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8Count Francesco and guests at Fattoria di Maiano, Florence, Italy6:32Beaver Architectural Ironmongery LtdHanging RailsFittings for hanging rails. Mazak.Finishes: polished chrome (PCP), polished brass (PB). Satin chrome (SCP) and satin stainless steel (SSS) available upon request.Item No.ChromeBrassDescriptionDia (mm)6.WH166216.WH16622Open rail centre bracket. 50mm drop standard.126.WH167216.WH16722Open rail centre bracket. 50mm drop standard.166.WH168216.WH16822Open rail centre bracket. 50mm drop standard.196.WH169216.WH16922Open rail centre bracket. 50mm drop standard.25Fittings for hanging rails. Mazak.Finishes: polished chrome (PCP), polished brass (PB). Satin chrome (SCP) and satin stainless steel (SSS) available upon request.Item No.ChromeBrassDescriptionDia (mm)6.WH161216.WH16122Ball end rail brackets. 50mm drop standard.126.WH162216.WH16222Ball end rail brackets. 50mm drop standard.166.WH163216.WH16322Ball end rail brackets. 50mm drop standard.196.WH164216.WH16422Ball end rail brackets. 50mm drop standard.25

ITALYGREECETyrrhenianTURKEYSeaAdriaticSeaIonianSeaMediterranean SeaROME333ISTANBULATHENS Overnight staysCITY BREAKS11 Days from C$2535 Reference: ROAIDuration: 11 DaysPace: Leisurely35SR Starts Canada Ends CanadaLand Only Starts Canada Ends CanadaLand OnlyTriple room reduction C$50Single room supplement 5 Nov'12 - 25 Mar'13 Other departures C$700 C$820Please note: Guaranteed room share is not available on this trip.The above prices include Internal airfares and are accurate as of 25 July 2011. For up to date pricing please visit our website.Free airport transfers: Transfers on Day 2 at Rome Fiumicino Airport will operate at 9.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Guests arriving later should make their own way to the first hotel. Return transfers on the last travel day in Istanbul will be provided for guests who have advised Trafalgar of their flight details. D *Air Trafalgar guarantees to quote you the lowest possible airfare available on the day that you book. Please note that airfares are not included in the prices above. See page 25 for full details.For Trafalgar's other great savings, air details and extra night accommodation please see pages 24-25 and 240-241.E Welcome Reception (WR) F Highlight Lunch/Dinner/Farewell Dinner (HL/HD/FD) B Be My Guest Dining (BG) N Local Wine with Dinner (WD) H Wine Tasting I Local SpecialtyFB = Full Breakfast CB = Continental Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner Parthenon, Athensreferred to as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. Once home to Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum, it is still a center for the arts, philosophy and education today. After checking into your hotel you will be welcomed by your Local Host who will be able to advise you regarding activities and excursions in Athens. Perhaps consider a dinner in the famous Plaka area this evening? (BB) Hotel: Athens Park (F) DAY 6 ATHENS SIGHTSEEING This morning you will be met at the hotel after breakfast by your expert Local Guide who will take you on an included sightseeing tour of the city's main sights. You will view the impressive Parthenon on the Acropolis. This is one of the most important buildings of classical Greece and many political and social events have taken place here over the years. Construction began in the year 447 BC before it was finally completed sixteen years later in 431 BC. Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena, it is known as the protector of the people of Athens. Later, there is time to relax or explore further. Your Local Host will be on hand to advise you on recommended restaurants for dinner. (BB) DAY 7 ATHENS AT LEISURE After breakfast, enjoy a full day at leisure to do whatever you wish in this fabulous city! Perhaps consider a day cruise from Piraeus to see some of the beautiful Greek Islands including Poros, Hydra and Aegina. Or why not consider taking an excursion to Cape Sounion? (BB) DAY 8 ATHENS - ISTANBUL (3 NIGHTS) DToday you will be transferred to the airport in Athens for your flight to Istanbul which is the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents - Europe and Asia. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Istanbul, the commercial capital of Turkey, is a fascinating city which is yours to explore. After checking into your hotel you will be met by your Trafalgar Local Host who will help to arrange any activities or excursions in Istanbul. (BB) Hotel: Holiday Inn Sisli (F) DAY 9 ISTANBUL ORIENTATION AND FREE TIME After breakfast, enjoy an orientation tour of the city with your Trafalgar Local Host. Then the rest of the day is yours to explore. Maybe begin with the Grand Bazaar with its vast array of antiques, brassware, jewelry, clothes and carpets. Take the time to wander through the aromatic Spice Market with its extraordinary selection of spices and dried fruits. Your Local Host will be on hand if you need suggestions or help to plan your day. (BB) DAY 10 ISTANBUL SIGHTSEEING This morning, with your expert Local Guide, visit the impressive Topkapi Palace, one of the greatest palaces of the Ottoman period, which has a superb position overlooking the Bosphorus. Explore the magnificent St. Sophia's Basilica, built by Constantine the Great. After lunch, discover the wonders of the Blue Mosque, famous for its six minarets and beautiful blue Iznik tiles. Finally, tour the Byzantine Hippodrome, where chariot racing and other sporting events were held. (BB) DAY 11 ISTANBUL - CANADA DThis morning it is time to bid farewell to this unforgettable city and your newfound friends as you are transferred to the airport for your return flight home. (BB)Important Visa Information: Visas may be required for this trip, please speak with your Travel Agent at time of booking to assess your specific requirements.Visit for all definite departures and up-to-date information on itineraries and optional excursions.Mon2 AprThu12 Apr2725Mon1 OctThu11 Oct2725Mon9 AprThu19 Apr2725Mon8 OctThu18 Oct2725Mon16 AprThu26 Apr2725Mon15 OctThu25 Oct2725Mon23 AprThu3 May2725Mon22 OctThu1 Nov2725Mon30 AprThu10 May2725Mon29 OctThu8 Nov2625 Mon7 MayThu17 May2725Mon5 NovThu15 Nov2535Mon14 MayThu24 May2725Mon12 NovThu22 Nov2535Mon21 MayThu31 May2725Mon19 NovThu29 Nov2535Mon28 MayThu7 Jun2725Mon26 NovThu6 Dec2535 Mon4 JunThu14 Jun2725Mon3 DecThu13 Dec2535Mon11 JunThu21 Jun2725Mon10 DecThu20 Dec2535Mon18 JunThu28 Jun2725Mon17 DecThu27 Dec2535Mon25 JunThu5 Jul2725Mon24 DecThu3 Jan2535 Mon31 DecThu10 Jan2535Mon2 JulThu12 Jul2725 2013Mon9 JulThu19 Jul2725Mon7 JanThu17 Jan2535Mon16 JulThu26 Jul2725Mon14 JanThu24 Jan2535Mon23 JulThu2 Aug2725Mon21 JanThu31 Jan2535Mon30 JulThu9 Aug2725Mon28 JanThu7 Feb2535 Mon6 AugThu16 Aug2725Mon4 FebThu14 Feb2535Mon13 popular tourist sights.Lucerne, AugThu23 SwitzerlandColosseum, Rome, ItalySt. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, RussiaYour knowledgeable Travel Director and Local Guides will reveal the history, mystery and tales behind each city and sight you visit, creating the most exciting and in-depth experience ever imaginable.Hidden Treasures GSometimes, the most amazing sights are just around the corner, but how would you know where to look or if they even exist? With years of experience and intimate knowledge of Europe, our Travel Directors relish in uncovering Europe's Hidden Treasures (a Trafalgar exclusive!) to you on every trip. These secret treasures create unique moments that you would never experience if traveling on your own. They turn everyday sightseeing into a magical voyage of discovery, creating memories that will stay with you forever.Free time to exploreYour Travel Director will not only bring Europe to life right before your eyes, but also offer you a greater choice of activities and provide recommendations on the best ways to spend your free time. CostSaver itineraries are specifically tailored to give you all the bene?ts of professional guided sightseeing together with the added flexibility to explore independently.Optional excursionsOne of the great advantages of a CostSaver vacation is that you decide and pay for which activities you want to do, allowing you the flexibility to choose what works within your budget. Your Travel Director will offer you a number of Optional Excursions that are not only affordable, but are also designed to complement your vacation. Enjoy activities such as a ?ery Flamenco show in Spain; an excursion to the Catacombs, the underground burial place of early Christians in Rome; or a visit to one of the world's greatest collections at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.The Queen's Guard, London, EnglandCOSTSAVERTHE WAY FebThu21 Feb2535Mon20 AugThu30 Aug2725Mon18 FebThu28 Feb2535Mon27 AugThu6 Sep2725Mon25 FebThu7 Mar2535 Mon3 SepThu13 Sep2775Mon4 MarThu14 Mar2535Mon10 SepThu20 Sep2775Mon11 MarThu21 Mar2535Mon17 SepThu27 Sep2775Mon18 MarThu28 Mar2535Mon24 SepThu4 Oct2775Mon25 MarThu4 Apr2535Beaver Architectural Ironmongery Ltd6:33Fittings for hanging rails. Brass.Finishes: polished chrome (PCP), polished brass (PB).Item No.ChromeBrassDescriptionDia (mm)6.WH169416.WH16942Centre rail hanger. 50mm drop standard.196.WH169516.WH16952Centre rail hanger. 50mm drop standard.25Fittings for hanging rails.Finishes: polished chrome (PCP). Sockets also available in polished brass (PB).Item No.ChromeBrassDescriptionDia (mm)6.WH032616.WH03262Oval end socket, Mazak. 50mm drop standard.30 x 156.WH033616.WH03362Oval centre socket, Mazak. 50mm drop standard.30 x 15Hanging Rails