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How to build relationships withcustomers and increase their valueto your organisation7 CPD hoursCoursecode0062Level FoundationDuration1 day Venues and datesLondon201101December201208May09NovemberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßCRM 2.0 - SuccessfulCRM in a ConnectedWorld (p75) of Relationship MarketingA practical course to help youplan, build and implement aCRM programme14 CPD hoursCoursecode0434Level FoundationDuration2 daysVenues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201220-21February 14-15May17-18September10-11DecemberResidentialPrice£1,425+ VATCIM Member price£1,282+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,325+ VATCIM Member price£1,192+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßCRM 2.0 - SuccessfulCRM in a ConnectedWorld (p75) CRM will help you to understand and talk directlywith your prospects and customers, enabling youto deliver a customised message to each of them.This will help you to hit your growth and retentiontargets and know where your budget is beingspent most effectively. The world of marketing ischanging fast with new digital channels and CRMtools available and it is imperative that marketerskeep up to speed with these opportunities in orderto make your campaigns more successful.Benefits to you and your company This course will deepen your personal knowledgeof CRM, making you a subject matter expert inyour organisation. It will allow you to discusschannels, tools and techniques with like-mindedpractitioners who have similar roles to your ownin other companies and industries. It will improveyour CRM project management skills and helpyou to select and manage the most appropriatesuppliers and agencies.This course will help you to improve theeffectiveness of your CRM programmes or create new ones. Your knowledge of CRM willincrease, allowing you to share the tools,techniques and best practice examples withcolleagues in the business. Who this course is forThis course is for marketing practitioners whowish to improve their CRM skills and build aneffective CRM programme.What you will learn ßPlan, build and execute a CRM programme.ßSetting customer objectives.ßMeasure success and test campaigns.ßSegment and target your audience.ßDevelop engaging customer propositions.ßDecide which channels to use to communicateto your audience.ßUnderstand what the new digital channels areand when to use them.ßUnderstand the legal implications of CRM.ßSelect and manage an agency and other CRMsuppliers.ßUnderstand how and when to use CRMcampaign management tools.ßUnderstand how to collect, manage andanalyse data.ßCRM project management, budgeting andmaking sure the project is delivered on timeand to specification.Learning approachDelegates will be asked to bring examples ofprevious CRM work, results and background ofpractical examples. Theory and best practicecase studies will be related back to thedelegate's own situation.Implementing a CRM CommunicationsProgrammeRelationship Marketing74Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200New courseResidential optionOverview Markets are becoming more competitive andthere is little to separate the offerings of onesupplier from another. This has led to greaterprice competition and lower profit margins. Better relationships with customers canovercome unjustified price cutting. This courseshows you how to increase customer valuethrough relationships.Benefits to you and your company You will discover what relationship marketing isand the key principles upon which it is based.This course should equip you with the tools,ability and confidence to tackle many of theissues of customer relationship management inyour organisation and take the lead withcustomers, colleagues and senior managers.Your organisation will benefit because the coursewill show you how to gain a better return fromevery pound spent of marketing. It shouldtherefore help your organisation to be moreprofitable and to focus on the types ofrelationships that provide the greatest value.Who this course is for This course is for marketers who are currentlyinvolved, or expect to become involved, in thedevelopment of relationship marketing plans andcustomer retention initiatives. It will be of value tothose who need to address the strategic andtactical aspects of long-term customer ordistributor retention. What you will learn ßApply the principles of trust, commitment andloyalty to relationship marketing.ßRecognise the elements of transactionalmarketing and relational marketing.ßIdentify the characteristics and the process ofrelationship marketing.ßManage the relationship life cycle.ßIdentify and analyse customer expectation andperception.ßRecognise the tools and techniques used toimplement relationship marketing.ßGenerate a number of strategic and tacticalideas to build customer loyalty.ßConstruct a relationship marketing plan,structure and content.ßAddress the internal issues that affect successin relationship building.ßCreate and manage relationships withdistributors, agencies and other partners.ßSelect the right system for customerrelationship management and ensure it iscorrectly implemented.ßDevelop KAM relationships.Learning approachThe course will be delivered using formalpresentations, discussions, exercises and case studies.

Book 75Relationship MarketingHigh performance customerrelationship management in aconnected world21 CPD hoursCoursecode0600Level AdvancedDuration3 daysVenues and datesMoor Hall, Berkshire201121-23September 201216-18January 02-04JulyResidentialPrice£1,975+ VATCIM Member price£1,777+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materialsand full boardaccommodationNon-residentialPrice£1,775+ VATCIM Member price£1,597+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßImplementing a CRMCommunicationsProgramme (p74) The emphasis of traditional CRM tended towardssystems, processes, databases and outboundmarketing. Now, in a technology-enabled andconnected world, customers are in control andtheir expectations are rising. They interact withbrands - and indeed each other - more widelyand in radically different ways. We therefore needa new approach to CRM if we are to activelyengage with customers and develop mutuallybeneficial long-term relationships.Benefits to you and your company You will learn how to scope, specify, implementand evaluate a CRM 2.0 approach. This shouldresult in delivering a better experience to yourcustomers and improving customer engagement. This workshop will give delegates the knowledge,insight and skills to implement a robust andsuccessful CRM 2.0 approach, helping theirorganisations to reap the considerable benefits ofimproved and profitable customer relationships.Who this course is forThis course is most suited to managers whoseresponsibilities include customer relationshipand/or experience management. It may also beof interest where significant historical investmentin CRM is failing to deliver the anticipatedbenefits, or where significant future CRMinvestment is planned.What you will learn ßAssessing your current 'CRM' efforts.ßBringing about a cultural shift from 'CRM' to'CRM 2.0' (including social CRM).ßCustomer Managed Relationships (CMR) -putting customers in control.ßSegmenting your customers and utilisingconcepts such as 'self-segmentation'.ßDeveloping an attractive and seamless (eg. on/off-line) value proposition.ßHandling complaints, failures and negativepublicity (both off- and on-line).ßBuilding a business case for CRM investmentand calculating ROI.ßLeveraging digital marketing tools andtechniques (eg. social media).ßAssessing various CRM 2.0 technologies(including SAAS -Software as a Service).ßIntegrating technological with non-technological aspects. ßMaximise the chances of success of rolloutand avoiding pitfalls. ßMeasuring the success of your CRM 2.0implementation.Learning approachInteractive use of slides, exercises/miniworkshops, discussion, internet and video,centred around a pivotal CRM case study,leading to the development of your own outlineCRM 2.0 strategy and plan.CRM 2.0 - Successful CRM in a Connected WorldResidential option