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Building social and environmentalperformance into organisationalstrategy enhances brand value andinnovation opportunityOverview This course shows how corporate socialresponsibility can deliver a strategic role in yourorganisation through assessing market trends,developing strong stakeholder relations andencouraging business innovation. This isillustrated through case studies and practicalexercises that will enable you to review currentworkplace approaches, and develop a CSRstrategy that strengthens business performance,brand reputation and staff engagement. Benefits to you and your company As corporate social responsibility continues todevelop a firm presence in boardroom decision-making, your learning will help you to positivelycontribute to the strategic development of yourorganisation. Marketers are well positioned to takea leading role -you will learn techniques to designa CSR strategy and stakeholder relationships. Building social and environmental performanceinto an organisation's core strategy, anddeveloping proactive stakeholder relationsimprove brand value and innovation opportunity,as well as minimising risk. Understanding how torespond to social and environmental trends, andhow to prioritise and communicate with yourstakeholders are key success factors. Who this course is forThis course requires no prior knowledge, and willbenefit marketers in product/service strategy,branding and PR communications. Whether youare in business, public or voluntary sector, itprovides an appreciation of the strategic role thatCSR can play in your organisation'sdevelopment. This course will also benefit thoseinvolved in improving the culture and staffdevelopment within an organisation.What you will learn ßHow corporate social responsibility (CSR) cancontribute strategically to an organisation'sperformance and innovation.ßCSR techniques, processes and tools.ßThe importance of managing stakeholderrelationships and how to prioritise them.ßMeasuring and reporting CSR performance.Learning approachThe course approach is a mix of presentation,discussion and practical exercises to maximiselearning. Case studies are used extensively toillustrate the key learning points from the day.Corporate Social Responsibility Book 89Compliance7 CPD hoursCoursecode0575Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201127September201213March04OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and's a great opportunity -make sureyou get it right!7 CPD hoursCoursecode1313Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201116November201212JanuaryPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßMust Know Law forMarketers (p88) The Government moved swiftly to bring inlegislation preventing the use of Games-relatedwords and images by non-official advertisers.Does this mean that the 2012 Olympics offer noopportunities to organisations unless they pay ahuge licence fee to use the symbols? We explorethe law in this area and take a sanguine look at thelikely opportunities and how best to develop them.Benefits to you and your company What do you bring to your marketing team?Would you like to include a thoroughunderstanding of new Olympic marketinglegislation and how to prevent costly marketingerrors? This is your chance to develop yourknowledge base and personal-worth in theincreasingly important area of compliance.Enhancing compliance knowledge in marketingteams speeds up the process of campaigndevelopment as individuals learn to take moreresponsibility for their input. Agency selection andservice agreements are more rigorous and costlymistakes are avoided.Who this course is forAre you responsible for marketing campaignsthat will maximise the opportunity of the 2012Olympic Games? Will you be choosing agencyservices, writing marketing copy, buildingpromotional campaigns leading up to 2012? If you are, this course is for you.What you will learn ßUnderstand the importance of IntellectualProperty Rights (IPR) to the InternationalOlympic Committee (IOC) and the Gamesglobally.ßIdentify 'Protected Olympic Marks' and howthey may restrict your marketing strategies.ßExplore possible marketing approaches thatkeep you within the letter of the law but stillmaximise the potential of the Games.ßReview and assess recent guerrilla marketingtactics and how event organisers haveresponded eg. FIFA 2010 South Africa.ßHow, when and where to seek additionalguidance on Olympic legislation.Learning approachßAn interactive and conversational approach isadopted to allow delegates to express concernsand ideas related to their own business.ßRelevant, recent and updated case law will bereviewed to understand how others have fallenfoul of the law and the Regulators.ßCase study intellectual property issues will beexamined to identify best practice and reinforcehow the law can be used to your advantage.Making the Most of the Olympic Opportunity

Business, Management and FinanceMarketers and sales practitioners have long required broader business skills -both for effective marketing performance and for credibility with theircolleagues across the business. Skills such as people and projectmanagement, team working and financial competence are critical skills formarketing and sales professionals who want to progress beyond a junior role.For marketers who are looking to stand out from their counterparts and move into a more strategic role, additional skills such as business analysis,budgeting and business maths can provide the tools to help you to analyseinformation and data which in turn will help to define and check existingmarketing strategies and plans.90