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A solid grounding in the tools,techniques and approachesused in professional marketingcommunications7 CPD hoursCoursecode0555Level FoundationDuration1 day Venues and datesLondon201128September 201220February 18May 17July23OctoberManchester201124November Price£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßManaging MarketingCommunications (p71) Following this one day, intensive workshop, youwill be familiar with the range of communicationtools and techniques available to professionalmarketers and have the ability to analyse themarcoms mix that best suits your ownorganisation. You will also learn how to manageand enhance the relationship that exists betweenmarketers and external partners such asadvertising and PR agencies.Benefits to you and your company You will increase your understanding of marketingcommunications in your organisation and have agreater awareness of the tools used. As well asdeveloping more rounded skills as a marketer,you will have a solid foundation for further trainingand future specialisation.Your organisation will have greater capacity toexplore the full communication mix and criticallyappraise the work of key partners such asagencies. The course helps to widen knowledgeand appreciation of marketing communicationtechniques, leading to more effective andcoherent collaboration between marketers.Who this course is for This course is for people who are new to themarketing profession or the marcoms disciplineand looking to start from the first principles. It isalso popular with those who support marcomsteams or have been given a communicationsbrief as part of a more general role. What you will learn ßAnalyse the role of marketing communicationswithin your organisation.ßUncover the needs of target audiences to aidcommunications messages.ßJudge the effectiveness of campaign activity.ßWork closely with professional suppliers suchas advertising agencies.ßAssess key marketing communication toolsand techniques including advertising, directmail, public relations and sales promotion, aswell as personal selling.ßCapitalise on the full potential of electronicmedia in a marketing communications context.Learning approachßWhole-group discussion.ßShort exercises in pairs and smaller groups.ßMini case studies within two featuredbusinesses - business to business andbusiness to consumer.Introduction to Marketing CommunicationsAn insight into the keyelements of PR7 CPD hoursCoursecode0650Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201110November 201220January 13April25July 18OctoberPrice£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßSuccessful PublicRelations (p70) This one day workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of PR, including dealing withthe media, writing press releases and developingand implementing a strategic PR campaign from scratch.Benefits to you and your company You will develop an understanding of the theoryand practice of PR: more focused planning,successful evaluation of PR campaigns, stronger writing skills and a knowledge of howthe media operates.The organisation will benefit from better-planned,more strategic PR campaigns with realcommercial benefits. Understanding how to takecontrol of the media agenda will mean positivemessages are consistently delivered tostakeholders via the media. Running effective in-house PR activities will create and sustain yourcorporate reputation.Who this course is forThe programme is especially suitable for anyonewho is becoming involved with PR for the firsttime. Graduate recruits, managers who haverecently assumed PR responsibilities and thosewho have responsibility for PR staff but littlerelevant experience.What you will learn ßUnderstand the relationship between PR and marketing.ßThe elements of a PR plan -either for aproject or for a longer campaign.ßEvaluate PR success.ßUnderstand how the traditional and digitalmedia work.ßIdentify opportunities to place stories in themedia.ßWrite a press release.ßDeal with incoming media enquiries.Learning approachßInteractive approach to learning, full ofbreakout exercises and examples.ßTailored to delegates' individual businesschallenges and scenarios.ßCritique of real life press releases andcollateral.ßCase studies of successful PR campaigns.Introduction to Public RelationsMarketing Communications66Training bookings and advice +44 (0)1628 427200

Maximise organisational performanceand understand how to motivate yourpeople through improved internalcommunicationOverview Many organisations talk about empowering staff,but how many do this in practice? You need todevelop a comprehensive blueprint for internalcommunication media and messages to ensurestaff fully buy into what the company is trying toachieve. This workshop offers an eight-stepprocess to help you treat your employees asinternal customers with all the benefits which thatwill bring. Benefits to you and your company You will have the opportunity to improve yourskills in this increasingly important field. You willlearn about the relevant research in this area, putthe theories into practice, and see how otherorganisations handle the area. You will leave withchecklists to guide you in your internalcommunications.By studying examples of both good and badpractice, and becoming aware of theopportunities to communicate in different andnewer ways, your organisation will become moreeffective in communicating with staff andstakeholders.Who this course is forThis course is suitable for marketing and HRprofessionals of any level who need to motivateand enthuse internal teams. No prior knowledgeof internal communications is required. What you will learn ßRecognise the benefits of internalcommunications.ßCheck whether your organisation is using theappropriate media (both 'old' and 'new') to getthe right messages across.ßDevelop a blueprint for incentivising staff,disseminating organisational objectives,targets and information through alldepartments and divisions.ßEnsure that all stakeholders are catered for inthe comms plans.ßRecognise good practice and be able tocreate the right message for the rightstakeholders.ßAudit and improve your current system.Learning approachThe delivery style is fully interactive andparticipative. There will be a full explanation of thebackground and tools used and each componentwill be practised. Practical contributions fromdelegates are warmly welcomed. Internal CommunicationsBook 67Marketing Communications7 CPD hoursCoursecode0647Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201113October 201215March 06July25October14DecemberBrimingham201122September Price£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated coursesßIntroduction to MarketingCommunications (p66)ßManaging MarketingCommunications (p71) seen in the right places,at the right time7 CPD hoursCoursecode0504Level FoundationDuration1 dayVenues and datesLondon201106December201208March20June13September Price£550+ VATCIM Member price£495+ VATWhat's includedTuition, course materials,lunch and refreshmentsRelated courseßHow to Plan and ControlEffective Marketing Events (p69) This course will enable you to get the best fromexhibitions through a step-by-step processcovering selection, objective-setting, delivery, andbasic evaluation. It will equip you to think creativelyabout your activities within a disciplined framework,and to optimise the impact of your presence.Benefits to you and your company Learn how to take the headaches out ofexhibiting, and just enjoy the results. From findingextra resources to designing and deliveringbrilliant stands which deliver results. An exhibition is perhaps the most powerfulenvironment for meeting your market face-to-face. It is expensive in terms of space, design,people, time, so you need to be sure to getvalue. Do you have measurable objectives andthe means to measure them? Are your peopleletting you down? Does spending moreguarantee better results?Who this course is forThis course is suitable for first-time exhibitors andmanagers with some experience. Marketing andevent administrators, product and brandmanagers or marketing and event managersundertaking the task for the first time or otherswho are more experienced will also find theworkshop of use.What you will learn ßPlan your approach more effectively byidentifying, qualifying and selecting the rightexhibitions for your company.ßPrepare in advance by clarifying real exhibitionobjectives and establishing appropriatechecklists and timetables.ßPresent a stand by confirming the principlesand concepts of venue and stand hall layouts.ßPromote attendance by identifying tactics andideas designed to increase stand visitornumbers.ßSell at exhibitions by understanding the basicsof selling on an exhibition stand.ßFollow up exhibitions more effectively byadopting a proven method to qualify, prioritise,chase and manage leads, and evaluate theiroverall company performance.Learning approachPresentations, discussions, analysis of owncorporate experiences, case studies, group work, interactive learning and through specially-created scenarios.Essentials for Successful Exhibitions