 Aug2625 6Thu14 FebSun24 Feb2125 Thu16 AugSun26 Aug2625 6Thu28 FebSun10 Mar2125 Thu23 AugSun2 Sep2625 Thu30 AugSun9 Sep2699 6Thu7 MarSun17 Mar2425 6Thu14 MarSun24 Mar2425 Thu6 SepSun16 Sep2699 6Thu21 MarSun31 Mar2425 Thu13 SepSun23 Sep2699 6Thu28 MarSun7 Apr2425 Thu20 SepSun30 Sep2699 Thu27 SepSun7 Oct2699 6Thu4 AprSun14 Apr2425 6Thu11 AprSun21 Apr2425 Venetian maskE Welcome Reception (WR) F Highlight Lunch/Dinner/Farewell Dinner (HL/HD/FD) B Be My Guest Dining (BG) N Local Wine with Dinner H Wine Tasting I Local SpecialtyFB = Full Breakfast BB = Buffet Breakfast CB = Continental Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner explore on your own or shop for high quality leather and 18-carat gold jewelery. Tonight, enjoy an authentic and memorable Be My Guest dinner of delicious local specialties. (BB BG) Hotel: Grand Hotel Mediterraneo (F) DAY 5 FLORENCE - PISA - TURIN A short journey brings you to Pisa, and the famous Leaning Tower in the Square of Miracles. There's time for photos before you continue past the marble quarries of Carrara and the resorts of Portofino, Rapallo and Genoa. In Turin, see the Antonelliana building and the Piazza San Carlo during your orientation tour. Tonight, why not sample a dinner of regional specialties at a local restaurant? (BB) Hotel: Atahotel Concord (F) DAY 6 TURIN - LAKE MAGGIORE - MILAN N From Turin via Lake Maggiore - the most westerly of the three large pre-alpine Italian lakes - you arrive in Milan. Your expert Local Guide takes you on a tour of the city's spectacular sights including the Galleria, the Gothic Cathedral and the renowned opera house La Scala. (BB D) Hotel: Crowne Plaza Linate (SF) DAY 7 MILAN - PAVIA - VERONA - VENICE (2 NIGHTS) N Visit the Cistercian Abbey of Pavia, an important architectural monument. Later, stop in Verona, where Shakespeare based his most famous play, to see Juliet's balcony and the 2,000 year old Roman arena, still in use today. Continue across the Veneto plains to the magical city of Venice. (BB D) Hotel: Grande Albergo Ausonia & Hungaria (SF) DAY 8 VENICE SIGHTSEEING AND FREE TIME I View the Doge's Palace and the Byzantine Basilica on your cruise by private launch to St. Mark's Square. Watch a demonstration of glass-blowing at one of the oldest Murano workshops on the island. Spend free time afterwards as you wish. Relax in a café, shop for souvenirs or take an optional excursion to one of the islands in the lagoon! (BB) DAY 9 VENICE - FERRARA - BOLOGNA Visit Ferrara, a city of artistic importance during the Renaissance. Later, in Bologna - famous for its university, architecture, fine sausages and hams - your expert Local Guide shows you the sights including Neptune's fountain, the Kissing Towers and Piazza Maggiore. Don't forget to sample the excellent local cuisine! (BB) Hotel: Mercure Bologna Centro (F) DAY 10 BOLOGNA - ASSISI - ROME F Cross the dramatic Apennine Mountains to Assisi on the slopes of Mount Subasio. Enjoy an expert guided walking tour of St. Francis' hometown, where he founded the Franciscan Order in 1208. Visit the magnificent Basilica. See the tomb of St. Francis and the Church of St. Mary of the Angels which stands on the site where he died. Then travel south towards Rome, passing the scenic hilltop town of Orte. Tonight, join your companions and Travel Director for a Farewell Dinner with wine. (BB FD) Hotel: Sheraton Golf (SF) DAY 11 ROME - CANADA DSay 'arrivederci' to your newfound friends at the end of your memorable Italian vacation. Transfers are available. Conditions apply. (BB)Visit for all definite departures and up-to-date information on itineraries and optional excursions.6:52Beaver Architectural Ironmongery LtdSliding Door GearDouble 60X wardrobe sliding door gear. For extra thick doors operating on a one-piece double top track, for wardrobes and cupboards using standard flush doors of lightweight construction. Each set includes one length of double top track, door hangers, nylon guides, finger pulls, door stops and screws.Item No.DescriptionMax Wt (kg)Max H (mm)Max W (mm)Max LeavesThick/s (mm)6.4DXSliding door gear, 1.2m opening.2720001000236-446.5DXSliding door gear, 1.5m opening.2720001000236-446.6DXSliding door gear, 1.8m opening.2720001000236-446.8DXSliding door gear, 2.4m opening.2720001000236-44House One interior sliding door gear for domestic use, offering quiet and reliable operation. Side fixing. Each set includes one length of top track, two adjustable hangers, door guide, door stops and screws.Pelmet is not a part of standard pack.Item No.DescriptionMax Wt (kg)Max H (mm)Max W (mm)Max LeavesThick/s (mm)6.Set 1For 600 - 750mm opening.452100105030-446.Set 2For 750 - 900mm opening.452100105030-446.Set 3For 900 - 1050mm opening.452100105030-44