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7Mobile and Social Media IndexA new bi-annual benchmark of digital strategies, investment,resourcing and performanceThe Mobile and Social Media Index is anew benchmark index designed toexplore key issues, trends and leadingpractices in how leaders adapt to,resource behind and leverage the newdigital landscape. Specifically designedfor marketing, brand and digital leadersin major, international organisations, thefirst wave of this new study launched in2011 and explores:ßWhat digital tools are businesses using?ßWhat are the drivers behind investmentin mobile and social media?ßHow are organisations managing theirapproach to mobile and social media?ßHow effective are business'investments in digital and how is ROI measured?ßHow are businesses resourcing formobile and social media - staff,structure, skills, budgets and agencies.ßConfidence and nerves - what are thekey issues prompting concern oroptimism amongst leaders?Visit for more information.In association withSales Investment IndexA new annual benchmark of sales investment, operations and strategic choicesThe Sales Investment Index is a newbenchmark index designed specificallyfor commercial and sales leaders inmajor, international organisations.Launched in 2011, it will be conductedannually to help build insight into thetrends and driving forces facing salesfunctions and their leaders, exploring:ßBenchmark data on salesorganisations - headcount size andallocation, remuneration, salesbudgets, channel models and salesorganisation structure.ßReview of the strategic choices madein response to the 2008/09 economicdownturn - what changes were madeto headcount, customer mix, channelstrategy and pricing/propositions; whywere these changes made; and didthey deliver the desired impact.ßFuture priorities and the focus of thesales agenda over the next threeyears - 'planning for growth'.ßSales leaders' confidence assessment- prospects and challenges over thenext 12 months.Visit more information.Unlock the value of creativeA global benchmarking studyexploring how leaders can get more value from their investments in creative, brand and marketingassets and processesAs organisations increasingly focus on growth and an 'upturn' mindset,marketers across all sectors aregrappling with the challenge of drivingperformance whilst working smarter to achieve more effectivecommunications with less:ßHow can we get more value from ourinvestments in creative, brand andmarketing assets?ßHow can we become more efficient by improving campaign managementprocesses?ßHow can we better identify, capture and share good practice across theorganisation?Responding to these questions, TheChartered Institute of Marketing andCanon Europe are collaborating toexplore how industry leaders can unlockvalue their creative marketing processes.Visit more information.

8The Future of Marketing Marketing as a profession continues to see dramatic change. Trends over thelast year, such as the huge growth of social media marketing, an explosion in mobile marketing (applications and usage), plus an increasing realisationthat unlocking the value of relationships are key to driving loyalty and sales,are just a few of the major developments. This section introduces three newcourses which take a fresh look at traditional areas of marketing:ßBehavioural economics introduces to us a new way of understanding how customers behave and critically how and why they buy! ßMarketing through a digital lens takes a new approach to planning and managing marketing campaigns using the latest digital tools.Developed in partnership with Google.ßMarketing Engineering offers a more structured framework to harness data by using a powerful set of analytical and statistical tools in order to aid decision making. A 21st century tool for senior strategists...