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If you can't measure it, you can'tmanage it -it's as simple as that!7 CPD hoursCoursecode0596Level FoundationDuration1 day Venues and datesLondon201122November201231January09July01October17DecemberBirmingham201115SeptemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495 + VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßBrand Metrics (p52)ßDigital Metrics andAnalytics (p84)ßMarketing Metrics:Measuring MarketingPerformance (p85) to Marketing Metrics and ROIMeasuring and analysing your digitalmarketing activities to gain insightand boost performance7 CPD hoursCoursecode0659Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201105September 201202February 10JulyPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495 + VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßIntroduction to DigitalMarketing (p14)ßMarketing Metrics:Measuring MarketingPerformance (p85) Metrics and AnalyticsMetrics84Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200Overview This workshop is designed to give you thefundamentals of digital metrics and analytics sothat you can confidently and proficiently eitherundertake digital measurement and analysisyourself or specify to an agency or partner whatyou expect to be done and why.Benefits to you and your company Having learnt the key principles of digital metricsand analytics, you will be in a much betterposition to specify the key data and resultantinformation you need in order to improve yourdigital marketing performance.The core benefit to the organisation is establishingthe link between investment in digital marketingand the subsequent results and ROI. Specificdigital metrics and web analytics can help theorganisation determine whether it is providing aworthwhile experience and whether its digitalmarketing initiatives are working from a bottom-line point of view.Who this course is forThis workshop is designed for people/organisations who want to get a betterunderstanding of how their key digital marketingtools and techniques are working with a view tomeasuring and improving the return on their digitalmarketing investment. Some experience with -orat least exposure to - web analytics softwareand/or reports would be useful, but is not essential.What you will learn ßCreate and implement a 'best practice' webanalytics strategy.ßAvoid common design and implementationissues including measuring the wrong things.ßUndertake appropriate quantitative andqualitative analyses geared to developinginsight.ßUnderstand where your web traffic is comingfrom and going to and perhaps even why.ßCritically appraise various digital metrics andanalytics options.ßDetermine key strategic and tactical metricsthat should underpin your digital marketingincluding social media metrics.ßImprove the design and conversion of yourwebsite and other digital marketing tactics.ßSelect products, services, solutions, partnersetc. based on clearly identified requirements.ßGenerate focused and meaningful digitalmarketing reports.ßBuild a knowledge base and benchmarkingcapability based on internal and external data.ßUse metrics and analytics to inform futuredigital marketing initiatives.Learning approachA mixture of slides, video, exercises, demos anddiscussion, with opportunities for 'hands on'experience eg. creating and tracking digitalcampaigns.Overview This workshop is intended to provide an overviewof how marketing metrics can be used tomeasure marketing performance as well as thelikely key metrics which should be utilised toassess the efficiency and effectiveness of yourmarketing efforts. It will also demystify theubiquitous concept of 'ROI' (Return onInvestment) as well as give you a widely usedbasic formula (with sample calculations andassociated spreadsheet).Benefits to you and your company You should return to work with much greaterconfidence - and a toolkit - to help you betterallocate and manage scarce marketingresources. This new quantitative approachshould also result in marketing being perceivedas fundamental and driving rather than andsuperficial and 'fluffy! Your organisation will benefit from your betterunderstanding of your value proposition, the keydrivers (and hence likely metrics) and how thevarious marketing tools and techniques contributeto value delivery. Using focused measurement,delegates will be able to establish the linkbetween effort expended and rewards won (ROI). Who this course is for This workshop is designed for people andorganisations that understand the criticalimportance of measuring and evaluating theirmarketing activities and expenditure. The contentis broad in coverage and therefore whilst itcovers all of the key aspects, it does so in'fundamentals' as opposed to 'in depth' manner. What you will learn ßSet 'SMART' marketing driving objectives.ßDesign a basic marketing performancemeasurement system.ßAvoid common design, implementation andmanagement pitfalls.ßUtilise common performance measurementframeworks ('Balanced Scorecard','ServQual'...).ßDevelop internally consistent metrics (linked to'SMART' objectives) using a 'Metric Definition'template.ßCalculate the ROI at strategic (client/customer/consumer) and tactical (mix) level.ßMeasure the efficiency and the effectiveness ofstrategic and tactical marketing activities.ßDevelop marketing plans with emphasis ongood implementation, evaluation and feedback.ßDesign and deliver appropriate and targetedmarketing activity reports and indicators.ßEnsure that marketing is seen as focused,accountable and adding value.Learning approachA mixture of slides, exercises/mini workshops anddiscussion, with the emphasis on application!

Using metrics to see if your marketingis achieving what you plannedOverview Delegates will learn a range of techniques tomeasure the outcomes of their organisation'smarketing activity against their original marketing objectives.Benefits to you and your company Delegates will have a better understanding of how marketing can contribute to theorganisation's delivery objectives and can utilise key measures to demonstrate the benefits obtained.The organisation will be confident that marketingresources are being targeted in the right placeand in the right way for optimum returns.Who this course is forThis course is useful for anyone either planning,managing or delivering marketing andcommunications or patient engagement in their organisation.What you will learn ßThe role that marketing plays in NHS servicedelivery.ßHow measuring marketing outcomes can helpstrategic planning for the future.ßIdentify and employ different measurementtechniques.ßCommunicate to a range of stakeholders howmarketing metrics can demonstrate whetheran effective return on investment is beingachieved.Learning approachßLecture format.ßDiscussions groups.ßPractical exercises.ßCompany presentation on health serviceintelligence.Marketing Metrics in the NHSBook 85Metrics7 CPD hoursCoursecode0095Level AdvancedDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201129September201225January04OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495 + VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßPrinciples of Marketing for the NHS (p36)ßThe Role of Branding inthe NHS (p54) more professional and scientificapproach to your marketing14 CPD hoursCoursecode0517Level AdvancedDuration2 daysVenues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201107-08November 201211-12January 29-30May 01-02AugustBirmingham201227-28NovemberManchester201224-25April ResidentialPrice£1,425+ VATCIM Member price£1,282+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,325+ VATCIM Member price£1,192+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and Metrics:Measuring MarketingPerformanceResidential optionOverview Given the importance of 'the numbers' for allorganisations, both commercial and 'not-for-profit', there's never been a greater need foraccountable marketing.This course will help you develop a morequantitative approach to the development,implementation and evaluation of your marketingplans and associated activities, utilisingappropriate metrics to assess both the efficiencyand effectiveness of both strategies and tactics.Benefits to you and your company You will be able to set up a 'marketingperformance measurement system' for yourstrategic and tactical marketing activities andcommunicate more effectively with yourmanagers, directors and/or board.Your organisation should see an improved returnon its investment in marketing. It will appreciatethe effort expended and the rewards won throughfocused measurement and it will therefore be moreconfident in allocating resources to marketing. Who this course is forFor people who understand the criticalimportance of measuring and evaluating theirmarketing activities and expenditure, and areready to invest time and brainpower indeveloping a metrics oriented approach to doingthe best they can with the resources they've got.What you will learn ßUse tools such as 'efficiency metrics','effectiveness metrics' and 'ROI'.ßDesign appropriate marketing metrics andcalculation formulae.ßLocate these metrics within a 'MarketingPerformance Measurement System'.ßUse common performance measurementframeworks (such as the 'Balanced Scorecard').ßAvoid common design, implementation andmanagement pitfalls.ßDetermine what works and what doesn't andallocate your marketing budget accordingly.ßMeasure the efficiency and effectiveness ofstrategic and tactical marketing activities.ßUnderstand the growing relevance andusefulness of direct marketing tools andtechniques with their in-built responsemechanisms and metrics.ßUse models (econometric), basic marketingmathematics and statistics.ßDevelop marketing plans with the emphasis onimplementation, evaluation and feedback.ßEnsure that marketing is seen as focused,accountable and adding value.Learning approachA mixture of slides, exercises/mini workshops,discussion and video centred around a strategicmarketing and metrics case study, with theemphasis on application.